190 Coding Interview Questions (AlgoExpert)
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Jul 04, 2023

190 Coding Interview Questions (AlgoExpert)

Ace coding interviews with AlgoExpert's hand-picked collection of 190 coding interview questions. Access over 100 hours of video explanations covering algorithms and popular data structures. Learn and practice in a feature-rich coding workspace with solutions available in 9 different programming languages. Analyze space-time complexity, simulate real interviews with mock sessions, and earn a certificate for tech company referrals. Explore questions across categories like arrays, graphs, linked lists, and more.


190 Hand-Picked Questions

Coding interview prep is a numbers game that many candidates lose. We've hand-picked 190 of the best coding interview questions to prepare you for each interview you could encounter.

Learn more.

100+ Long periods Of Video Explanations

Algorithms are difficult to learn on paper. Each of our questions is accompanied by a two-section video clarification to boost learning. That is north of 100 hours of content, all readily available.

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Data Structures Crash Course

Data structures are the mainstays of coding interviews. Our video series gives you the central information you should be knowledgeable in every one of the famous data structures.

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Solutions In 9 Languages

Not every person communicates in a similar programming language. Each of our solutions come in 9 unique languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and Go.

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Include Rich Coding Workspace

Coding out solutions to algorithm issues is the most effective way to practice. Our coding workspace allows you to compose your responses and run them against our experiments, here on the site.

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Space-Time Complexity Analyses

Understanding how much memory an algorithm uses and how quick it runs is crucial to passing coding interviews. Every one of our explanations include a rigorous space-time complexity investigation.

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4 Curated Assessments

Genuine coding interviews are timed and have various questions. We've curated 4 assessments to reflect a genuine day of coding interviews, loaded up with assortment and proper difficulty.

Mock Coding Interviews

Nothing comes even close to doing a genuine coding interview with a genuine individual. We let you really do mock coding interviews with different clients on a common workspace, here on AlgoExpert.

Recruiting Profile and Certificate

Landing technical interviews can be more enthusiastically than passing them. Once you acquire the AlgoExpert Certificate, we allude you to tech companies so you can directly begin their interview process.

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190 Questions Traversing 15 Categories.

To ace the coding interviews, being knowledgeable in all common data structures and famous critical thinking strategies is central. With 190 questions traversing 15 categories and 4 difficulty levels, we've got you covered.

Look Questions


  • Arrays
  • Harder than they appear.


  • Graphs
  • Simpler than they appear.


  • Tries
  • Indeed. Tries. Not a grammatical mistake.


  • Linked Lists
  • Turn around them.


  • Binary Trees
  • Rearrange them.


  • Strings
  • "This is a string."


  • Dynamic Programming
  • Everybody can't stand it.


  • Searching
  • Searching for the Purchase button?


  • Sorting
  • cluster = [3, 1, 2]
  • sort(array)
  • cluster == [1, 2, 3]


  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Not excessively greedy.


  • Recursion
  • [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]


  • Famous Algorithms
  • ヽ( Ν‘° ΝœΚ– Ν‘°)οΎ‰


  • Heaps
  • Fancy trees.


  • Binary Search Trees
  • BS trees.


  • Stacks
  • Our Videos Put Us Aside.


In all actuality interview questions and algorithms are difficult. Significantly more difficult is attempting to grasp the inward functions of a complex algorithm from a book or from a half-baked video shot on your grandmother's camera. Our crisp 1080p videos brag crystal-clear sound and are strategically separated into two sections to give you the most comprehensive explanations to questions. That is north of 100 hours of content specifically custom-made to make interview questions and algorithms simple.

Conceptual Overview

Our videos all current beginning with an inside and out conceptual overview of the algorithm: how to approach it, how to carry out it, how to improve it, and how to break down its space-time complexity. See a model.

Code Walkthrough

Our videos all end with a complete walkthrough beginning to end of the actual code execution of the algorithm. This is finished in Python, since Python is exceptionally simple to peruse. See a model.


We Communicate in 9 Languages.

There's nothing more disappointing than opening an interview prep book, just to track down a bunch of solutions in a programming language that you don't have any idea. That is the reason each of our questions come with complete composed solutions in 9 well known languages.

JavaScript, for all you Front-End Engineers

TypeScript, for all you Tense JavaScripters

Python, for all you Data Scientists

Swift, for all you iOS Specialists

Kotlin, for all you Androiders

C++, for all you Old Schoolers

Java, for all you Masochists

C#, for all you Microsofters

Go, for all you Kool Kidz

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Harry Potter

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