A Tour of Web Capabilities (FrontendMasters)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 09, 2023

A Tour of Web Capabilities (FrontendMasters)

Learn about the latest web capabilities and APIs available in modern browsers, and how to utilize them to enhance your web applications and provide a better user experience with Max Firtman's FrontendMasters workshop. Join the online workshop on May 4, 2023, and explore hardware, sensors, voice, touch, and more.

A few Key Important points!

By taking part alongside us in the workshop, you'll learn:

Find an extensive variety of APIs accessible in current browsers

Figure out how to get to hardware, like Bluetooth, NFC, Gamepads, VR headsets, Camera, GPS, and different sensors

Upgrade your web applications with strong capabilities and reconciliation with the working framework

Execute a legitimate UX for permission handling

Use Web Speech and Synthesis for voice correspondence

Your (Amazing) Teacher

Maximiliano Firtman

Max Firtman functions as an autonomous independent specialist. He is a mobile + web developer, coach, speaker, and essayist. He has wrote many books, including Programming the Mobile Web and Elite Execution Mobile Web distributed by O'Reilly Media. He is a regular speaker at gatherings overall and he has been generally perceived for his work in the mobile-web local area. He shows mobile (Android and iOS), HTML5, PWA and web execution stages of preparation. He has been working in the Web beginning around 1996 and in the mobile application space starting around 2001.


Go through An Entire Day Drenched in Investigating Web Capabilities with Maximiliano Firtman

Workshop Subtleties

In this workshop, you will investigate the different JavaScript APIs that award admittance to hardware and stage highlights in present day web applications and PWAs. You will figure out how to really use these APIs to upgrade the capabilities of your applications and give a better user experience. The workshop covers present day APIs accessible in each program and some trial APIs working just on certain gadgets.

You will comprehend how to upgrade your user experience with voice, touch, getting to hardware, and incorporating your web application with the basic working framework - - obscuring the lines among native and web applications.

Everyday Timetable

We've proactively held north of 300 workshops with huge number of participants face to face and online. In this time we've found ways of booking the day, so it goes without a hitch and productively. Notwithstanding assuming you're face to face or taking part with us online you'll have the full capacity to replay things you missed, get your inquiries addressed LIVE and connect with the educator over the course of the day.




Outline of Web Capabilities APIs


Permissions and Security


Geolocation, Sensors and Info Gadgets




Speech, Voice and Camera


Getting to Outer Hardware and Gadgets


Operating system mix for PWAs


Wrap up and question and answer session


Communicate with the Teacher - Online and Face to face

Get Your Inquiries Responded to • Code Alongside the Class • Study hall Configuration

Is This Workshop for Me?


Web developers with experience making front-end applications n Vanilla-JS or utilizing a library or structure, like ReactJS, Rakish, Vue, or Smooth.

Any Essentials?

JavaScript front-end experience

Occasion Subtleties


One Entire Day Workshop Meeting

Replay Recordings (accessible right away)


May 4, 2023 - 9:30am to 5:30pm Focal Sunlight Time


Choice 1: Go to online on our full HD live stream

Choice 2: Go to face to face at HQ in Minneapolis, MN

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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