Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass: Video Editing in Premiere
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Harry Potter

Jun 25, 2023

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass: Video Editing in Premiere

Learn beginner to advanced video editing, audio editing, color grading, motion graphics, and green screen techniques with Adobe Premiere Pro CC Masterclass. Gain confidence in editing your own videos professionally. Start editing your videos like a pro with this comprehensive course


What you'll learn

  • Master Premiere Pro and be CONFIDENT Editing Your Own Videos
  • Alter a whole video from start to finish, utilizing professional and efficient techniques.
  • Toward the finish of the course, you'll have altered your promo video with the provided footage (video clips, photos, graphics, music, and so on), or your own footage!
  • Start a project with the right settings for any sort of video, from any camera.
  • Export and save your videos for 4K and High Definition playback.
  • Alter your videos, and make them more dynamic with cutaway footage and photos.
  • Design clean and professional titles for you videos.
  • Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos... making them all the more visually interesting.
  • Color correct your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  • Add an inclination to your video with color grading.
  • Apply visual effects like stabilizing shaky video, removing grain, and making video more cinematic with overlays.
  • Alter green screen footage and, add backgrounds that actually look great.



  • Students ought to have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computers to track. There are A Ton OF PRACTICE EXERCISES all through this course with downloadable practice clips. We want you to track.
  • We teach this course utilizing the Adobe Premiere Pro CC (creative cloud) forms, so you're should utilizing CC. However, you can in any case learn utilizing CS6, CS5, CS4, or even CS3!


Start editing your video professionally with Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

Assuming you are searching for a video editing application that will allow you to alter videos anyway you want them, Adobe Premiere Pro is the most intelligent answer. Premiere Pro is utilized by professionals across the world for each kind of production from business and marketing videos, music videos to documentaries, feature films. This full course is the most ideal way to hop right in and start editing.

Make videos the way you imagine them!

Practice editing while you learn. This course incorporates practice video records so you can track and actually learn by doing.

Toward the finish of the course, you'll have altered a 1-minute documentary with the provided footage.

I'll show the course utilizing the creative cloud rendition, yet in the event that you have a past form (Mac or PC), you can in any case learn to alter like a pro.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Phil and I've been editing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro for north of a decade. Also I'm the creator of a portion of the world's most popular video editing courses - with north of 3,000,000 students and thousands of 5-star surveys like these from the Adobe Premiere Pro course:

Really gives you a great hands on training with the goal that you can actually alter video on premiere. Great course. - Jeff Gilbert

Awesome course, easy to follow! - Tim Clark

Your course is amazing, so I can say that I am learning a great deal. Your English is extremely easy to understand ( I'm from Brazil). Thanks for sharing your amazing information. - Jerilson Duarte

My Promise to You

I'm a full time video editor and online teacher. I'll be hanging around for you constantly. In the event that you have any inquiries concerning the course satisfied or anything related to this topic, you can always post an inquiry in the course or send me an immediate message.

What is this Adobe Premiere Pro course all about?

In this complete guide to Adobe Premiere Pro video editing course, you'll not just learn all of the editing tools available in Premiere Pro, yet in addition how to alter with the mindset of a professional editor.

This course will cover all that you really want to be aware to start video editing, including:

  • Starting a project
  • Editing your videos
  • Adding video and audio transitions
  • Adding professional and modern titles (even some with motion)
  • Improving audio and tracking down great free music for your projects
  • Correcting and grading the color of your video to give it a great style
  • Adding visual effects to your projects
  • Editing green screen (chroma key) footage
  • Exporting your video for high-quality playback on any gadget
  • Advanced editing skills
  • Advanced color grading
  • Advanced efficiency tips
  • Quite a lot more!

Learn from somebody who is at present working in the business, who knows the latest editing techniques, and who has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Television Production from one of the nation's top film schools.

Reward: As a little something extra, you'll get supplemental video and audio clips to practice with while I teach you with.

Toward the finish of this course, your certainty as a video editor will soar You'll have an intensive understanding of how to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro for no particular reason or as a career an open door.

Feel free to tap the enlist button, and I'll see you in example 1!

Good health,


Who this course is for:

  • You are a video creator (or want to make videos), and are wanting to alter videos with THE BEST video editing application today.
  • You could know how to alter with Final Cut, iMovie, Sony Vegas, Premiere Elements, Windows Movie Maker, Camtasia, Screenflow, and so forth. In any case, you want to transition to editing with Premiere Pro.
  • You are a complete beginner who has never opened Premiere Pro (or have never learned how to properly utilize it).
  • You have played around with Premiere Pro, however need some assistance turning into a more efficient editor.



Phil Ebiner

Top-Rated Instructor, 2.5 Million+ Students

  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 382,083 Reviews
  • 2,743,827 Students
  • 191 Courses

great courses for beginners

I'll teach you the skills necessary to stand out from the group. Whether it's a personal passion or a business pursuit, you can learn video, photography, art, design, marketing skills and more here.

learn by doing

Bit by bit tutorials and project-based learning.

get support

One-on-one help from specialists that genuinely want to help you.

try not to push. have fun.

more about phil

My professional background is in video production and editing. I graduated from Loyola Marymount University's School of Film and Television in 2011. From that point forward, I've dealt with thousands of projects that have appeared in movie theaters, film festivals, television and online.

Today, I create all sorts of things from photographs that can be seen on my Instagram to homemade sourdough bread that takes care of my family. Who can say for sure where life will take me. Be that as it may, I know any place I'm, I'll create.

Starting around 2012, I've been creating online courses that north of 2,000,000 students from around the world have taken. Course topics incorporate everything from photography and video to design and business courses. On the off chance that I can't teach it , I collaborate with different specialists who share their skills with absolute beginners.

I can't wait to see you in class!

- Phil


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All courses have a 30-day unconditional promise with the goal that you can look at it, make sure it's the right course for you, and return the money in question in the event that it's not!


Useful links:

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Official website for Adobe Premiere Pro.
  2. Premiere Pro Tutorials - Adobe's official tutorials for Premiere Pro.
  3. Video Editing Basics - A beginner's guide to video editing basics.
  4. Color Grading Techniques - Learn advanced color grading techniques for video editing.
  5. Motion Graphics Tutorial - Step-by-step tutorials for creating motion graphics in Premiere Pro.
  6. Green Screen Editing - Tips and tricks for editing green screen footage in Premiere Pro.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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