Animation Master Course ( Flat Pack FX )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Sep 21, 2023

Animation Master Course ( Flat Pack FX )

Imagine a scenario in which you had the certainty to have the option to make Astonishing Animations, in only 30 days.

Follow my step by step system that I use to show understudies eye-getting Animations, regardless of whether you are a finished beginner and have never utilized After Effects.


Hello I'm Ross, and on the off chance that you've at any point watched a news-casting, narrative or any educational video online - you would have seen exactly the way in which famous animation has become for making connecting with content.

Perhaps you can relate;

You've for a long time needed to learn animation however don't have any idea where to begin.

You watch animations online yet can never appear to recreate the outcomes yourself.

 You accept you really want to contribute long stretches of your chance to figure out how.

Indeed, I'm here to tell you - none of these are valid and truly you can figure out how to make animations basically and rapidly with next to no related knowledge!


Animations can be straightforward and simple to make


How cool would it be in the event that I could open up After Effects and begin making Animations that looked outwardly perfect and my clients adored - all without watching vast long periods of YouTube instructional exercises!

Well that was the fantasy when I began… yet after 10+ years making 100's of animations and building a 100k+ YouTube Channel, it's instructed me that:

That any animation can be separated into individual components.

The specialized steps to making animations can be advanced by any inventive.

I didn't need to be an After Effects Master to have the option to make animations.

So after refining my cycle I consented everything into a step by step process called Animation Expert. This has now been utilized by 100's of understudies and has given them the certainty and experience to make great animations.



Animation Expert

An online course with a proven step by step system that I use to show understudies how to make astounding animations utilizing After Effects. Regardless of whether you are a beginner and have never utilized After Effects.


What You Will learn

Here's beginning and end you will learn over the 50+ Animations

Module 1 - After Effects

15 Recordings

You gain the certainty to use After Effects - regardless of whether your a total beginner

Conquer the psychological hindrances that keep most illustrators from progress

The need to be aware After Effects techniques for making great animations - broken into 15 recordings

A straightforward 4 step procedure for having the option to make any animation

Module 2 - Text and Backgrounds

5 Recordings and 20 Animations

Instructions to make the absolute most generally seen line and foundation animations

My proven strategies for making straightforward animations with high effect

Step by step plan for making enlivened backgrounds you would see online

Recordings: 4 Line animations, 5 Straightforward lower thirds, 4 Clean text animations, 3 Textured Bg's, 3 Energized BG's and All Graphics included


Module 3 - Graphic Animations

5 Recordings and 9 Animations

You gain the certainty to involve 3D cameras for dynamic impact

Standards for making animations that stick out

Instructions to rejuvenate 2D graphics and pictures

Acquire the information to utilize effects that make your animations look practical

Recordings: 3D Camera developments, Documented Slideshow, Level Graphics, Ink Effects, 2D Graphic Animations, All Graphics included

Module 4 - Graphs and Maps

9 Recordings and 15 Animations

Instructions to make probably the most notable guide animations

Step by step process, that permits you to make maps with influence

The what and why for making graphs that invigorate

Figure out how to propel yourself imaginatively while dealing with your own tasks

Animations: 2 Bar, 2 Roundabout, Dab, 3 Line and Region Graphs. 2 Dull, 3D, 3D Markers, War and Struggle Maps. All Graphics included

Module 5 - Animations

6 Recordings and 7 Animations

Gain proficiency with the step by step process I use for paying clients

Learn techniques that permit you to mirror work you see online

Genuine techniques for After Effects that can be utilized to breakdown animations

The most effective method to be proficient and useful in the program while learning these 7 special animations

Animations: Paper Graphics, 2 Courses of events, Isometric, Narrative Style, Splendid Energy. All Graphics included


Animation Master Course Flat Pack Fx


Useful Links:

  1. Ross's YouTube Channel
  2. Animation Tips for Beginners
  3. After Effects Tutorials

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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