Ankur Warikoo - How To Instagram
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Harry Potter

Nov 20, 2023

Ankur Warikoo - How To Instagram

Accelerate your journey to 100k+ followers and learn multiple ways to monetize your Instagram presence.


How Ankur grew his Instagram presence from 14k followers in Mar, 2020 to 1M followers in Nov, 2021 and to 2M in Nov, 2022

This is for you if you want to

  • Grow beyond 100k+ followers and build a personal brand which will help you get Brand Sponsorship Deals
  • Use data to identify and create your signature content consistently
  • Make Instagram your full-time career
  • Monetize your Instagram content
  • Use Instagram to sell products or services

About the Course

If you aspire to become an Instagram influencer with the power of your content but feel clueless when it comes to

Why Instagram? Introspection & Niche Selection

Why do you want to create content? Is Instagram your perfect fit?

Discover your value systems and understand your motivation behind content creation. Know everything about Instagram as a platform and identify the content category that aligns with your purpose.

Identifying & Understanding Your Instagram Audience

Your content is not made for everyone and that’s why you will need to plan who you want to connect with through your content, this will impact your reach and engagement significantly.

Building Your Content Creation System

How can you create an unstoppable content engine on Instagram? 

Learn the secrets of curating top-notch content consistently without missing a beat. Gain insights from how we did it at Brand Warikoo.

Defining Your Visual Identity

You need to have your own unique brand identity. From choosing the right colors to evoke emotions and maintaining visual consistency, we will cover it all.

Editing Your Content for Maximum Impact

This is going to be a game changer if done correctly. We will cover both video and audio editing and see how it massively impacts your content quality.

Instagram Analytics - for Data Backed Planning

Ever wondered how to maximize your views and engagement and what metrics you need to track? 

In this analytics class, we will see how to study data and make data-backed decisions to elevate your Instagram presence.

Building Your Personal Brand

Wondering how to build a personal brand that stands out from the crowd?

In this masterclass, we will cover the frameworks of building a strong

Meet Your Instructor

Warikoo and team

Ankur has been creating content on Instagram for the past three years. He grew from 14,000 followers to 1 Million in a period of 18 months. Subsequently, he doubled it to 2 million within just one year. Overall, he has a following of more than 9.9+ Million across all social media platforms.

Meet the incredible team behind our Instagram course, each member playing a pivotal role in bringing this learning experience to life – Aditya Vora, Horia Sidiqi, Shivam Gupta and Shaurya Shikhar.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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