Asp.Net Core 7 (.NET 7) | True Ultimate Guide
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Harry Potter

Jul 07, 2023

Asp.Net Core 7 (.NET 7) | True Ultimate Guide

.NET Core 6 and 7 | ASP.NET Core 7 | Asp.Net Core Projects | Bootcamp | Advanced | Interview Questions | Web API | MVC


What you'll learn

  • Confidently talk about a large portion of the basic, middle of the road and advanced concepts of Asp .Net Core
  • Crack Asp .Net Core job interviews simpler
  • Solid Underpinning of MVC Architecture Pattern and root level concepts of Asp .Net Core
  • Add two profile projects to your profile and increase chances of finding a superior line of work
  • Learn professional developer best practices
  • Become identical to Senior-level Asp .Net Core developer with Repository Pattern, SOLID Principles, Clean Architecture, Serilog
  • Get Instructor-Support to your questions in somewhere around 24 hours; max 48 hours



  • Moderate level information on C# key concepts including OOP, Interfaces, Lambda Articulations etc.
  • Middle of the road level information on Web development - HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Discretionary: SQL, Ado .Net




This is the main course you want to learn the complete coding and testing skills that a professional Asp .Net Core developer needs.

This is the most-comprehensive course on Asp .Net Core ever accessible on Udemy, which begins you from fledgling to authority in Asp .Net Core development.


STUDENTS FEEDBACK - more than 250 students - 5 star appraised:

"This course is past the expectation. As a read individual Microsoft documentation, and watched a great deal of recordings, and furthermore read such countless books about ASP.NET, I'm confident to advise you to join this course 100 percent as well as, 1500%. What I tracked down magnificent about this course: - The request, in which the concepts are believed is magical. - The detail and the data in the content of the course are extraordinarily great. - The course got refreshed with superb stuff. By utilizing this course, we wouldn't require over 1 year in that frame of mind to become a senior developer I accept. Much thanks to you extremely much Harsha for this great course. Kindly add however much content you can in your C# and ASP.NET course, because the manner in which you teach is a miracle." - Hamed Homaee


"Excellent clarification, great textual styles, great pace, so - splendid course! Also, indeed, at long last - it's COMPLETE guide! Not only 10 hours or even less. Much obliged to you for that sort of work!" - - Valera Znak


"Strongly Recommended! This course is efficient, simple to follow and covers a great many topics. The instructor carves out opportunity to completely make sense of each topic and give guides to assist with showing their focuses, which is incredibly useful in acquiring a more profound comprehension of ASP.NET Core." - - Nisarg Gami


"This course is really astounding. The concepts are been shown in such a manner that it becomes more straightforward for anybody to comprehend them clearly and quickly. Likewise, the tasks and interview questions help a great deal in testing our insight and giving us great openness to going to a genuine interview test. The task question helps us in executing our learning by addressing the questions." - - Pushkar Sharad Kaswankar


"I was hanging tight for this kind of course from a long years. I can say this is a best course for fledgling to learn core likewise for experience individuals at long last it's complete package of .net core course" - Dheeraj Ambippi


"Everything is meticulously ready. It's nice to have cheat sheet." - - Ekrem Kangal


"The best course for ASP.NET CORE up to this point. Gratitude for the pieces of data you set up in this course. He made sense of each and every concept in DotNet Core. Praise to the creator!" - - Johnbull Vitowanu


Top reasons - for what reason would it be advisable for you select this course over different courses

The course is facilitated (instructed) by the lead instructor - Mr. Harsha Vardhan, one of the most famous coach for face to face preparing programs with top IT companies in India.

This course is in the know regarding .NET 7 and vowed to stay up with the latest for future arrivals of .NET and Asp .Net Core.

The course is constantly refreshed with new content on more current topics, not set in stone by the students - that is you!

You will fabricate your portfolio project (a Stocks Trading Stage) through guidance given by the Instructor (likewise, source code is given to assist you with rescuing you in case in the event that you stuck some place and to check nature of your code).

Numerous developers might feel challenged when they need to face technical interviews. To resolve this issue, we've included a comprehensive arrangement of interview questions to test yourself prior to facing any technical interview on Asp .Net Core.

Coding isn't the round of tuning in and following somebody. You will have legitimate comprehension of the subject just when you apply it on a significant application. So fundamental coding exercises (tasks) are given in each section. So you will attempt each of them - and get instructor's source code and help when you stuck some place or become clue-less at certain point.

The definitions, best practices, graphs introduced in the course recordings, are given as 'Section cheat sheet' toward the finish of respective section. So you can involve it as a snapshot of reference and correction, to recollect and apply what have you learnt from that section.

Advanced concepts such as xUnit, Moq, Serilog, Fluent Assertions, Repository Pattern, Clean Architecture, SOLID Principles, Unit testing and Integration testing, Asp .Net Core Identity are introduced in the course, alongside a guarantee to stay up with the latest. So it's a future-confirmation course.

Professional developer best practices are included and made sense of in respective sections any place necessary.

All topics are made sense of from scratch. So you want not stress over your earlier information/experience in Asp .Net Core. The main principal essentials of this course are - C# and HTML.

Indeed, you want not much stress over advanced topics of C#; because find some way to improve lectures on the vital concepts of C# such as Expansion Techniques, LINQ, Nullable reference types etc., are included as an additional section in this course.

Teaching strategy: Picture first - imagine and characterize all that prior to hopping into another topic.

Slack free and focused clarification

English captions are accessible for all lectures.


Does this course include Web API (RESTful Services)?



What is the application would we say we will work for my portfolio?

A "Stock Trading" App.

With live chart and price updates on the selected stock.

A search page to search for wanted stock.

Place trade request

A dashboard to see request history of purchase requests and sell orders

A login/register page where the new clients can join and existing clients can sign-in.


Consider the possibility that I stall out while learning.

You can drop an inquiry in the back and forth discussion, and the instructor or the teaching right hand will respond to your questions in the span of 24-hours - max in 48-hours or less.


Consider the possibility that I could do without the course.

That will probably not happen. Yet, assuming that it does, you are covered by the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can quickly return the course. No questions inquired.

Who this course is for:

Freshers/experienced developers who needs to become senior-level .NET developer with more grounded and broad topics of Asp .Net Core



Web College by Harsha Vardhan

MS Certified Coach | 80000+ Happy Students

  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 14,142 Reviews
  • 101,286 Students
  • 13 Courses

My solidarity is I can simplify complicated things and will give nitty gritty information about each and every concept, and I will be happy on the off chance that individuals learn skills from my recordings and assemble their careers.


I'm a web and frontend sweetheart, developer, architect, instructor to make web simple for you.


My aptitude is for the most part on following technologies:

C#, Asp.Net Core, Asp.Net Mvc, Asp.Net, Purplish blue, Python, React, Rakish, JavaScript, ES2021, jQuery, Bootstrap, NodeJS, HTML, CSS


4.6 course ratings 2K reviews

Cesar David Guerrero R.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 fourteen days prior


The guide is addressing questions quickly. Truly, I have never seen that before in any web-based course, every example has such a granularity that makes it straightforward for anybody. I will express by a long shot this is the best course in the entire Udemy and doubtlessly in some other stage.


Shivani T.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 a month prior


best one to learn .net core .great clarification from basics Strongly recommended.

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