AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - V2- Beginner to Advanced
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Jun 11, 2023

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - V2- Beginner to Advanced

Learn to provision and deploy serverless apps with AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 and Typescript. Gain expertise in AWS CDK and explore concepts such as multi-stack deployment, best practices, and testing. This comprehensive course is designed for beginners and advanced learners. Instructor Rahul Trisal, an experienced AWS architect, provides hands-on implementation insights. Start your journey to mastering AWS CDK v2 today!


What you'll learn

  • Learn provisioning and deploying Resources utilizing Cloud Development Kit - CDK v2 (utilizing Typescript) - No previous Coding Experience in TypeScript required
  • Learn the Fundamentals and Advanced Concepts of the AWS CDK and Typescript
  • Utilizing AWS CDK, provision S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, CloudWatch, API Gateway, IAM
  • Learn the CDK Best Practices based Real World Migrations experience
  • Utilizing CDK, provision a Banking Enterprise Serverless Application 1 - AWS API Gateway, Lambda and S3
  • Learn concepts connected with Multi-Stack Deployment and Outputs
  • Utilizing AWS CKD, provision Retail Enterprise Serverless Application 2 - API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB
  • AWS CDK Testing : Fine-Grained Assertions Tests and Snapshot Test
  • Learn to make AWS CI-CD pipeline utilizing CDK and deploy AWS Services usning the CI-CD pipeline fabricated utilizing CDK
  • I strongly accept this is the best AWS CDK V2 course on Web. Evaluate the course, If you donot like it, comes with multi day money back ensure from Udemy.



  • No programming experience expected for fostering the resources utilizing AWS CDK Typescript
  • Fundamental information on AWS Services


AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 - Beginner to Advanced


Welcome to the most comprehensive AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) - V2 on Udemy from an instructor with genuine enterprise hands-on implementation experience migrating more than 1000+ responsibilities for Fortune 100 companies utilizing AWS CDK V2.


This is a course for AWS CDK Beginners wanting to acquire expertise in provisioning AWS Resources utilizing AWS CDK v2 in Typescript with no previous coding experience or experience in an alternate programming language.


It begins from outright nuts and bolts on AWS CDK v2, then expands on that to make AWS Resources utilizing AWS CDK lastly finishing in creating advanced two real-world enterprise use case, fostering the CI-CD Pipeline utilizing AWS CDK and deploy AWS services created utilizing CDK through the pipeline lastly share the best practices from Real World Enterprise Cloud Migration utilizing CDK.


I strongly accept this is the best AWS CDK V2 course on Web. On the off chance that you are hoping to learn AWS CDK, evaluate the course and you will be flabbergasted to perceive the amount you can learn through a 4 hour course. In the event that you donot like it, comes with multi day money back ensure from Udemy.


This course has been written in CDK V2 dissimilar to different courses which were written in CDK V1 and afterward retrofitted to CDK V2.

Section 1 : Introduction

Course Outline

Section 2 : AWS CDK v2 - Setup and Pre-Requisites


Section 3 : AWS CDK - Fundamental Concepts

Evolution of AWS Foundation as Code

AWS CloudFormation - Outline

What is AWS CDK and Advantages

AWS CDK - Essential Concepts

AWS CDK - Undertaking Design

Section 4 : AWS Service Creation utilizing AWS CDK v2 - S3, DynamoDB, IAM Role and Lambda

Make S3 utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make DynamoDB utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make Lambda utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make CloudWatch Alarm utilizing AWS CDK v2

Section 5 : Serverless Use Case 1 - API Gateway, Lambda and S3

Architecture for Serverless Use Case

S3 Bucket creation with CDK v2

IAM Role and S3 creation with CDK v2

Lambda, IAM Role and S3 creation with CDK v2

API Gateway, Lambda, IAM Role and S3 creation with CDK v2

Optional (How to compose the Lambda Code) - From my Udemy Course on AWS Lambda

Section 6 : Serverless Use Case 2 - S3, Lambda and DynamoDB

Introduction - Carrying out Serveless Use Case 2

Make IAM Role utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make Lambda utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make S3 utilizing AWS CDK v2

Make DynamoDB utilizing AWS CDK v2

Optional (How to compose the Lambda Code) - From my Udemy Course on AWS Lambda

Section 7 : CI-CD Pipeline : Making and Deploying AWS CDK Apps utilizing CI-CD Pipeline

Architecture for Serverless Use Case

IAM Role Creation for Use Case

Deploying AWS Services utilizing the CI-CD Pipeline

Section 8: MultiStack Deployment, Best Practices and Additional Concepts

Outputs in CDK

Outline of AWS CDK Commands

Multi-Stack Deployment

AWS CDK - 10 Best Practices

Section 9: AWS CDK Testing : Fine-Grained Assertions Tests and Snapshot Test

AWS CDK Testing : Fine-Grained Assertions Tests

AWS CDK Testing : Snapshot Tests

HandsOn AWS Services Covered in the Course utilizing CDK v2:

AWS Lambda


S3 Occasion Notification

API Gateway



CloudWatch Alarm

IAM Role

CI-CD Pipeline

Deploying AWS Services created utilizing CDK v2 through CI-CD Pipeline

AWS CDK Testing : Fine-Grained Assertions Tests

AWS CDK Testing : Snapshot Tests

Who this course is for:

Begineers and Intermediates learning to provision resources utilizing AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) v2 Typescript


Rahul Trisal

AWS Architect|Co-Founder ||6X Certified||AWS SA Professional

  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 383 Reviews
  • 3,174 Students
  • 4 Courses

Rahul Trisal is a Senior AWS Architect with over 15 years' experience focused on AWS Cloud System, Architecture and Migration working with an enormous Fortune 500 Organization.

Co-founder of AWS focused startup - TECHCLOUDBYTE (really take a look at the URL for discounted coupons)

Hands-On experience with Huge Scope Server farm Migration to Cloud (200+ applications).

Serverless Cloud Migration - Profound expertise in migrating and planning AWS Serverless Stack - API Gateway, Lambda, ECS, S3

Key AWS Services Expertise - Hands on expertise with CloudFormation (YAML), EC2, S3, FSx, EFS, AWS Move Family, CloudWatch, Information Sync, Lambda, ELB, Autoscaling, FCI Group (SQL DB), Highway 53, SSM Automation, Kinesis Information Streams and Firehose, AWS Lambda, Python, Auto Scaling, Auto Recuperating techniques and numerous different services.

Key Applications Moved to AWS - Business Apps - Three level Web Apps, ERP, Record Offer apps, Framework Apps - DNS application, ControlM, SFTP, Monitoring Apps

Make and post content on AWS Vocations, Architecture and Certification on - Udemy Course , my AWS YouTube channel and LinkedIn and conduct in-house preparation phases

Previously worked in USA, UK, Africa and Latin America topographies for 10 years (2011-Nov 2019) as Consultant in different roles.



Cloud: 6X Certified

- AWS Certified Solution Architect - Professional

- AWS Certified Solution Architect - Associate

- AWS SysOps Certified - Associate

- IBM Bluemix Cloud Architect

- AWS Cloud Practioner

- Purplish blue Basic



o SAFe Program Consultant (SPC 5.0)

o Certified Item Proprietor (SAFe PO/PM)

o Certified Scrum Expert (PSM-1)


4.5 course rating 92 reviews


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


It was extremely clear making sense of. course contents were additionally prepared with extraordinary consideration. Much appreciated Rahul


Sayyed A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


The course is extremely useful and the instructor has ensured that he has made sense of each and every point exhaustively. Worth purchasing this course, Cherished it!!


Gnaneswara R.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


Significant level instructing ,and exceptionally clear ' deliberate approach to showing which can comprehend by an even non IT individuals


Swapnil B.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 a month prior


Well organized course.I like the bit by bit instructions with hands-on.Especially, I preferred the part most : how to reference the AWS CDK APIs(Constructs) documentation.I am impressed to see a large portion of the components have been covered utilizing Typescript. I scarcely see any models on internet.Couple of things I might want to see as a beginner if possible[wrt norms or best practices per say]:1. Instructions to import/trade Stack values,2. While doing code promotion how and where to set worldwide boundaries wrt environments (Dev/QA/Nudge etc.)3. Instructions to get to factors across constructs ? [I mean how to get to individual components from incoming Occasion object into Lambda How to serialize incoming solicitation and cordial response object]4. Best ways of dealing with Exceptions [should we handle the exceptions locally with in controller or define nuclear overseer which assumes liability of all nonexclusive exceptions across handlers?] Best method for utilizing "Dead end Queue"?5. Unit testing part should be explained [ex. Instructions to use Joke system ?]6. Couple of use cases on integration designs like P2P, Bar Sub utilizing SQS and SNS [Always publish on Theme and consistently listen on Line etc.]7. In the greater part of the undertaking, we want interaction with DB and personality. Thus, best method for uncovering db as a REST service (GET/POST) How to collaborate with Cognito User pool (Cognito CDK APIs to get to user profile or update it etc.)8. Being a beginner, ran over couple of systems/constructs which we can consider to enhance CDK : Middy, TableViewer, Lambda URLs,etc.9. CDK troubleshooting options (ex. cdk watch) [without going into Cloudwatch logs]Thanx,- Swapnil


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  3. AWS CDK Workshop
  4. AWS CloudFormation Documentation
  5. AWS Lambda Documentation
  6. AWS DynamoDB Documentation
  7. AWS API Gateway Documentation
  8. AWS S3 Documentation
  9. AWS IAM Documentation
  10. AWS CloudWatch Documentation

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