AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator - Full Course
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Sep 07, 2023

AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator - Full Course

Welcome to Microsoft Azure Az 104 Certificaton.

This course teaches the participants to prepare for AZ 104 Certification. If certification is not in your mind at this time, you can still opt for this course as it gives you the knowledge to make you Azure ready and become a better Azure Administrator . This course is derived from Az 103 just like the certification itself. All the changes that were made to Az 103 by Microsoft to make it Az 104 are now incorporated in this course as well .

We will dive into all aspects of Azure service offerings and work our way with simple tasks like creating Virtual machines , storage accounts etc . We would also learn how to manage them using Powershell and Azure CLI. A brief overview of the course agenda / description is mentioned below.

Update : 2 Practice Tests added to reinforce your learning

Update : Azure 104 Certification - 2021 Updates -Added 14 Sept 2021

Update : Changes in September 24th 2021 : There are ONLY wording changes in Az 104 .There are no technological changes / addition of services with this update.

Module 01 - Identity

Module 02 – Governance and Compliance

Module 03 – Azure Administration

Module 04 – Virtual Networking

Module 05 – Intersite Connectivity

Module 06 – Network Traffic Management

Module 07 – Azure Storage

Module 08 – Azure Virtual Machines

Module 09 - Serverless Computing

Module 10 – Data Protection

Module 11 – Monitoring

Tips for Learning :

1) Create an Azure account before you start the course.

2) Always keep a notebook and a pen handy to make notes. Research indicates that traditional old school learning helps retain concepts for longer time.

3) Have an end date to finish the course. Dont let it drag forever. Its important to take this learning to next level before it evaporates.

4) Do as many labs as possible.

5) Ask questions. I love to work with my students and ensure they succeeed. Join me in the Q & A in the udemy portal.


I hope this course would be informative to you in all aspects. Lets Get Started. Happy Learning.

Some of the TOP Course Reviews :

Gavin :  Great course. Passed AZ-104 with the help of this course, the free official Microsoft AZ-104 labs, and the Measureup Practice test.

Sean Nash : Really like how Anand explains these topics and the labs that go with it. It makes it very easy to understand.

Stephen Mitchell : Seems to be so far. Style is clear and easy to follow for me.

Masanori Ozaki  :  i passed my exam!

this cource is very easy to understand
Sitender Kumar : This course is quite better than others! all topics covered in the training. Honestly, I appreciate the efforts of the trainer
Shanif Salim : Kudos to the trainer. especially the language is refreshing to listen to.

Martin Smith : So Far So good. great, digestible lectures with Labs to follow along to. Clear, concise information with lots of detail. Some pages look slightly different as Azure is constantly changing but close enough to follow labs.

Bammidi Dileep kumar : this course awesome subject .good teaching skill. learned lot of subject
Vinicius Torino : Clear explanation .. and a lot of labs

Emmanuel Yeboah : The training delivery has been great so far, insightful content, and great practical labs.

chaitanya kumar Mortha : Hello Anand Sir,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. You are explanation is crystal clear. These videos are very helpful for me in ramping up my skills. I Truly appreciate your efforts & Time.

Expecting more videos.

Than s for everything.

Jason Wang : Commenting on the above comments. I like how you didn't edit out the errors and mistakes so we got to see how you troubleshooter. I hate demos that "work" the first time all the time because that isn't real life.

Shrikant Yerge  Preparation and efforts behind quality of videos is awesome and off course content and way of delivery is next level.

Thank you so much for making these videos!

Juan Alfredo Blancas Velázquez : Excellent course, the information is very clear and understable. I recommend 100% this course if you want to learn Azure Administration topics.

Senzi : experience has been really good. Valuable content being shared here.

Ambarish Sivanapura Naraharirao : Descriptions are to the point. Pronunciation is clear. Easy to take notes from the lectures as the topics so far has been kept short.

Olawale Olashina Bello Awesome! A well detailed and explanatory content. The instructor was very clear and knowledgable.

Habeeb Rahman : All the points mentioned was very clear. looking forward to learn more. Thank you

Who this course is for:

  • IT professionals who want to become Azure administrators
  • IT professionals preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-104 exam
  • participants who have knowledge of other cloud platforms like AWS or Google cloud and want to explore Azure cloud service offerings

Course content

  • Introduction
  • Azure Services - An Overview
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) in Azure
  • Azure Governance & Compliance
  • Azure Administration
  • Azure Virtual Networking
  • Interconnectivity
  • Network Traffic Management
  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Virtual machines

What you'll learn

  • Manage subscriptions, accounts, Azure policies, and Role-Based Access Control
  • Deploy , manage and scale Azure virtual machines
  • Configure and manage Traffic Mangement
  • Administer Azure using the Resource Manager, Azure portal, Cloud Shell, Azure PowerShell, CLI, and ARM templates.
  • Configure intersite connectivity solutions like VNet Peering, virtual network gateways, and Site-to-Site VPN connections.
  • Implement, manage and secure Azure storage accounts, blob storage, and Azure files with File Sync.
  • Backup files, folders, and virtual machines.
  • Implement and manage Azure storage
  • Configure and manage Azure virtual networks
  • Manage and Secure identities with Azure Active Directory and users and groups
  • Configure virtual networks including planning, IP addressing, Azure DNS, Network Security Groups, and Azure Firewall.
  • Manage network traffic using network routing and service endpoints, Azure load balancer, and Azure Application Gateway.
  • Administer Azure App Service, Azure Container Instances, and Kubernetes.
  • Monitor the Azure infrastructure with Azure Monitor, Azure alerts, Log Analytics, and Network Watcher.


  • General knowledge of IT architecture
  • Basics of Cloud Computing
  • Understanding of network configuration, including TCP/IP, Domain Name System (DNS), virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, and encryption technologies.
  • Understanding of resilience and disaster recovery, including backup and restore operations.
  • Understanding of on-premises virtualization technologies, including: VMs, virtual networking, and virtual hard disks

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