Back-end development with Django-8 Projects (iNeuron)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 08, 2023

Back-end development with Django-8 Projects (iNeuron)

Learn back-end development with Django-8 Projects from iNeuron and master the widely-used Python web development framework. This comprehensive course covers everything from handling requests to creating dynamic HTML pages and accessing databases with ease. Enroll now to learn how to construct Django projects and add advanced functionality step by step.

The most broadly utilized Python web development framework is Django. Django is a Python framework that covers all components of web development, from handling requests and replies to making dynamic HTML pages utilizing formats and simplifying database access and support. This course has everything heated in, and it's completely shrouded in great profundity. Django is educated from the ground up in this course. We'll begin all along and move gradually up, figuring out how to construct Django projects, execute them, and add functionality bit by bit.


What you'll Learn

  • Webpages in Django
  • Admin control
  • Sliders
  • Search feilds
  • Navbars
  • Components
  • User authentication
  • Facebook and Google authentication
  • Django message frameworks
  • Django contact forms


  • Framework with least i3 processor or better
  • Something like 4 GB of Smash
  • Working web association
  • Devotion to learn
  • Course Educational program
  • Preparing tools for Django

Course Outline

Your most memorable HelloWorld project in Django

Understanding file structure

Project 1 - Finishing basics

our absolute first Django Application

Arranging new application

Project 2 - About templating basics

Project 2 and templating basics

Rendering structure HTML Page

Adding an about us page

Adding contact Us page

Extending pre fabricated layouts

Project 3 - Interaction with Database

Setting up command project

Making our most memorable model for sqlite3

Enlisting models to admin

Make read update and erase from database

Project 4 - Blog with static pages and Unique URL

Articles application creation

ForeignKey and numerous to one connection

Adding articles in database

Arranging URLs

Setting up landing page

Adding static files for css

Unique URL for articles



Hitesh Choudhary

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Useful Links:

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  2. Django official website:
  3. Python official website:
  4. iNeuron YouTube channel:
  5. Django documentation:
  6. iNeuron blog on Django tutorials:

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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