Backend Master Class [Golang + Postgres + Kubernetes + gRPC]
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Harry Potter

Apr 05, 2023

Backend Master Class [Golang + Postgres + Kubernetes + gRPC]

Learn backend web development with Golang, Postgres, Redis, Gin, gRPC, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, and CI/CD. This course teaches you step-by-step how to design, develop and deploy a backend web service from scratch. It includes database schema design, Golang code generation, RESTful API development, user authentication and security, Docker deployment, AWS Kubernetes cluster setup, TLS certificate issuance and renewal, and asynchronous processing with Redis. Suitable for beginners and intermediate-level developers


What you'll Learn

  • Plan information base construction utilizing DBML and naturally create SQL code from it
  • Profoundly comprehend the DB disconnection levels, transactions and how to keep away from stop
  • Consequently create Golang code to associate with the data set
  • Foster a RESTful backend web service utilizing the Gin system
  • Secure the APIs with client verification, JWT and PASETO
  • Compose more grounded test set with high inclusion utilizing connection points and deriding
  • Fabricate a negligible Docker image for deployment and use Docker-make for improvement
  • Set up Github Action to naturally fabricate and send the application to AWS Kubernetes cluster
  • Register a space and config Kubernetes entrance to course traffic to the web service
  • Empower programmed issue and restore TLS endorsement for the space with We should Scramble
  • Take your web service to a higher level with gRPC and gRPC passage
  • Run background workers to handle assignments nonconcurrently with Redis and Asynq



Just essential programming ability is required

On the off chance that you're new to Go, I propose learning its language structure first on the "Visit through Go" website


In this course, you will advance bit by bit how to configuration, create and send a backend web service without any preparation. I assume the most effective way to master writing computer programs is to fabricate a genuine application. Hence, all through the course, you will figure out how to construct a backend web service for a straightforward bank. It will give APIs to the frontend to do the accompanying things:

Make and oversee financial balances.

Record all equilibrium changes to every one of the records.

Play out a cash move between 2 records.

The programming language we will use to foster the service is Golang, however the course isn't just about coding in Go. You will glean some significant experience of various subjects in regards to backend web improvement. They are introduced in 5 segments:

In the first segment, you will advance profoundly about how to plan the data set, create codes to converse with the DB in a predictable and dependable manner utilizing transactions, comprehend the DB detachment levels, and how to utilize it accurately underway. Other than the data set, you will likewise figure out how to involve docker for nearby turn of events, how to utilize Git to deal with your codes, and how to utilize GitHub Action to run unit tests naturally.

In the second segment, you will figure out how to fabricate a bunch of RESTful HTTP APIs utilizing Gin - one of the most famous Golang frameworks for building web services. This incorporates all that from stacking application configs, taunting DB for more vigorous unit tests, handling errors, authenticating clients, and protecting the APIs with JWT and PASETO access tokens.

In the third segment, you will figure out how to construct your application with Docker and send it to a creation Kubernetes cluster on AWS. The talks are extremely itemized with a bit by bit guide, from how to fabricate a negligible docker image, set up a complementary plan AWS account, make a creation data set, store and recover creation mysteries, make a Kubernetes cluster with EKS, use GitHub Action to naturally construct and send the image to the EKS cluster, purchase a space name and course the deals to the service, secure the association with HTTPS and auto-restore TLS testament from We should Scramble.

In the fourth segment, we will examine a few high level backend subjects, for example, managing client meetings, building gRPC APIs, utilizing gRPC door to serve both gRPC and HTTP requests simultaneously, implanting Strut documentation as a component of the backend service, somewhat refreshing a record utilizing discretionary boundaries, and composing organized lumberjack HTTP middlewares and gRPC interceptors.

Then the fifth segment will acquaint you with offbeat handling in Golang involving background workers and Redis as its message line, and how to effortlessly close down the server to safeguard your handling assets. As this part is as yet a work underway, we will continue making and transferring new recordings about new points from here on out, for example, sending messages, effortlessly closing down servers, CORS, bulk inserts, and so on. So if it's not too much trouble, return here to look at them occasionally.

This course is planned with a ton of subtleties, so everybody, even those with very little programming experience can comprehend and do it without help from anyone else. I solidly accept that after the course, you will actually want to work considerably more without hesitation and successfully on your activities.

Who this course is for:

Anybody who needs to find out about backend web service improvement utilizing Golang, Postgres, Docker and Kubernetes

The course is planned so that even a beginner with extremely essential programming abilities can comprehend

In any case, I'm certain even designers with more experienced (transitional level) can in any case gain some new useful knowledge



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4.7 course ratings 1K reviews

Martin M.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 days prior


Extraordinary course! Covers a Great deal of cutting edge themes with creation prepared code. Contains github repo for reference and creator addresses all inquiries here on udemy and friction. New recordings are as yet being added, so I will really take a look at this consistently to check whether there is a novel, new thing. Simply something seemingly insignificant - truly, I just wouldn't suggest this course for beginners with just "Just fundamental programming ability" as verified in the portrayal, it's better for somebody currently in the field.



Rating: 5.0 out of 5a week prior


An extraordinary course and a teacher who constantly responds to questions and gives an irrefutable repo history. I truly want to believe that he continues to expand on this, truly.



Demian J.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5a month prior


It is incredible substance. It rapidly moves to cutting edge subjects. It is most certainly a backend master class. I should audit the points again to assimilate the entirety of the data.




Rating: 5.0 out of 5a month prior


the educator makes sense of everything essentially so I've no inquiries after the talk. it's straightforward a stuff he makes sense of. I truly like this course


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Harry Potter

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