Build Spring Boot Apps with the Kotlin Programming Language
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Apr 09, 2023

Build Spring Boot Apps with the Kotlin Programming Language

Learn how to build fully functional, robust and efficient applications with Spring Boot and the Kotlin programming language in this course aimed at existing Spring Framework Java developers who want to upgrade their skills to use Kotlin instead of (or as well as) Java. Construct fully practical, powerful and effective applications with Spring Boot and the Kotlin programming language


What you'll Learn

Construct fully practical, powerful and effective applications with Spring Boot and the Kotlin programming language



You ought to have some essential Java experience, as the methodology is to change over your Java knowlege and abilities to Kotlin, instead of to show programming without any preparation.

You ought to have fundamental experience of building Spring Boot applications in Java - ideally you'll be know all about building a controller, and interfacing with a database with JPA.

Regardless of whether you have an excessive amount of involvement in Java or Spring, you will actually want to take this course, simply be ready to look into anything which isn't totally natural!


Kotlin is a programming language for the JVM (and furthermore for Javascript and native code as well) which was made by JetBrains - the organization behind the IntelliJ IDE. It offers various upgrades over Java, including that it's less verbose, has immutable variables, and quite often disposes of the NullPointerException. Contrasted with other JVM languages, for example, Scala, Kotlin is a simple progress for Java developers, and the Kotlin group trust that it will ultimately supplant Java alltogether!

In this course we figure out how to code in Kotlin, with a specific spotlight on the most proficient method to construct full stack Spring Boot applications with Kotlin.

This course is pointed toward existing Spring Framework Java developers who need to redesign their abilities to utilize Kotlin rather than (or as well as) Java.

Who this course is for:

Java developers, utilizing the Spring Framework, who need to redesign their abilities to Kotlin


Matt Greencroft

Course coach at Virtual Pair Programmers

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Having worked for north of 20 years as an expert software engineer, chiefly in banking, Matt currently educates for Virtual Pair Programmers. His expert regions are progressed Java, Spring Framework, Kotlin and Akka.


Outside of work, Matt appreciates cycling, yet favors going downhill to uphill, and he likewise plays the piano… seriously.

Virtual Pair Programmers

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Virtual Pair Programmers are here to assist you with taking your programming abilities to a higher level. We're a gathering of excited programming mentors who are proficient developers, and have a truly useful way to deal with learning - our courses are full of certifiable contextual investigations and hands on models. We show what you really want to be aware to be useful in the working environment and to take care of business, as opposed to going through each component turn by turn.


4.6 course evaluating 674 audits

Pedro H.

Rating: 4.5 out of 52 months prior


The course is great most certainly, however once in a while the code in Java, particularly in the utilitarian programming segment, doesn't utilize streams, for instance, appears to attempt to exacerbate the Java than it truly is.


Mateusz Z.

Rating: 5.0 out of 55 months prior


One of the most outstanding course about kotlin and how to use with spring boot


Lim En H.

Rating: 1.0 out of 57 months prior


Its essential kotin, not so much as a spring boot kotlin.


Emmanuel Axayacatl Ruiz R.

Rating: 4.5 out of 59 months prior


As a rule, it was excellent, I battled for certain conditions like reflect and forms nothing that couldn't be tracked down on the web with just enough exertion

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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