Build The Best Ecommerce Website Ever With React Js Next Js
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May 12, 2023

Build The Best Ecommerce Website Ever With React Js Next Js

Build a powerful eCommerce website with React JS, Next JS, MongoDB, Redux Toolkit, and Next Auth. Learn advanced form validation techniques using Formik and Yup, work with protected routes, and use useState, useReducer, useEffect, useRef, useCallback, and event listeners. Enroll now to master the secrets of Next JS and build the best website ever


What you'll Learn

  • Build the most invigorating ecommerce project with react js, next js, mongodb, redux toolkit and next auth
  • Learn and dominate next js and eliminate all disarray
  • The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp 2023 - MERN STACK

  • Ace Next auth for full authentication framework, find out about callbacks and crfTOkens
  • Client Redux Toolkit with redux continue for an exceptional mix for overseeing state
  • All ace Next js and its privileged insights and deceives and become open to involving it for you frontend and backend work
  • Figure out how to function with Mongodb and how to add ,update, eliminate and inquiry like a star.
  • Figure out how to utilize Cloudinary to store your pictures in another splendid manner and how to transfer, search, channel and open another viewpoint on working with Cloudinary.
  • Build a mailing framework without any preparation to send messages to the client for email check connections and reset code secret key.
  • Solid high level form validation utilizing Formik and Yup and find out about the best form validation strategies utilized
  • Figure out how to utilize react redux toolkit to have a worldwide store shared across the entirety of our application.
  • Figure out how to make protected routes utilizing next auth and secure your application and pages.
  • Figure out how to function with useState, useReducer, useEffect, useRef, useCallback, event Listeners


An essential information in working with React js

A sensible information in web improvement is constantly invited


Hi my kindred developers and welcome to another intriguing course which perhaps the best you will at any point see ,m looking at building a completely progressed ecommerce website utilizing react js next js mongodb redux toolkit and next auth and numerous other energizing devices ,which is a fantasy combo on the off chance that you understand what you are doing and will permit you to build probably the best websites you can envision.

this video is a should watch till end so you dont miss any energizing features,and now let me show you why this build is really marvelous, I adopted a totally different strategy than most ecommerce websites you see in different courses, our items will be recorded in swipers as may be obvious and that will permit you to see the item in its full form and all kinds of styles cuz our prodycts comprise of many (for instance you have a coat yet the coat can be dark green red and each variety will have diff sizes and each size has a diff qty and a diff cost ) , so tell me have you seen smth like this in some other couse no and this is a first which is a more realistoc approach that u find in websites like amazon ebay and so on..

what's more, every item will have own page looks marvelous as you can obviously see likewise we added a zoom device to zoom on the item for a superior look likewise we have a details on surveys with the capacity to add a survey in subtleties and even you can utilize pictures and we have a table to grandstand all surveys with sifting and pagination and so on...

the main part about an ecommerce experience begins with the truck which we have done an excellent work on, the items added will be shown and, surprisingly, the rationale behind it is noteworthy and furthermore the truck gets refreshed everytime to ensure the items are as yet accessible and the costs depend on date,also you can change qty and erase an item and u should choose the items you want to checkout with and the complete will be determined and furthermore adding the shippingFees to the count.

leaping to the checkout page where you can see a rundown of your truck the addresses you have where you can choose the location you want to go on with and even add your own addresses and simply a side note each form we have in this build is approved by formik and yup to ensure any information you type is completely approved. you can pick an installment strategy and we likewise give you the choice to involve a coupon for a markdown on your request.

furthermore, in the wake of putting in the request the request gets made and presently you can pay utilizing three different ways yes three we work on paypal installment which permits you to pay with paypal equilibrium and even Visas and furthermore we added a strpe entryway so you can pay with you charge card straightforwardly and furthermore we have the choice to pay cash on delievery.

presently still such a lot of energizing highlights I need to go through and I want to begin with the peruse page cuz its is totally magnificent and simply wonderful you have your items shown and you can look for items and you can channel through them utilizing all sort of channels together u can pick the classification brands sizes colors styles and combine everything as one and adding estimating channels rating channels and on top of that you can sort in all kinds of ways and that is not the finish of it we include the pagination along with the remaining blend to ensure it arrives at flawlessness I dont figure you can show improvement over this.

what's more, after all of this I just want to casualy enlighten u regarding the area locator so we will actually want to distinguish which country the client is getting to our website from and get all informations required and you can involve those data sets for your benefit to show certain and furthermore conceal specific items from a client from a specific district as large websites do. haphazardly likewise I can see you we added a pamphlet framework associated with mailchimp programming interface where we can accumulate all messages registerd in the bulletin and you can send limited time messages to all of m on the double.

okey prior to proceeding with I likewise want to discuss our authentification framework utilizing next auth which can be truly difficult to tweak contingent upon your requirements yet I will let you know that our authentification page has stringently approved forms and we permit you to enroll and we even send you an email after for confirmation and actuating your record and we will make custom messages for enactment failing to remember secret phrase etc..and m demonstrating how to make these great custom messages.

presently we come to the login cycle so we will use next auth suppliers to log you in utilizing accreditations and furthermore friendly login like google twitter github and even aith0 and all meetings will be taken care of with next auth and we additionally going to utilize server side middlwares to safeguard each course utilizing next auth itself not failing to remember the capacity to reset your secret key too.

not going to disregard our landing page with its delightful plan and swipers all arround and, surprisingly, custom parts that have a commencement for streak arrangements and I added it in light of the fact that ive seen it a ton so I needed to make it happen.

what's more, prior to leaping to the administrator dashboard I want to discuss the profile page where you can redo your profile,go through your orders with all their different status and you can likewise deal with your addresses and add and eliminate and in any event, picking a default installment strategy and, surprisingly, the capacity to change your secret phrase.

furthermore, presently we come to the administrator dashboard which in itself ought to be a seperate course yet I needed to give you all you want in one course,

so lets discuss it its a very much planned dashboard with beatiful varieties and noteworthy usefulness ofc.

the principal page has a concise information of details and late orders and clients whch isn't excessively noteworthy however lets discuss the make item page first so you will actually want to make an item with every one of the rudiments you really want and more from pictures that will be transferred to cloudinary so cloudinary is our cloud administration then you can remove tones from those pictures to pick the fundamental shade of that item close by the style, and you can likewise pick a class and all the subcategories the item has a place to,also you can choose if an item has a size then u can add the qty and the cost of that size you can likewise add custom informations about the item to make each item subtleties and depiction extremely interesting whic likewise another methodology same thing goes for questions, additionally if the prduct has a place with a current item you can pick it and it will fill all informations aside from the remarkable ones that connected with that item just and afterward essentially we update the current item and add the subproduct to it, we likewise can oversee classifications and subcategories with the abilty to rundown and update a classification or subcategory with the choice to erase same goes for coupons where we can add a coupon with a beginning date and a closure date that implies we will deal with dates which in every case great to become familiar with.

presently we come to orders who are shown in shrewd manner where you can see the fundamental data sets then, at that point, grow to see first the client data sets and the delivery informations then under that we can see the request in subtleties so you know exacly which item we need to send and the genuine qty and style and so on...

we have additionally a page for clients where we can see every one of the clients and mange em.also we have a page for all items where we can see each of the items gathered showing various styles and subproducts for that items and you alter or erase or make an item in the glimmer bargains or doing anything you like cuz in this course you will actually want to makes an ewesome propject and yet your abilities will simply get waaay better and you will become familiar with extremely muddled enormous tasks and you will gain proficiency with the archeticture of a venture and how you coordinate it and how to be proficient learn clean code.

very nearly 50 hours of content can be extended with 220+ recordings for how much satisfied you gain admittance to this is an easy decision course so come go along with us and come out better as an engineer.

Who this course is for:

  • react js developers
  • next js developers
  • Fledgling web engineer
  • Junior web engineer
  • React js engineer
  • Hub js engineer
  • web engineer
  • next js engineer


Mohamed Hajji

Full Stack web engineer

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I am Mohamed HAJJI, I'm a full stack web designer and a decent one obviously, I have extraordinary information in the web improvement field in both frontend and backend ,I have fabricated endless applications utilizing a wide range of innovations, and my work here is to take all that I know and attempt and offer it with all my kindred engineers from all levels particularly for new engineers.

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