Build Web Apps with React & Firebase
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Apr 18, 2023

Build Web Apps with React & Firebase

Learn React from scratch and build dynamic websites with Firebase. Master React components, state management, authentication, and more. Get hands-on practice with React Hooks and create 4 full projects. Integrate Firebase backend services for real-time database and file uploads. Taught by a highly-rated instructor with extensive experience in web development.


What you'll Learn

Figure out how to make current and dynamic React websites starting from the earliest stage

Find out about Components, Props, Hooks, Context, State, Reducers and the React Router

Figure out how to execute a database, authentication and file uploads with React and Firebase

Make and send completely fledged user-based React websites



Essential information on JavaScript, HTML and CSS


React is a gigantically famous front-end library and React designers are consistently in hight request in the web dev work market. In this course you'll figure out how to utilize React starting from the earliest stage to make dynamic and intelligent websites, and when you finish you'll be well-positioned to prevail in a task as a React designer. You'll likewise have 4 full React projects added to your repertoire as well, which you can redo and use in your portfolio!

All through the course you'll realize precisely exact thing React is and why it's such a famous decision to make intuitive and dynamic websites. You'll figure out how to set up a React website without any preparation, how to make React components, how to utilize state to oversee part information and how to function with intuitive occasions like snap occasions and structure entries.

You'll likewise get active practice with the React Router (which is utilized in React to make website with "numerous pages") and you'll perceive how these are really known as Single Page Applications (or SPA's for short).

We'll plunge into React Hooks like useState, useEffect, useParams and useHistory and use them to assist us with making 4 full React projects without any preparation - a memory game, a recipe website, a money tracker and a task the board application.

You'll likewise gain proficiency with some more avanced points, for example, the React Context Programming interface to deal with worldwide state and reducers (counting the useReducer snare) to assist with overseeing more mind boggling state.

Whenever you've dominated React, we'll take our websites to a higher level by integrating them with Firebase - a backend as a help. You'll figure out how to add administrations like an ongoing database and authentication into your React destinations as well as how to permit end-users to transfer files from their PCs with the assistance of Firebase Stockpiling. At last, I'll show you how to build and convey your React locales to the web utilizing Firebase Facilitating.

Toward the end of the course you'll have a strong comprehension of React and have the option to prepare your own creation websites!

Who this course is for:

  • Novice engineers needing to become familiar with a front-end framework like React
  • Fledgling React designers needing to additional their React abilities and information
  • Moderate and progressed React engineers needing to figure out how to coordinate back-end administrations like authentication and databases
  • Designers who have utilized different frameworks (like Vue) and need to change to React



The Net Ninja (Shaun Pelling)

Web based Coding Guide and Net Ninja

  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 21,933 Reviews
  • 82,356 Understudies
  • 4 Courses

A Little About Me...

Hello group, my name's Shaun and since a youthful age I've had a fixation for almost anything tech-related. I've been coding since about the age of 15 (a big part of my life, now...phew!) and function as a full-stack web engineer and online instructor.

I likewise run a notable advancement instructional exercise YouTube channel called The Net Ninja with almost 1 million supporters. So go ahead and peruse a portion of my most recent free instructional exercises on there if you have any desire to look at my showing style :).

My specialities mostly float around one focal language (and my most memorable love) - JavaScript. I've been modifying with it for close to 12 years and - likewise with any drawn out relationship - have had the delight of considering being great as it's lovely side is terrible side. So I know the traps to stay away from while utilizing it, and pass these on when fitting in my instructional exercises.

As well as educating, I've likewise assisted with making numerous exceptionally famous, UK-based eCommerce websites, as well as a lot of more modest, independent websites too.

Different dialects and advances I use and educate are - Node.js, Vue, React, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML and CSS.


4.8 course rating 3K reviews

Lucas costa Lima F.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a week prior


Astonishing react course from the very fundamentals to the high level stuff. This was my most memorable contact with the Net Ninja instructor and I wish he had courses for each innovation that is out there, since it is truly spetacular the manner in which he educates!


Karma S.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 weeks prior


Best instructor I've at any point met. The least complex way from "invalid" to "justifiable". Much appreciated



Rating: 5.0 out of 53 weeks prior


It was a decent talk to contribute about a week and make another expression point.



Simone P.

Rating: 4.5 out of 53 weeks prior


I like the activities in the course and the clarifications are astounding. I would change to 5 stars if the parts on Firebase and React Router are refreshed.


Useful links:

  1. React official documentation:
  2. Firebase official documentation:
  3. The Net Ninja YouTube channel:

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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