The Complete Flutter Course Bundle (CodeWithAndrea)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 03, 2023

The Complete Flutter Course Bundle (CodeWithAndrea)

Learn about State Management, App Architecture, Navigation, Testing, and much more by building a full-stack Flutter eCommerce app on iOS, Android, and web with this comprehensive Flutter course bundle that covers advanced topics such as Firebase, Data Modeling, Stripe Integration, Algolia, Flavors, and much more. Get in-depth knowledge about Flutter and Firebase and become an expert in Flutter development. Join now and develop your skills with automated tests, best practices, and advanced real-world solutions.


What's inside

  • I'm making a broad Flutter curriculum made of 3 courses, covering many advanced themes that you'll have to make full-stack apps with Flutter and Firebase:
  • FLUTTER Establishments
  • App Architecture
  • State Management with Riverpod
  • Navigation with GoRouter
  • Automated Testing
  • Error Dealing with
  • Code Age with Freezed
  • Purchase Now
  • Firebase Validation
  • Data Modeling with Firestore
  • Firebase Local Emulator
  • Cloud Functions with TypeScript
  • Stripe Integration
  • Search with Algolia
  • Find out More
  • Flavors and Environments
  • Error Reporting with Sentry
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions and Fastlane
  • Deploy to the App Stores

Join the Shortlist

Andrea's Flutter content is astounding - it's one of only a handful of exceptional assets I reliably reference for advanced real-world solutions.

He obviously places an enormous measure of care and thought into each instructional exercise. Strongly suggested!

Jeff Delaney (Fireship)

Find out MORE

Course Outline

Getting everything rolling with Flutter is adequately simple.

When you are familiar the main gadgets, you can begin building apps and add highlights.

Be that as it may, except if you have a vigorous architecture set up, you'll before long run into issues and begin scrutinizing your decisions:

This gadget does an excessive lot, however where should this rationale go?

I have bugs! How would I fix them and keep new ones from appearing?

I realize I ought to compose tests for this code, yet I don't have the foggiest idea how. Help!

Perhaps I ought to simply erase all that and begin once more! Be that as it may, how might I get it right sometime later?

I know how you feel. I've been there myself.

Presently, envision...

Having good expectations about how to structure your code

Knowing how to compose automated tests for practically any case you can imagine

Having a repeatable interaction for adding new highlights, dependably

Becoming OK with the whole app improvement lifecycle, from intending to execution to organization

Sounds great, isn't that so?

To assist you with arriving, I'll direct you through the most common way of building a real-world eCommerce app in Flutter. What's more, I'll make sense of my thinking and decision-production from the start.

You could squander hours or days attempting to get a handle on everything for certain irregular instructional exercises.

Or on the other hand you can learn with the procedures and best practices I learned through long stretches of involvement, all refined into a very much organized curriculum that blows away what you can find on YouTube or Udemy.

Cherished the course and received a ton in return.

Especially appreciated how Andrea doesn't simply show you the "right way" to get things done all along. He shows normal errors and entanglements and how to get around them, and in the long run end up at the "right way" with a superior comprehension of how to arrive in your own tasks in fact.

The course likewise has a good arrangement of code-alongs for pertinent partitions and furnishes you with refreshed project documents all through, so you don't need to go through hours physically going through each and every line of the venture.


Flutter Establishments Course

It very well may be my past involvement recorded as a hard copy code however DART made sense of by Andrea was smooth.

I never really comprehended OOP and I battled around there until I watched this course. I ensured I attempted and finished each exercise despite the fact that it took me days.

Brilliant course. Brilliant Educator, well proficient and clever. Would absolutely suggest.

Wilfried Majaliwa

The Total Dart Engineer Guide

Andrea is the best! I love his energy and excitement and devotion to educating.

He thinks often profoundly about programming and offering his insight and experience to his understudies.

Straight to the point Giordano

Andrea's showing style is marvelous.

I have been building Flutter apps for near 3 years, I actually track down a great deal of helpful and new material with his courses and articles.

Santos Enoque

Andrea has the absolute greatest online courses I have seen. He doesn't bypass the issues of improvement or best practices that such countless different courses do.

You can adjust what you gain from his courses, directly into real-world applications!

Justin Borgers

Exceptional content, pedantic educator, great help local area on Slack, extra assets, instructional exercises and discretionary recordings with the most recent advances in Flutter.

Concise and direct forthright, with countless graphs. A gigantic measure of work to improve on our learning.

Fabian Sosa Escalada

Everything's reasonable. I really love the manner in which you make sense of, concise yet totally reasonable. Not a solitary detail is missed on any point that is covered, and assuming this is the case, you generally pass on references to really helpful articles.

Most likely that any individual who take this course will wind up with complete areas of strength for and skills.

Joshua Alvarado

Flutter Establishments Course

I have spent the end of the week on this example. It was an extraordinary time speculation to watch the examples, follow the connections, and do the recommended schoolwork.

In spite of the fact that I've been working with Flutter for close to 12 months and have taken a few different courses, I feel like my skills have advanced further and quicker this end of the week than at some other point in the previous year. Much obliged to you!

Steve Balow

Flutter Establishments Course

A Super terrifying for this course and the others that you will deliver later in the year.

Its simply such a lot of enjoyable to see a new thing from my #1 Master (instructor) and the anticipation of its delivery is not really good or bad exciting.

Simply taking a gander at the curriculum, it shows how much exertion and thought you have placed into fostering this.

Much thanks to you by and by, as I start this new excursion.

Vicky Bhavnagri

Flutter Establishments Course

I've been creating for over 10 years, especially utilizing web innovations, and I went through this course like a breeze.

I was dazzled by Andrea's reactivity and nature of help on the course Q/An and on Slack.

I will be following his code architecture proposition proceeding with my group on our Flutter projects.

Adrien Lemaire

Flutter Establishments Course


A Total Flutter Curriculum

I'm making a broad curriculum made of various courses, covering many advanced subjects that you'll require as an expert Flutter designer.

Since all the Flutter establishments around app architecture, state management, and testing are so significant, I'll cover them first as an independent course.

Then, at that point, I will deliver a subsequent course about Firebase, covering all that you really want to fabricate full-stack apps with Flutter and Firebase, complete with backend integration utilizing Cloud Functions and outsider integrations like Stripe and Algolia.

Lastly, I'll distribute a top to bottom course about involving Flutter in production. This will tell you the best way to arrangement CI/CD work processes with GitHub Actions and Fastlane, as well as how to send your apps to find out about Play and the App Store.

In making these courses, I'll get north of 10 years of involvement portable app improvement, go through endless hours exploring, learning, and exploring different avenues regarding various procedures, and consolidate everything into an exhaustive curriculum.

Flutter Establishments

State management, app architecture, navigation, testing, error taking care of and considerably more

Firebase Backend

Verification, Firestore, Stockpiling, Cloud Functions, Stripe installments, Search with Algolia

Flutter in Production

CI/CD with GitHub Actions, Fastlane, Error Reporting, Arrangement to find out about Play and App Store


Flutter Establishments

Over 14h of Video

Extra Articles

Full Source Code

Premium Help


Introduction and Undertaking Outline



Navigation with GoRouter



App Architecture



State Management with Riverpod (Part I)



State Management with Riverpod (Part II)



Automated Testing (Part I)



Automated Testing (Part II)



Highlight: Shopping basket (with local data determination)



Highlight: Checkout Streams



Error Taking care of



Highlight: Item Surveys



Highlight: Item Search



New Riverpod 2.0 APIs and Riverpod Generator


We'll cover the subjects above in extraordinary profundity, with a decent blend of hypothesis and practice. I will make sense of significant ideas with clear outlines, and incorporate exercises to assist you with applying what you realize.

En route, we'll construct an eCommerce app with elements like an item postings, search usefulness, shopping basket, checkout, and so forth.

You'll likewise approach a Leeway channel where you can seek clarification on pressing issues and get help straightforwardly from me.

Useful links:

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Complete Flutter Course ❤️
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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