Complete Game Development Series 01 - C# Fundamentals
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

Complete Game Development Series 01 - C# Fundamentals

Start your game development journey with C# in the Complete Game Development Series 01. Learn the fundamentals of programming, essential C# concepts, and effective programming patterns. Gain the skills to jump into game development with Unity and create general-purpose applications. This course is ideal for beginners, programmers looking for a C# refresher, and Unity developers seeking to consolidate their C# knowledge.


What you'll learn

  • C# Programming Language.
  • Fundamentals of Programming.
  • Grasp important programming concepts like Functional Programming and OOP
  • Ready to Jump to Game Development with Unity.
  • Ready to Apply Effective Programming Patterns.
  • Create General Purpose Applications.


No programming experience needed, all that will be educated all along.


This course is the main portion of the Complete Game Development Series and is dedicated to helping beginners find a workable pace with coding and game development. The course covers all fundamentals of C#, the basics of programming, good coding practices, and many advanced language highlights.

Basic programming concepts like variables, Operators, Containers, Flow Control, Inputs, and Functional Programming are totally explained and practiced. Object-Oriented Programming concepts like Classes, Constructors, Destructors, Protection Levels, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and struct are demonstrated in depth. Advanced topics like Interfaces, Delegates, Generics, Enumerable, and Data Structures are additionally covered to guarantee the student has deep knowledge of the inward working of the facilities of C# and are equipped to begin jumping into game development with confidence.

The course includes different challenges and text-based game projects to explain general programming patterns. Projects are often created first and refactored when new concepts are introduced, helping students see the application and significance of each and every language include, and are encouraged to apply these concepts further. Good programming practices are additionally constantly being introduced and applied to consolidate the student's coding skills.

Subsequent to taking the course, students leave with a deep understanding of C# and programming, and solid coding skills.

Who this course is for:

Beginner who need to jump into game development however have no experience in programming.

Beginner who needs to begin getting the hang of programming in general.

Programmers from different languages who need a crash course of C#.

Unity Developers who what to consolidate their C# knowledge.



Jingtian Li

Game Wizard

  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 50 Reviews
  • 417 Students
  • 3 Courses

Jingtian Li is an Associate Professor of game development. He is specialized in 3D content creation (modeling, texturing, rigging) and programming(C/C++, C#, Python). He has an Expert degree of computer graphics, and has published many books and articles about game development, as a balanced generalist, Jingtian can take on many positions, and is familiar with Unreal Engine, Unity, Maya, Blender, Substance P/D, Houdini, he is dedicated in teaching students and professionals with new techniques and devices to create engaging games and animation.

4.5 course rating 16 reviews

Simon S.

Rating: 2.0 out of 5 a month prior


He gets into intricate speeches about everything before he offers something like, "yet don't stress over it, we'll get to it later," or "yet you don't actually need to be familiar with that." He additionally specifies Unreal Engine, yet I this example to learn Unity which is what the program is sold as.


Henry I.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a month prior


This was a good course for an update on some C# skills.The course was not difficult to follow. I will be beginning the Complete Game Development Series 02 - Unity Boundless Sprinter.


Muhammad Iqbal K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 2 months prior


no issues up until now


Brandon A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 2 months prior


Extremely nice introduction video. Simple to follow and understandHelpful?

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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