Complete Next.js Developer in 2023 (ZeroToMastery)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 06, 2023

Complete Next.js Developer in 2023 (ZeroToMastery)

Advance Next JS from industry specialists utilizing current prescribed procedures. The main Next JS tutorial + projects course you really want to learn Next JS, build enterprise-level React applications (like a Netlifx clone!) without any preparation and get employed as a Next.js Developer in 2023. Go from Zero To Next.js Dominance.


Course outline

Utilizing the most recent Next.js highlights for 2023, we promise you this is the most thorough internet based course on Next.js and React. You will learn Next.js by building certifiable projects (counting a gigantic Netflix clone application) bit by bit alongside senior industry experts.



  •  Build Genuine enterprise-level NextJS applications and send them to creation
  •  Gain proficiency with the most recent highlights and apparatuses in the NextJS environment including: SWR (React Snares), Hasura, Serverless Functions, Vercel, Framer Motion + more
  •  Involving GraphQL as a NextJS Developer
  •  Set up authentication and user accounts (counting secret phrase less login!)
  •  Find out about SEO and how to utilize NextJS to have your applications rank on Google
  •  Figure out how to lead Next JS projects by settling on great engineering choices and helping other people in your group
  •  Figure out how to build reactive, performant, enormous scope applications like a Senior Developer
  •  Learn different rendering strategies: static site generation, server side rendering, incremental static regeneration, hydration, and so on.
  •  Turn into a top 10% NextJS Developer
  •  Utilize Airtable (which is detonating in ubiquity) to build full-stack applications
  •  Ace the most recent biological system of a NextJS Developer without any preparation
  •  Utilizing the most recent ES6/ES7/ES8/ES9/ES10/ES2020/ES2021 JavaScript to compose clean code
  • This Next.js course is centered around efficiency. So you never need to squander your energy on confounding, obsolete, fragmented tutorials any longer.
  • All things being equal, we'll push you past the rudiments so you can build present day, enterprise-level apps utilizing the most recent variant of Next.js.


Furthermore, you'll learn Next.js following in some admirable people's footsteps.

By selecting today, you'll likewise get to join our elite live internet based local area homeroom to advance alongside huge number of understudies, graduated class, tutors, TAs and Teachers.

Dynamic. Flourishing. Strong. Accommodating. Amicable. Persuading. Fundamental.

These are only a couple of the words understudies use to portray the ZTM Discord which is likewise one of the greatest and most dynamic developer networks on Discord.

Above all, you will gain from industry experts (Ankita and Andrei) that have genuine certifiable experience involving Next.js as Senior Specialists working for top organizations in both Silicon Valley and Toronto. Ankita is likewise an ordinary speaker and instructor at major Next.js and React meetings.

This project-based course will acquaint you with the cutting edge toolchain of a Next.js developer in 2023.

En route, you will build a gigantic Netflix Clone application utilizing React Snares, Hasura (GraphQL), Setting Programming interface, Airtable, Serverless Functions, Framer Motion, Vercel + more.

This is a full-stack app not at all like what you will find in many Next.js tutorials on the web!

Everything code is given bit by bit so regardless of whether you like to code along, you will gain admittance to the full expert project code (update... building Netflix!) to add to your portfolio.

This is the very thing the course will cover to take you from Zero to Next.js Authority

The curriculum is extremely involved as we walk you beginning to end of delivering an expert Next.js project as far as possible into creation.

We start all along by showing you Next.js basics.

In any case, we don't stop there, we'll then plunge into cutting edge themes so you can use sound judgment on design and apparatuses for any of your future NextJS projects.

Here is a brief glance at every one of the points you'll learn:

  • 1. Next.js Essentials
  • We'll look at Next.js versus React and find out about the advantages that Next.js offers. You will comprehend the reason why Next.js has acquired such a lot of notoriety and what JAM Stack is about. This part will build the establishment you really want until the end of the course.
  • 2. Build your most memorable Next.js app | Coffee Connoisseur Project
  • You will assemble your most memorable project immediately. The objective of this project is to show you the basics of Next.js. This segment centers around setting up the project, showing essentials, for example, CSS modules, quick revive, how the project is set up, and so on.
  • 3. Steering with Next.js | Coffee Connoisseur
  • You will learn everything about directing, for example, dynamic routes, index routes, named routes, and link component.
  • 4. Styling in Next.js | Coffee Connoisseur
  • This segment will show you how to style your applications utilizing css modules, separate components styles, and global styles.
  • 5. Hydration, SEO and Different Rendering Methods in Next.js
  • One of the main areas of the course. The segment will show you what SEO is, the way Next.js assists with SEO, what the different rendering methods are, for example, static site generation, server-side rendering, incremental static regeneration (and how they are unique), client-side rendering, and what is hydration.
  • 6. Static Coffee Store Pages | Coffee Connoisseur
  • You will find out about static rendering exhaustively and how to pick what to statically render. You will make Programming interface solicitations to Foursquare and rendering those utilizing SSG.
  • 7. Coffee stores by Location | Coffee Connoisseur
  • Next.js permits you to utilize various backup plans when you decide to statically render. This segment will discuss that inside and out. You will likewise figure out how to recover users location and utilize the Setting Programming interface.
  • 8. Serverless functions | Coffee Connoisseur
  • What are serverless functions? For what reason do we utilize them and when? You will make serverless functions for recovering static coffee stores.
  • 9. Store Coffee Store Information utilizing Airtable | Coffee Connoisseur
  • You will find out about information base capacity utilizing Airtable. We will store the coffee store information in Airtable and will learn client-side rendering here.
  • 10. SWR with Client Side Rendering | Coffee Connoisseur
  • What is SWR? When to utilize it? We will involve the Next.js library for SWR, and utilizing SWR and client-side rendering in this part.
  • 11. Sending and Build Streamlining | Coffee Connoisseur
  • Convey your app to Vercel as well as Netlify. You will realize what the different cloud suppliers are and the way that Vercel is unique, what is Beacon, and how to work on our exhibition in Next.js.
  • 12. Project Arrangement | Building Netflix with Next.js Project
  • This is a major one! You will begin to set up for the significant project. This part is tied in with setting up our Netflix project.
  • 13. Netflix Landing page and Video | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • You will build the landing page and use server-side rendering. You will figure out how to server render content and how to conjure the YouTube Programming interface to get a rundown of recordings and show them on the landing page. The card component is mind boggling in Netflix so you will likewise get familiar with a framer motion to build the card component.
  • 14. Authentication with Sorcery | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • How does Auth function in Next.js? We will utilize passwordless login in Next and building the login page with legitimate authentication and approval.
  • 15. Incremental Static Regeneration | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • Show the recordings on the landing page and use ISR to build the modular as a page. You will dive more deeply into incremental static generation to build this modular.
  • 16. Hasura GraphQL | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • You will realize what is GraphQL, Hasura, and how Hasura design seems to be. We will set up the project with the Hasura climate.
  • 17. Authentication with Hasura | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • You will figure out how auth stream design functions and acquaint server side SDK with log the user in.
  • 18. Appraisals Administration and Favourited Recordings Page | Building Netflix with Next.js
  • You will arrangement Hasura for evaluations administration, make an appraisals Programming interface to like and abhorrence recordings, and build the my rundown page to show a rundown of favorited recordings.
  • 19. Sending to Creation | Netflix with Next.js
  • Make the last GitHub repo, set-up the repo, lastly send to Vercel!
  • 20. Appendix: Prologue to React
  • A discretionary segment for those that need an introduction on React.js and React Snares to prepare you to capitalize on this course.

What's the most amazing aspect?

This course will be continually developing and refreshing as the scene changes.

Similarly as the NextJS biological system advances, this course will likewise continually develop and be refreshed with new talks and assets for you.

So you can return to this course whenever you need to survey the most recent NextJS best practices.

What's the main concern?

This course isn't tied in with making you simply code along without understanding the standards so that when you are finished with the course you don't have the foggiest idea what to do other than watch another tutorial... No!

This course will push you and challenge you to go from an outright amateur in Next.js to somebody that is in the top 10% of Next.js and React developers 💪.

How would we be aware?

Since large number of Zero To Dominance graduates have gotten employed and are currently working at organizations like Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook, Shopify + other top tech organizations.

They come from various foundations, ages, and encounters. Many even begun as complete novices.

So there's no great explanation it can't be you as well.

What's more, you should go for broke. Since you can begin learning at present and on the off chance that this course isn't all that you expected, we'll discount you 100 percent in 30 days or less. No problems and no inquiries posed.


What you'll build

The most effective way you learn is by doing. Not simply watching vast tutorials. That is the reason a vital piece of this course is this present reality projects that you'll get to build. Additionally they'll look perfect on your portfolio.


Coffee Connoisseur

You will find out about static rendering exhaustively and how to pick what to statically render. You will make Programming interface solicitations to Foursquare and render those involving SSG for this project.



Netflix Clone application utilizing React hooks, Hasura 

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