Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2023: UI/UX, Figma + more ( ZTM )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 13, 2022

Complete Web & Mobile Designer in 2023: UI/UX, Figma + more ( ZTM )


  •  Build beautifully designed web and mobile projects for your customers using modern tools used by top companies in 2023
  •  Immediate access to 100+ assets and premium design templates that you can keep and use to customize all your future projects
  •  Learn Figma from scratch for all types of design needs and then how to convert your designs into a live HTML and CSS website
  •  Master both Web design and Mobile design principles and how to go from sketching to fully-fledged high fidelity designs that will wow customers
  •  Learn design best practices and expert tips & tricks that would take you years to learn working full-time
  •  Learn UI/UX best practices using the latest trends in the industry

Why Zero To Mastery is ideal for you

With so many internet based assets accessible, it very well may be incapacitating sorting out where to begin as well as more significantly which courses will really show you the abilities you want to get recruited.

That is the reason the Zero To Mastery Academy exists, to give industry-driving courses and content to show you the important abilities you want to propel your profession and get you employed at a portion of the top organizations on the planet.

Course Details

We promise you that this is the best web-based plan course and plan bootcamp that you can find assuming you need to go from an outright novice with zero plan information to getting employed as a website specialist making $100,000+.

Alumni of Zero To Mastery courses are presently working at Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, IBM, JP Morgan, Facebook + other top tech organizations. This could be you.

By selecting today, you'll likewise get to join our restrictive live internet based local area homeroom to learn close by large number of understudies, graduated class, tutors, TAs and Instructors. Above all, you will take in web and versatile plan from industry specialists that have genuine certifiable experience having worked for top organizations in both Silicon Valley and Toronto.

Reward: You'll likewise get moment admittance to 100+ resources and premium plan formats that you can keep and use to redo all your future tasks.

This Zero To Mastery design course is very hands-on. This course focuses on efficiently getting you from being a complete beginner to a point where you can get hired or win freelance contracts.

You will learn:

  • The principles and fundamentals of graphic design
  • The latest best practices in Web Design and Mobile Design
  • User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX) fundamentals and best practices
  • How to create your own beautiful, professional designs (not just watch us!) using the most in-demand, modern design tools and best practices for 2023
  • The skills to convert your designs into actual websites or apps using HTML and CSS

En route, you will go through the full plan cycle and plan a genuine item for an organization that you will actually want to add to your portfolio. We basically cover it all with the goal that whenever you are accountable for planning an item, you have the bit by bit blueprint and guide you'll require.

The points shrouded in this plan course are (we let you know this best, most exhaustive plan course online)...

Here are the many topics you'll learn in this Design Bootcamp

We told you this is the best, most comprehensive design course online. So let's prove it by taking a look at everything you're going to learn.

0. Web & Mobile Design Principles & Design vs Web Development

1. GETTING STARTED – Sketching, Inspiration + Structure

  1. Sketching

    • Intro to sketching
    • Sketching UX flows
    • Sketching tips
  2. Inspiration

    • How to stay inspired
    • How to find design inspiration online
  3. User Flows

    • What are user flows?
    • The do’s and don’ts
    • Speeding up your workflow with components
    • Creating your own user flows: Registration (Part 1)
    • Creating your own user flows: Search (Part 2)
    • Creating your own user flows: Checkout (Part 3)
  4. Sitemaps

    • An intro to sitemaps
    • Creating a basic sitemap
    • What you should be doing before you start
    • Creating a sitemap (Part 1)
    • Creating a sitemap (Part 2)
    • Tips for getting started

2. EXPLORE AND ITERATE – Wireframes, Prototyping and Feedback

  1. Wireframes

    • What is a wireframe?
    • How do I create a wireframe?
    • Speeding up your workflow in Figma
    • Creating a home page
    • Creating a product page
    • Creating a checkout page
  2. Prototyping using Figma

    • Prototyping basics in Figma: Device + Triggers
    • Prototyping basics in Figma: Actions
    • Prototyping basics in Figma: Overflow
    • Prototyping basics in Figma: Presentation + Collaboration
    • Linking together a quick user flow in Figma
    • Working on small interactions with Figma
  3. Getting feedback on your designs

    • Why is feedback so important?
    • How to get constructive design feedback

3. VISUAL DESIGN – Design Theory & Accessibility

  1. Grids + Spacing

    • Spacing and Grid Basics
    • Responsive Grids in Figma
    • Creating your own grid in Figma
    • The rules of the grid
  2. Typography

    • Typography basics (Part 1)
    • Matching typefaces to an era
    • Typography basics (Part 2)
    • Selecting the right typeface
    • Typography basics (Part 3)
    • Picking a typeface
    • Does your typeface suit your scenario?
    • Expanding an existing type system
    • Choosing typefaces in Google Fonts
    • Narrowing down your typography choices
    • Creating a type system in Figma
  3. Color

    • Color schemes
    • Important questions to ask before picking colors
    • Helpful tips for creating color palettes
    • Creating a monochromatic color palette
    • Applying your simple color palette
    • Expanding a strict color palette
    • Creating your own color palette
  4. Forms + UI Elements

    • What are UI Elements?
    • Best Practices Part 1: Forms
    • Best Practices Part 2: Inputs (Part 1)
    • Best Practices Part 2: Inputs (Part 2)
    • Best Practices Part 2: Inputs (Part 3)
    • Best Practices Part 2: Inputs (Part 4)
    • Best Practices Part 3: Buttons
    • How to create components in Figma
    • Using atomic elements in Figma
    • Using Instances in Figma
    • Editing instances to create new components
    • Using constraints to create responsive components
    • Creating a registration form in Figma
  5. Imagery + Iconography

    • Resources and techniques to create great visual assets
    • Working with photos in Figma (Part 1)
    • Working with photos in Figma (Part 2)
    • Working with illustrations in Figma
    • Using Figma plugins to find Icons quickly
    • Creating your very own custom icons
  6. Accessibility

    • What is accessibility?
    • Assistive technologies
    • Visual patterns for accessibility (Part 1)
    • Tools to make your design accessible
    • Visual patterns for accessibility (Part 2)

4. DESIGN EXPLORATION – Application Design & Design Systems

  1. Design Patterns

    • What are design patterns?
    • Why are design patterns valuable?
    • How to apply design patterns
    • Analyzing design patterns together
    • Dissecting and choosing design patterns together
  2. Mobile Design

    • Mobile design best practices (Part 1)
    • Mobile design best practices (Part 2)
  3. Applying Visual Design

    • Design Fidelity
    • Style Exploration (Navigation)
    • Style Exploration (Cards)
    • Style Exploration (Interests)
    • Style Exploration (New Elements)
  4. Motion Design Basics (you'll also get access to Daniel's full Motion Design course)

    • The importance of motion
    • The purpose of motion
    • Intro to Figma Smart Animate
    • Showcasing the power of Figma Smart Animate
  5. Microinteractions

    • What are microinteractions?
    • Why are microinteractions so important?
    • Creating your own microinteractions (Part 1)
    • Creating your own microinteractions (Part 2)
    • Using Figmotion (Part 1)
    • Using Figmotion (Part 2)

5. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER – Using our Design System and Hi-Fi prototyping with Figma

  1. Design Systems

    • What is a design system?
    • Foundation (Color)
    • Foundation (Grids and Spacing)
    • Foundation (Typography)
    • Foundation (Iconography)
    • Components (Buttons)
    • Components (Inputs)
    • Components (Cards)
    • Recipes (Card Layouts)
    • Recipes (Search)
    • Recipes (Orders)
  2. Final Compositions

    • Using our design system (Search)
    • Using our design system (Product Description)
    • Using our design system (Cart)
    • Using our design system (Checkout)
  3. Working with Developers

    • Why is handoff so important?
    • Collaboration in Figma

6. FROM FIGMA TO WEBSITE (take a Figma design and convert it to a live website using HTML and CSS)


8. CSS + CSS3 - CSS basics, CSS Grid, Flexbox, CSS Animations


This course isn't tied in with making you simply watch along without understanding the standards so when you are finished with the course you don't have the foggiest idea what to do other than watch another instructional exercise. No! This course will push you and challenge you to go from a flat out fledgling to somebody that is a top architect that can get recruited by elite organizations and permit you to charge huge load of cash for your time!

Configuration is an important ability that doesn't get obsolete effectively like numerous specialized abilities. Patterns change, yet the abilities and basics you master in this course will take you numerous years into what's to come.

When is the best an ideal opportunity to start? It's today! By venturing out the present moment, you are that a lot nearer to fostering the abilities that will draw you recruited and nearer to your fantasy profession.

Click Start Learning Now and we'll see you inside the course!

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