Create a Complete 2D Survivors Style Game in Godot 4C
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jun 25, 2023

Create a Complete 2D Survivors Style Game in Godot 4C

Learn how to create a complete 2D arena survival roguelike game from start to finish in Godot engine 4!


What you'll learn

  • Arena survival roguelike mechanics - auto attacking abilities, adversary hordes, experience drops, and roguelike upgrades
  • Godot engine fundamentals - scene composition utilizing different nodes, scripting, custom user signals, and more
  • Animations - utilizing squash and stretch to make static sprites pop and give life to your games
  • UI - containers for layout and sizing, apply theme styling utilizing textures and nine-patch, and utilization of different other control nodes
  • Publishing - build the complete game for Windows, Linux, Web, Mac, and update executable icons
  • Saving loading - save and burden permanent player progression data



Some programming experience


This course will cover all that you really want to be aware of making a small 2D arena survival roguelike game from start to finish in the Godot Engine 4. This course covers numerous parts of making a survivors style game including:

Auto-attacking abilities

Hordes of enemies that expansion in trouble after some time

Roguelike ability and player upgrades

Permanent progression with saving and loading

Stepping up by collecting experience dropped from enemies

This rundown isn't thorough - if it's not too much trouble, see the course outline for a brief look into the topics that are covered.

The objective of this course is to tell you the best way to take an unfilled venture and transform it into a small, complete game. In doing as such, this course will give you a powerful openness to numerous parts of the Godot engine from input handling, to tilemaps, to saving and loading data, to audio, and more. When you complete this course, you will feel happy with chipping away at your own undertakings in Godot 4. You will leave this course with a strong essential understanding of making games that are utilitarian as well as tomfoolery.

This course will help you incredibly if:

You are prepared to plunge into a crash course for the recently delivered Godot 4

You have a game development knowledge and need to learn Godot 4

You make them programme knowledge and need to make games

You struggle to complete games and need to start and finish a venture

You routinely take part in game predicaments and need to improve your ability to make a tomfoolery yet short experience

If it's not too much trouble, note that this course is centered simply around the start-to-finish process of making a survivors style game. In light of that objective, there is no time spent making sense of principal programming concepts. Experience with programming is firmly suggested prior to taking this course. Any programming experience is fine - GDScript is not difficult to utilize.

A few lessons are accessible to for you to preview free of charge. Kindly investigate those videos prior to enlisting to decide whether the pace of this course is ideal for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner game developers with programming experience
  • Individuals searching for a complete 2D development guide for Godot 4
  • Intermediate programmers
  • Intermediate game developers



Firebelley Games

Professional Software Engineer

  • 4.8 Instructor Rating
  • 1,360 Reviews
  • 19,259 Students
  • 2 Courses

I'm a professional software engineer with more than 10 years of software engineering experience. For entertainment only I like to make and distribute video games. The Godot Engine is my engine of decision and I appreciate making tutorials to help individuals along in their Godot learning process.

I've distributed a few games on Steam utilizing Godot. You can track down them via looking through the developer "Firebelley" on Steam. I've additionally partaken in a few game tough situations. Three of my games have put top 100 generally in the Ludum Dare tough situation.


4.8 course rating 628 reviews


Sjoerd J.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 6 days prior


Extraordinary course! it did truly showed me the fundamentals of Godot, so I can make my own games. The course additionally instructed me that the most work exertion sit in making of the little subtleties. What truly impacts the game experience. Much obliged!



Rating: 4.5 out of 5 fourteen days prior


The instructor was truly knowledgeable in the subject and genuinely clear with the clarifications behind the rationale and usefulness of the code and hub structure. I energetically prescribe this course to anybody attempting to learn Godot 4, paying little heed to game type, as these lessons and concepts can apply to any project you make in Godot 4.


Andrew P.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


I as of late completed this uncommon game development course for Godot 4. The instructor's guidance on project association, critical thinking, and clear clarifications made the show brief and compelling. Moreover, the tutor was profoundly receptive to inquiries. I enthusiastically expect additional courses from this tutor. Strongly suggested!


Omar A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


Incredible course, and an extraordinary educator, went through extraordinary subtleties and assortment of strategies getting things done en route. Learned a ton as far as undertaking and code engineering, composing viable code and fostering a

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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