Create Beautiful Imagery with Midjourney A.I.
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 17, 2023

Create Beautiful Imagery with Midjourney A.I.

Learn to create visually stunning AI art with Midjourney. This comprehensive course guides beginners through the process of leveraging Discord to unleash their imagination and create breathtaking images using the power of artificial intelligence. No artistic mastery required. Join now and explore the exciting world of AI art!


What you'll learn

Understand what AI image creation is, what Midjourney is, and how to leverage Discord to access Midjourney to make AI images

Step by step instructions to express your Imagination Visually using the force of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Learn the ins and outs of Midjourney, a text-to-image AI program

Master Midjourney's prompt system, controlling it to tweak your images

Step by step instructions to draw in with the Midjourney community to push your creations significantly further

Elevate your creations by taking them beyond Midjourney



  • A Computer, Tablet, or Smart Telephone
  • Internet connection
  • Email account
  • No artistic mastery required
  • At least a $10/mo subscription to Midjourney (Note: Midjourney has briefly suspended the free account program)
  • Description
  • (Refreshed for Midjourney Version 5! More than 100 prompts remembered for download files!)


Humans are visual. We are conceived innovative.


Be that as it may, a significant number of us specialized in areas other than art. All things considered, We love imagery. We balance art from our #1 artists on our walls. We are attracted to stunning cinematography. A very much designed promotion always catches our eye. We track down books with creative art to peruse to our children around evening time. We are wired to take a gander at things that are wonderful.


Taking what is in our mind and rejuvenating it anyway is not something most of us can do.


Enter making image generation with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ! A.I. image generation is a progressive approach to rapidly produce images using text prompts or simple drawing tools. "Midjourney" is an A.I. image generation tool that is sweeping the globe.


In a real sense millions of individuals, similar to you and I, are using Midjourney consistently to release their concepts from their psyche, onto the screen. The connection point is simple to use. The low barrier to entry is ideally suited for ordinary users.


You needn't bother with an extravagant computer. As a matter of fact, you can do everything on your telephone or tablet in the event that you needed to!


In this course, we will investigate making A.I. art using Midjourney. We will start by setting Midjourney up using Discord, a famous real time chat application to "talk" to Midjourney. From that point, we will investigate the Prompt system for speaking with Midjourney. Then, we will discuss the all through's the Midjourney prompt system to get exciting, explosively stunning images. At long last, we will wrap up by discussing ideas of where you can use those images, how to track down additional resources, and even touch on other A.I. art solutions out on the lookout. I'll try and take you through the process I went through on a couple of my pieces so you can see how I approach an image.

Need to make illustrations for a children's book you are composing?

Need to astound your DND group with astonishing visuals of your character and campaign?

Need to get a thought for some cute bear themed cookies for your youngster's next birthday party?

Need to make some stunning concept art for that indie game you always needed to make?

Need to make a mood board for that next huge fashion project you are dealing with?

Need to just mess around and show your friends some cool images, such as making various actors as superheroes?

Midjourney can do all of that! And such a great deal more!

There are so many exciting things you can do with what you make with A.I. art! Take the jump and I promise you, you will be cheerful you did.


So go along with me, and how about we get your first thought on the screen!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners eager to channel their imagination to make amazing images
  • Professionals in various fields hoping to support their art with stunning graphics



Scott Bromander

Chief Product and Technology Officer @ YourPath Wellbeing

  • 4.7 Instructor Rating
  • 1,149 Reviews
  • 7,769 Students
  • 2 Courses

Scott is a Chief Product and Technology Officer at a Wellbeing Technology organization. He has been in the Internet and Game Improvement Industry for more than 15 years and has an equal profession as an educator.

He has worked with several fortune 100 companies, partnering with them to design and fabricate elite web applications. Additionally, he has designed curriculums for several improvement bootcamp programs and has lead advanced education computer science programs.

He has a gigantic passion for getting individuals participated in technology for and loves helping individuals.


4.7 course rating 675 reviews

Natalie F.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 weeks prior


fantastic instructor, extraordinary substance. strongly suggest.

Duda Ads Polska Sp. z O.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 weeks prior


Incredible course, clear tips, makes an extraordinary start for the MJ "venture" :) Thank you Scott!


Koray A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


An extraordinary start to Midjourney. Clear and concise explanations.Most of all Scott updates the course as new stuff comes out. As this is another field, it is a plus when you get his course.


Teagan L.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 a month prior


I apparently can't authoritatively get done with this course despite the fact that I have observed the videos as a whole. Truth be told on one of my devices it shows 96% complete and another says 98%. I just started my AI art venture with midjourney

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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