Dart and Flutter - Zero to Mastery [2023] + Clean Architecture
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 06, 2022

Dart and Flutter - Zero to Mastery [2023] + Clean Architecture

Extensive Flutter course to rapidly and successfully start professional app development. Also, considerably more!

What you'll learn

  • Arrangement Dart&Flutter climate (Windows, Macintosh..)
  • Dart Syntax. Learn and utilize the fundamentals of the programming language Dart.
  • Every one of the significant fundamentals of the Flutter Framework in one little app. UI, route, activitys, theming
  • Professional Software Development: Clean software architecture executed in an app that you can use as a format whenever.
  • Layer Seperation
  • Clean Architecture
  • Deps Injection
  • State The board with BLoC/Cubit and Supplier
  • Unit Testing, Widget Testing, Brilliant Tests and Integration Testing
  • The course is consistently CURRENT and will be extended!
  • Extra: Strife Community !
  • This course is the English form of the best evaluated german Flutter course on Udemy!



  • This course is reasonable for programming amateurs and for individuals who come from one more language and need to begin with app development with Flutter.


With this course, we enable developers overall and unite them in an extraordinary community!

Get everything rolling with app development with Flutter

This course goes a long ways past the nuts and bolts and varies from different courses in that you learn truly professional app development in light of long stretches of Flutter Consultant experience.

We'll show you the main thing in a venture. - Not just how to build a cool UI...

We learn how to build a software architecture that is viable, scalable and proficient. Here you will learn the things that will go with you all through your profession and truly assist you as a reasonable idea for the architecture of your software, the testing and how we with dealing with conditions.

Sit back and relax - there's something for everybody here.

Whether you're an accomplished developer or a total fledgling - We'll meet you at your degree of involvement and deliberation and guide you by the hand from the primary little Flutter App to professional software architecture, functional programming, testing and significantly more.

In this still youthful framework, there are not many individuals who are great.

This implies there are numerous conceivable outcomes here. With the consistently expanding number of apps executed with the Flutter Framework, so does the interest for skilled developers. Furthermore, you can become one of them!

Too: Flutter and the Dart language are perfect, truly enjoyable to create and mess with!

Flutter Community

We as of now have the biggest dynamic German Flutter Community on our own Strife server. Presently we need to make likewise a server for the Englisch Community where you can trade thoughts with different developers and backing one another. We anticipate having you with us as well!


✅ Cutting-edge: The course and all tasks were last refreshed in November 2022.

✅ Most recent Update - Flutter Variant: 3.3.7

✅ Course Viable with Flutter Adaptation 2.5 +


What will we learn?



  • Essential course Dart - fundamentals of programming
  • Essential course Flutter - fundamentals of app development with Flutter
  • Clean architecture - professional development with Flutter
  • Testing - unit testing, widget testing and substantially more

⭐️ Dart Fundamentals

In this course you will initially get to know the nuts and bolts of programming in Dart. We will likewise jump into the fundamental pieces of programming utilizing Dart language and we will learn how to set up our development climate and manage the Code Proofreader Versus Code. We'll begin with the fundamental information on what a variable really is and afterward move gradually up to protest direction and offbeat programming.


⭐️ Flutter Fundamentals

Here we'll give you a prologue to the main components of UI creation with the Flutter Framework and help you all you want to compose your own UIs for your apps. From the clarification of how the framework functions, to the utilization of individual UI parts, subjects, activitys, route and significantly more, everything is incorporated!


⭐️ Clean Architecture

In view of a basic app that we will create, we will learn how legitimate app development with clean software architecture works.

We will carry out this little and basic app with an unbeatable clean code software architecture (clean layer detachment), which you can use for any client app. Whenever you have assimilated this architecture and kind of work, your software will accomplish very top notch guidelines. We coordinate the BLoC design into our task and in this manner cleanly separate business rationale from UI, so we have an extremely clean and testable undertaking. Reliance injection and functional programming are only a couple of devices that will uphold us on our way. Of course, we will likewise cover unit testing, widget testing and integration testing to check our app for everything.


❗️ Significant: In this course, we mean to give you all the information you want to begin app development with Flutter rapidly and really. We are not as well "fixated on subtleties" and won't go into all the mind boggling foundation processes that you are shown in a college course, for instance. Maybe we will plunge into praxis straightaway.

Our attention is on reasonableness, quality and - to wrap things up fun.


Who this course is for:

Each and every individual who needs to rapidly and actually submerge themselves in portable app development benefits here. We are German Flutter Specialists and have proactively had the option to effectively execute many undertakings - we might want to share our experience of the most recent couple of years with you to assist you with beginning fostering your tasks effectively.

We foster a few apps together, get to know clean software architecture in Flutter and of course put our apps through some serious hardship. We'll take you by the hand and show you all that without any preparation.

This course is the English adaptation of the best German Flutter course on Udemy!



Max Berktold

Energetic Flutter Consultant and Teacher from Germany

  • 4.6 Teacher Rating
  • 396 Surveys
  • 2,909 Understudies
  • 2 Courses

Hi, I am Max, I'm an energetic Flutter consultant and teacher.


⭐️ How could I get into Flutter?

Like the vast majority, I began software development with exemplary C. I kept 50 year old source code in an enormous partnership. It resembled it sounds... exhausting. In my confidential life, I then had a thought for a versatile app that I was energetic about. In any case, how would you execute them? What language? Which framework? Flutter was immediately picked. Because of its cross-stage prospects and the new wind that the youthful framework carries with it, it was ideal for my undertaking. I was before long dealing with our thoughts in a little development group and a little later I likewise changed my fundamental occupation to professional portable app development. Right up to the present day I work with the framework and have had the option to lead many tasks to progress with it. Right now I'm a specialist, Udemy teacher, live coach and flutter space master.

If you have any desire to find out about me, look at my site.


⭐️ Why teacher?

As referenced above, I gained Flutter myself in a brief timeframe. So I can imagine your perspective. I additionally needed to get my insight from courses, YouTube and indeed, likewise from perusing the various narratives. I presently feel comfortable around here. I understand what works and what doesn't work, and what's the critical thing to comprehend to be a decent Flutter developer. I might now want to pass on this applied and point by point information to set up a simpler way for other people.


I'm persuaded that I can show you dart and flutter in an exceptionally brief time frame, so well that you can work professionally and securely on huge ventures.


✅ What you will view as here

- Top current courses, consistently with the ongoing significant update if conceivable

- persistent help

- Information move without losing track of the thread

- Clean idea in the plan/design of the course satisfied

- profound figuring out on all degrees of deliberation

Wait a second...

Watch 👉How to download video

Dart & Flutter - Zero to Mastery 😉
Zip/rar files password can be one of these :- FreeCourseUniverse OR CheapUniverse
Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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