Data Structures and Algorithms - Self Paced (Geeks For Geeks )
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Mar 19, 2023

Data Structures and Algorithms - Self Paced (Geeks For Geeks )

Learn Data Structures and Algorithms from the industry experts at Geeks for Geeks. The self-paced course offers 60+ hours of recorded content, bi-weekly live sessions, one-on-one doubt assistance, and more. Get hands-on experience with 200+ exclusive problems and practice algorithms like Kruskals, Tarjans, KMP and many more. Enroll now to prepare for SDE interviews with top-notch companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and other top product based companies in both C++ & Java.

Course Description

Most well known course on DSA confided in by over 1,00,000+ understudies! Worked with long periods of experience by industry specialists the course provides you with a complete package of video lectures, practice problems, tests, discussion gatherings, and contests. Begin Today!


Course Outline

Data Structures and Algorithms are building blocks of programming. Data structures empower us to coordinate and store data, while algorithms empower us to process that data from a significant perspective. So settle on the best quality DSA Course to fabricate and enhance your Data Structures and Algorithms fundamental abilities and simultaneously ace them to a higher level.

Key Features:

60+ long stretches of recorded content by CEO and Pioneer Mr. Sandeep Jain in both C++ and Java

Fortnightly Live Meetings by CEO and Organizer Mr. Sandeep Jain

A half year of one-on-one 24X7 Uncertainty Assistance

200+ Exclusive and Industry Specific Problems to Practice

Video Publications and Clues in ALL Problems

250+ MCQs including Result based Questions

10 Coding Contests for constant SDE Coding-Round Experience

5 DSA-Executed Projects

Comprehensive 8-week directed curriculum for simple learning

Supporting Notes for quick test updates

This DSA course covers all topics in two languages: C++ and Java. With this expert DSA abilities in Sorting, Strings, Heaps, Dynamic Programming, Searching, Trees, and different Data Structures which will assist you with getting ready for SDE interviews with first rate companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and other top product based companies.


Learn DSA in Python Programming Language. Additionally Check out the Course Brochure for nitty gritty data.

What you will Learn

  • Begin from Basics of Algorithms, Asymptotic Documentations, Reality Complexity Analysis and then some
  • Assemble the establishment from Mathematics, Bit Magic, Recursion, Arrays and different algorithms while practicing problems
  • Gain and Execute Searching and Sorting Algorithms from basics to advance
  • Ace concepts of Grid, Strings, Linked List, Stack, Queue and related data structures
  • Become a master at advanced concepts of Hashing, Graph, Tree, BST, Heap, Backtracking, DP etc.
  • Learn Trie, Segment Tree and Disjoint Set from basics to advance
  • Practice algorithms like Kruskals, Tarjans, Kosarajus, Prims, Rabin Karp, KMP and some more
  • The most effective method to become areas of strength for an efficient Coder and Engineer
  • Get involved experience with constant Projects


Course Content



Gain from the very basics "the background" of Analysis of Algorithms

Get to be aware of Request of Development, Best, Normal and Most pessimistic scenarios of different algorithms utilizing Asymptotic Documentations and much more



Construct your establishment with problems like Factorial of a Number, HCF, LCM

Learn significant concepts like Strainer of Eratosthenes


Bit Magic

Aquire Information on Bitwise Operators with the assistance of significant model instructional exercises



Acquire comprehension of Recursion from its Introduction, composing base cases and Tail Recursion

Tackle well known problems like Rope Cutting Problem, Pinnacle of Hanoi, Josephus Problem, etc



Ace Arrays from its Introduction and Operations to tackling problems like Stock Trade, Catching Precipitation Water, etc



Get to know Binary Seach Technique with its analysis and different associated problems instructional exercises



Sort out your sorting concepts and find out about the significant sorting techniques like Insertion sort, Quick sort and Radix sort to give some examples



Escape your Network battle by learning the establishment concepts like Complex Exhibit, Pass Lattice as Contention, Translate, etc

Take care of problems like Grid in a Snake Example, Winding Network crossing and much more



Find out about Introduction and Time complexity analysis, Application of Hashing, Discussion on Direct Location Table and much more



Learn Strings structure its Introduction and Strategies to well known problem instructional exercises on Rabin Karp Calculation, KMP calculation, etc


Linked List

Find out about Singly, Doubly and Circular Linked List from Introduction to execution

Acquire information from significant problems like circle detection, Intersection of two LL, LRU Cache etc



Acquire comprehension of Stack from Introduction, application to execution

Gain from problems like Balanced Parenthesis, Stock Range Problems, Infix, Prefix and Postfix articulations etc



Aquire Information on Queue with significant model instructional exercises on Switching a Queue, Generate numbers with given digits and much more



Gain Deque Execution from problems like Maximums of all subarrays of size k, First Circular Visit, etc



Introduction and Execution of different tree crossing (Inorder, Preorder and Postorder)

Video instructional exercises beginning from basic problems like Level of Binary tree, Level request crossing to further developed problems like Consume a Binary tree from a leaf, Serialize and Deserialize a Binary Tree, etc


Binary Search Tree

Get primary comprehension of BST Search, Supplement and Erase operations

Take care of problems like Check for BST, Vertical Total in a Binary tree and much more



Learn concepts connected with Min Heap, Max Heap, Priority Queue and take care of related problems



Acquire comprehension of basic concepts like Graph Portrayal, BFS, DFS, etc

Find out about the famous Prim's, Dijkstra, Kosaraju algorithms and much more with instructional exercises and problems.



Learn Greedy Algorithms with problems like Activity Selection Problem, Fractional Knapsack and much more



Aquire concepts of Backtracking, Rat In a Maze, N Queen Problem, Sudoku Problem and much more


Dynamic Programming

Fabricate major areas of strength for an of DP memoization and organization techniques

Ace DP with problems like LCS, Coin Change, LIS and Egg Dropping Problems to give some examples.



Find out about Trie concepts like portrayal, search, embed and erase with related problems


Segment and Binary Indexed Tree

Get aquainted with Segment tree and Binary Indexed tree concepts with model problems


Disjoint Set

Learn abour Disjoint Set Introduction, Find and Association Operations, Association by Rank, Way Compression and much more



  • Sudoku Solver
  • Briefest Way Locater
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • N Queen Visualizer
  • Binary Tree Visualizer


Reviews and Ratings

Payal Mujavadiya

Places at Walmart

This is an excellent course to figure out the basics and learn till advanced level. This covers a wide range of data structures and Algorithms concepts. Recordings are arranged well overall and furthermore the practice meetings will help your confidence to another level. I'm completely happy with the contents of this course. Much obliged to you GeeksforGeeks and Sandeep Jain Sir for this course.

Sachin Motwani

Place at Oracle

The DSA independent course is truly useful for performing great in a technical meeting. The concept were made sense of clearly, and practice problems given were extremely useful to carry out the concepts learnt. Going through all topics completely made me sufficiently confident to crack the coding test and technical interviews of many top of the line companies and found me a line of work at Oracle at an attractive compensation. Credit to GeeksforGeeks!!!

Shreya Kumari

Placed at Barclays

I recently got a proposal from Barclays for an examiner position. This course has been a one-stop objective for my placement preparation. From DSA to all the core subjects, I have exclusively arranged from this course. Sandeep sir has touched every one of the significant topics with the best approach. This course plays a tremendous part in getting me placed.

Potta Lokesh

Understudy at Microsoft

The courses on GFG are all around structured. I signed up for DSA DA and SDE hypothesis. The method of clarification by the teachers is great. First I took the course in which Sandeep Jain (Organizer behind Nerds For Nerds) sir was the guide. The course was truly nice and it assists in knowing how we with canning sort out various answers for different problems and each approach is made sense of from Beast force to ideal. The cost is truly understudy cordial and it is certain we will learn more than whatever we have paid. I took this course in the wake of going through many free resources like YouTube where I didn't see as such structured content. SDE hypothesis includes restricted content however it covers immensely significant concept which asked in interview. At last, the course is truly magnificent and it helped me a ton.


Placed at Goldman Sachs

I recently got a proposal from Goldman Sachs as an Examiner position. DSA Independent course truly helped me in complete preparation. I might want to say thanks to Sandeep Jain Sir for making every one of the concepts crystal understood and the GeeksforGeeks group for giving a fantastic stage to talk with preparation and practice.


Course Instructor


Sandeep Jain

Organizer and CEO at GeeksforGeeks

Mr. Sandeep Jain moved on from Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical College with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Designing. He completed his Graduate degree from IIT-Roorkee and has functioned as a full-time Programming Engineer at D.E. Shaw and Co. His energy for teaching drove him to join JIIT Noida as an Associate Teacher.

He began GeeksforGeeks in 2009 as a blog, to compile resources on programming, algorithms, and interview preparation. He has curated and guided the Data Structures and Algorithms - Independent course on GeeksforGeeks, assisting large number of understudies with finding truly amazing jobs.

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