Deploy Python Web Apps from Scratch - Coding for Entrepreneurs
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Jul 01, 2024

Deploy Python Web Apps from Scratch - Coding for Entrepreneurs

As you go down the rabbit hole of building Python Web Applications you inevitably start to wonder how this is all going to run in a live, production, environment. This series aims to answer this question by deploying a basic Python Web Application from scratch to Linode's powerful and cost-effective service. Once you understand the fundamentals from scratch, you can learn to deploy using more scalable and powerful solutions (like Terraform, Ansible, and others).

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This series was created in partnership with Linode.


1 - Welcome
2 - Walkthrough - What were doing and why
3 - Recommendations before Starting
4 - Provisioning a Linode
5 - Your First Secure Connection
6 - Passwordless SSH with SSH Public Keys
7 - Configure new User & Group Permissions
8 - Install nginx and UFW
9 - Why We Need Version Control
10 - Git Basics
11 - Git Remote Host on Linode Part 1
12 - Git Remote Host on Linode Part 2
13 - Install Python & Use a Virtual Environment
14 - Production Ready Virtual Environment
15 - Our First Python FastAPI Web App
16 - Nginx for Web Server - Part 1
17 - Supervisor Part 1
18 - Deploy & Solve
19 - Provisioning a PostgreSQL Server
20 - Setup Postgres Database
21 - Bind & Configure Postgresql to the Server
22 - Provision & Configure a Redis Server
23 - Nginx Load Balancer
24 - Custom Domain Name
25 - Implementing HTTPs on our Custom Domain with Lets Encrypt
26 - Prod & Dev Database Servers
27 - Environment Variables on Webapp Servers
28 - Environment Variables in FastAPI
29 - Data Validation with pydantic
30 - Test Pydantic Models with pytest
31 - Database Configuration
32 - Database Model with SQLAlchemy
33 - Schema Models as Views
34 - Integrating the Database CRUD Methods with API Endpoints
35 - Push into Production
36 - Thank you for watching

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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

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