Discovering Backend Bottlenecks: Unlocking Peak Performance
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 27, 2023

Discovering Backend Bottlenecks: Unlocking Peak Performance

Uncover backend bottlenecks with precision in this advanced course. Harness Chrome DevTools, MITM Proxy, and Wireshark to optimize performance in your backend applications. Perfect for backend and frontend engineers seeking to elevate their skills. Enroll now and take your backend analysis to the next level with expert guidance from Hussein Nasser, a prominent software engineer and educator.


Discover the hidden capacity of your backend stack by means of uncovering and resolving bottlenecks with precision. In this superior course, we delve into the world of backend software overall performance evaluation using effective gear like Chrome DevTools, MITM Proxy, and Wireshark. Whether you're a seasoned backend engineer or a full-stack developer, this route will increase your skills to new heights, allowing you to optimize software overall performance and deliver remarkable person experiences.


What You'll Learn:


    Identify and isolate bottlenecks in backend programs.

    Uncover the basis of latencies impacting your application.

    Intercept and analyze gradual requests from Mobile and Web Apps.

    Harness the total capacity of DevTools Networking tap for in-depth insights.

    Utilize Man-in-the-Middle proxy (MITM) to intercept and log HTTP requests.

    Master Wireshark for specific packet inspections.

    Perform real-world Performance Analysis of Backend Applications.




    Experience in constructing frontend or backend programs.

    Familiarity with networking and backend concepts.


Course Description:

Unleashing height overall performance in your backend applications calls for a deeper understanding of diverse influencing elements. While software logic plays a tremendous function, different important factors, along with networking, connection establishment, protection, backend communique, protocol serialization, and intermediaries, additionally impact typical first-rate and overall performance.


In this path, we will equip you with vital tools and techniques to analyze backend utility performance efficiently. Often called black field checking out, those tools enable you to diagnose troubles even without direct get right of entry to to the source code.


If your application is internet-primarily based, Chrome DevTools will become your pleasant ally, permitting inspection of all visitors generated from the app. For situations in which internet get right of entry to is unavailable, we'll explore MITM Proxy, a powerful proxy that intercepts HTTP visitors, allowing you to pinpoint problematic requests. Additionally, we'll delve into Wireshark and tcpdump for shooting low-level packets and examining requests regarding non-HTTP protocols.


Designed for intermediate to advanced developers, this direction is a ought to for backend and frontend engineers searching for to elevate their competencies and enhance software performance. Prior know-how in networking and backend fundamentals is suggested, which we offer in our complementary guides.


Who this path is for:


    Backend Engineers

    Frontend Engineers

    Q&A Engineers

    Full Stack Engineers



Hussein Nasser

Software Engineer, Author ★★★★★ (four.7 Instructor Rating)

eleven,978 Reviews

127,748 Students

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Meet Hussein, a pro software engineer with a ardour for coaching and sharing his know-how. His journey began in 1998, and considering the fact that then, he has end up a distinguished figure in the software program engineering community. As a specialist in geographic records structures (GIS), he has helped businesses put in force Esri GIS through mapping app improvement. With a focal point on backend tech, Hussein runs a YouTube channel and covers a extensive variety of software engineering topics, such as databases, proxies, protection, networking, and protocols. Join his direction to tap into his expertise and raise your backend evaluation talents.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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