Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Dec 15, 2022

Domain Driven Design & Microservices for Architects

Learn to build Microservices applications starting with business analysis and domain driven design

What you'll learn

  • Domain Driven Design
  • Architecting Microservices Application
  • Design Patterns for building Microservices and Distributed frameworks
  • Event Driven Architecture
  • Developing API for Microservices
  • Event Storming
  • Foster a Business case for Microservices



  • Comprehension of software development practices
  • Essential information JAVA or some other programming language


PS: Spotlight is on designing Microservices not coding

No particular Microservices structure being used

All example code is in plain JAVA to illustrate/explain comprehension of DDD patterns, and so on.

Models are created in UML - utilizing the PlantUML apparatus

PostgreSQL/MongDB/RabbitMQ/Kafka - free occurrences made on the cloud for demos and walkthroughs

Kindly Don't join the course assuming you are searching for instructional exercises on Microservices Coding or explicit system!!!

What's course going on with this?

Microservices is a better approach for building software where an application is made out of an independent arrangement of administrations. The greatest advantage of Microservices is that it empowers an association to transform at an extremely rapid speed. This speed to showcase is accomplished because of the independent idea of the administrations that make up a Microservices application. Organizations like Amazon, Netflix and Etsy have demonstrated the worth of Microservices certain.

Numerous organizations today are hoping to take on Microservices. These organizations are putting resources into technologies, instruments, abilities and are changing their software development and conveyance processes also. Yet numerous organizations are neglecting to accomplish the full advantages of Microservices; as a matter of fact numerous organizations feel that they have made specialized obligation by taking on Microservices.

So can any anyone explain why a few organizations have been effective in embracing Microservices while others are not. One well known viewpoint I have seen in organizations that neglect to take on Microservices is that they treat Microservices as a simply technology drive. They don't invest energy in grasping the business parts of their Microservices applications !!!


Microservices is NOT just about technology

The vital component of the Microservices architecture is that administrations are Independent. This independent part of the help makes it workable for Microservices to change independently of different administrations. In the event that extent of the microservices is prompting between conditions between administrations, it would prompt a requirement for change coordination between groups which thusly will prompt similar issues we have with Solid applications !!! Discharge cycles will be longer and there will be no advantage of the reception of Microservices.

To guarantee that these is no interdependencies between Microservices, a Microservices modeler requirements to comprehend the domain and afterward settle on the limit and extent of the Microservices. This is where Domain Driven Design comes into picture. When the Microservices business limits are characterized the administrations ought to be fabricated utilizing fitting Microservices design patterns and technologies.

Groups dealing with Microservices shouldn't simply take a gander at the specialized parts of the help however Should remember that there are different contemplations that have a basic impact in the progress of Microservices drive. To


Role of a Microservices Developer 

An IT proficient working in the job of Microservices engineer is liable for may viewpoints relying upon the development of Microservices reception in their association. Here are the rundown of exercises that the architects is answerable for:

  • Assess the business advantages of Microservices for their particular association
  • Build a Business case for Microservices
  • Instruct the Business and IT partners on stars/cons of Microservices
  • Apply Domain Driven Design to divide the limits of Microservices
  • Characterize the domain model for the Microservices
  • Do the specialized design of Microservices
  • Guide and Coach the Microservices groups
  • Assess the technologies | frameworks for the acknowledgment of Microservices
  • Build evidence of concepts to show how things work


How might this course help?

This course will help developers and architects in building abilities required for effective execution of Microservices applications. It comprises of a blend of concepts, UML displaying and working code to exhibit the execution of Microservices. Students will become familiar with the concepts of Domain driven design via normal industry models and a contextual investigation (Summit ventures).


Zero in is on Architecture, Design and Development of Microservices.


1. Transformation and Microservices

2. Domain Driven Design

3. Applying the DDD key and strategic example

4. Event Driven Architecture

5. Event Storming

6. Data Management

7. Informing

8. Distributed Transactions

9. API



Code Samples

  • Zero in is on the Microservices design not coding.
  • The example code is all in plain JAVA
  • Course covers no particular structure
  • SpringBoot is utilized in examples for API/GraphQL segment
  • Kindly look at the course see addresses prior to enlisting the course.
  • Survey the subjects covered
  • Ensure you figure out teacher's inflection



  • Essential comprehension of JAVA or some other programming language
  • Some involvement in software development practices


Hand on part is discretionary however students are urged to do hands on undertakings to get a superior vibe of the design patterns.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Product Managers
  • Students intrigued by Microservices



Rajeev Sakhuja

11xAWS Guaranteed, Specialist, Tutor, Advancement evangelist

  • 4.4 Teacher Rating
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I'm an active Data Technology expert experienced in enormous scope applications development, foundation management and Methodology development in Fortune 500 organizations. I have 20+ long periods of involvement with IT industry; an enthusiastic technologist who loves to learn and educate technologies.


In my ongoing job (everyday work) I cooperate with enormous undertakings to take on AWS Cloud, Microservices, API, computer based intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. I hold every one of the 11 AWS certifications.


Starting around 2016, I have distributed 9 seminars on Udemy and other learning entrances. Because of over 90K students overall for their ceaseless help and support.


4.5 course appraising ( 1K Reviews )

Shiva A.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 ( 3 days prior )

  • It is truly awesome course. I truly gleaned some useful knowledge of things. The greater part of the means that beginnings From Understanding the prerequisites to Designing Systems.Moreover the Microservices execution utilizing Domain Driven Design standards.


Raj K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 ( 3 months prior )

  • This is an incredible understanding on the utilization of key and strategic DDD patterns as well as experiences into different microservices patterns. With everything taken into account the course is great, assuming you truly listen it cautiously and plan notes..

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