Dynamic programming (Udemy)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

Dynamic programming (Udemy)

Learn how to solve practically any dynamic programming problem with the two its approaches (memoization and tabulation)


What you'll learn

  • Importance of dynamic programming
  • The most effective method to utilize the top-down approach of dynamic programming (memoization)
  • Step by step instructions to go through the bottom approach of dynamic programming (tabulation)
  • The most effective method to solve practically any dynamic programming problem



  • Programming basics
  • Algorithms and data structures basics
  • Description
  • Dynamic programming is perhaps of the most significant and strong algorithmic method that can be utilized to solve a ton of computational problems, it's a major strategy to learn to reinforce your algorithms and problem solving abilities
  • Be that as it may, a ton of students find tough situations understanding dynamic programming and being ready to apply it to solve problems, assuming that you are in this present circumstance, this course is made for you!


Why you ought to take this course:

Covers all what you want to be aware to begin using dynamic programming to solve problems (introduction, recursion, how to perceive a dynamic programming problem, memoization, tabulation...)

Shows you a method to solve practically any dynamic programming problem

Has a functioning instructor that is prepared to respond to your inquiries and questions on the off chance that you don't grasp something

Explains the time and space complexity examination of each solved problem

Includes 20 different interesting dynamic programming problems to rehearse on with the capacity to test your Python arrangement on various experiments before watching the arrangement


Practice problems are:

  • Paths in matrix
  • House robber
  • Longest common subsequence
  • Gold mine
  • Edit distance
  • Ways to climb
  • Shortest common supersequence
  • Coin change
  • 0-1 Knapsack
  • Subset sum
  • Longest increasing subsequence
  • Ways to decode
  • Rod cutting
  • Interleaving string
  • Square matrix of ones
  • Partition problem
  • Sorted vowel strings
  • Minimum cost for tickets
  • Word break
  • Matrix chain multiplication


Assuming you have some other inquiry concerning this course that you need to ask before enrolling, you can send me a message on Instagram at @inside.code



Who this course is for:

Software engineering students

Software engineering students

Software engineers

Serious developers



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Inside code is a substance creation society established in 2019, we make very much organized computerized content and courses about algorithms and data structures that you can find on our Instagram page, on our YouTube channel, and on Udemy!

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4.2 course rating 197 reviews

Husni F.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 2 months prior


I can figure out DP gradually


Premanandh S.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5 2 months prior


Content is fine yet voice in the video isn't exactly clear.


Trần Vĩnh K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 3 months prior


This course is all around planned, and the tutor explains the ideas in an exceptionally basic manner so that even a beginner (such as myself :) ) can dominate DP in a brief time frame. Additionally, students who code in different dialects can utilize this course. I mainly code in C++, yet I can do most problems. Definitely worth the cash!

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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