Epic React by Kent C. Dodds
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Nov 13, 2022

Epic React by Kent C. Dodds

Building React applications requests that you go with master choices before you compose the principal line of code.

You're answerable for building a firm, viable code-base that will help your group succeed and fabricate a React application that serves your clients' necessities.

You're confronted with many choices.

In the event that you don't pick accurately clients will endure.

Your team will suffer.

You'll be stuck with your early bad decisions for the next 5 years at a minimum.

React is the awesome choice for most web development projects in 2021

It gives an "get together level" set of apparatuses without a ton of direction on the best way to transform those instruments into an application that scales.

That is the thing makes React marvelous.

Yet, React's adaptability is a two sided deal.

It depends on you and your group to conclude how your application will be architected and kept up with over the long haul.

To go with those choices, you want aptitude.

You really want insight.

This is where the authority React documentation stops you.

You are left sorting out parts like a can of Lego spilled on the floor.

You want to assemble applications that scale.

āœ… All around tried.

āœ… Well-architected.

You lack the capacity to deal with experimentation.

You need to hit the nail on the head.

Perhaps the greatest test with learning React is the huge ocean of second rate web learning content.

You will go through innumerable hours swimming all through of-date, low-exertion, conflicting, and frequently off-base blog entries, YouTube recordings, and courses across the web attempting to comprehend how to assemble React applications that scale.

Books are obsolete.

Articles are loaded up with flawed guidance.

Screencasts are old, old, and excessively tedious to watch while not giving genuine practice.

Youtube channels are not so subtle substance showcasing plans intended to reap cash from your wallet without thinking often about you or your profession. šŸ˜¬

There must be a superior way.

Imagine a scenario in which you had an asset for yourself as well as your group that showed steady essentials of React part advancement as well as a clear cut, creation demonstrated, undertaking grade design for building applications that scale.

Couldn't it be extraordinary to unhesitatingly create React applications with a strong groundwork?

Might you want to have a sound methodology and eliminate the uncertainty that accompanies assembling a new React application without any preparation?

Epic React is active work on coding in a genuine advancement climate.

Epic React is a progression of code-along intelligent studios that have been play-tried live and face to face north of quite a while for many designers like you.

This self-guided studio assortment will begin all along of the React excursion and guide you the entire way through very much tried application design.

  • Fundamentals (1h 51m)
  • Hooks (2h 24m)
  • React Hooks (1h 14m)
  • React Patterns (1h 19m
  • Performance (2h 14m)
  • Testing React Apps (2h 1m)
  • Suspense (1h 34m)
  • Assemble an Epic React App (7h 7m)


This assortment of self-guided studios is really epic. It's anything but a figure of speech!

19 hours of brief top to bottom video preparing

Intuitive independent studio works out

10 entire long stretches of shrewd video discussions with React specialists


Who is Epic React made for?

This is transitional/progressed material.

Epic React isn't really for fledgling designers.

We expect the accompanying about your experience:

Solid comprehension of current JavaScript and, all the more for the most part, web advancement (HTML/CSS) - we will not invest energy remediating the nuts and bolts in this independent studio assortment.

Readiness to accomplish the work effectively — this is certainly not an inactive course, and you will not find success on the off chance that you don't try. It's exceptionally difficult.


Epic React is intended for web engineers who need to make powerful, top notch, very much tried React applications that scale to meet clients, groups, and venture partners' necessities.

Epic React begins from the basics of React application advancement and moves you quickly into the examples and mental models you should find success as a web engineer utilizing React to take care of clients' concerns.

Epic React was intended to address your issues to assist you with settling on certain decisions and construct React applications that scale.

Hello there, I'm Kent C. Dodds, and I will be your Epic React teacher

I'm a full-stack JavaScript engineer. Previously, I've worked at PayPal, where I helped assemble items delivered to a huge number of clients all around the globe. I likewise addressed PayPal on the TC39. Notwithstanding my occupation as a React designer, I made and keep up with the most famous library on the web to test your React applications. I'm a Google Developer Expert, and I've been educating on egghead.io for six+ years.

The Workshops in Epic React Include:


Gain proficiency with the primary ideas important for building React applications and libraries

Learn all that you should be powerful with the principal building square of React applications. Whenever you're done, you'll be ready to make React parts to fabricate phenomenal encounters for your application's clients.


There are better examples and practices that are a totally new way to deal with creating parts and overseeing state in your React applications.

Gain proficiency with the intricate details of React Hooks. I will take you on a profound plunge into React Hooks, and show you what you want to be aware to begin involving them in your applications immediately.

Progressed React Hooks

To gain proficiency with the further developed React snares and various examples to empower incredible designer APIs for custom snares.

We'll take a gander at a portion of the further developed snares and ways they can be utilized to upgrade your parts and custom snares. We'll likewise take a gander at a few examples you can follow to cause custom snares that to give extraordinary APIs to designers to be useful structure applications.

Progressed React Patterns

Figure out how to assemble basic and adaptable React Components and Hooks utilizing current examples

Learn incredible examples you can use as well as the qualities and shortcomings of each, so you know which to go after to give your custom snares and parts the adaptability and power you want.


Respond is quick, up to the point that it is no longer

Learn all that you want to analyze, profile, and fix execution issues in your React application utilizing the Browser Performance Profiler, React DevTools Profiler, and demonstrated React advancement methods.

Testing React Apps

Gain proficiency with the fundamental apparatuses and strategies to transport with certainty

In this involved studio you'll learn all that you really want to test React parts and applications easily and get the information you want to deliver your applications with certainty.


Work on your Async UI and further develop your User Experience

Figure out how Suspense functions in the engine, setting you up for the eventual fate of offbeat state the executives.

Make an Epic React App

Get everything rolling structure React applications

The React and JavaScript environment is loaded with instruments and libraries to assist you with building your applications. In this (enormous) studio we'll assemble an application without any preparation utilizing broadly upheld and demonstrated devices and methods. We'll cover everything about building frontend React applications, from the outright fundamentals to the precarious parts you'll run into building genuine world React applications and how to make extraordinary deliberations.



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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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