Figma Pro Secrets - Alexunder Hess
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Sep 21, 2023

Figma Pro Secrets - Alexunder Hess

Unlock your design potential with the Figma Pro Secrets course by Alexunder Hess. Gain confidence in UI/UX design, learn Figma from scratch, and create stunning graphics and web designs. From beginners to advanced, this course covers autolayout, components, interactive elements, and more. Elevate your design skills and career today!


Design Like a PRO

Open Your Design Pro Skills to turn into a Super UX/UI Designer!


After Figma Pro Secrets course you will:

  • impart your design choices with confidence
  • improve your UI Design skills
  • enhance your UX/UI Design process
  • charge more cash for your work
  • cause your Administrators to feel sure about your skills
  • show your mastery and cause individuals to pay attention to YOU!
  • Open your confidence with Figma Pro Secrets.


Top to bottom Information

Design Outlook

You'll learn "How" yet additionally "WHY" behind each and every design choice.

We'll plunge further into the device, and you'll figure out how to become positive about your UI design process.

You'll figure out how to think in systems and spotlight on end-product. The objective of this class is to make you a Figma master, so you can design better and quicker and stand apart from the group.

Individuals love certain designers. Need to become one?


Have you started your UX/UI journey? Want to jump to the next level?



Turn into a Pro in Figma

Figma is the most well known UX/UI design instrument today, it turned into a brilliant standard as of now. You'll dominate the force of this instrument.


Develop your design skills

Figure out how, where and for what reason to utilize components, auto-design include, variants, interactive components to turn out to be super quick.


Make amazing prototypes

The simplest method for dazzling directors, clients, partners is to show them how the product functions. You'll figure out how to make it happen.


Confidence is your power

After these masterclasses, your confidence will develop. Use it to get some work, wow your clients, get regard from your group and others.


Build processes

Processes will save your months of your life and acquire you huge number of dollars income. You'll figure out how to utilize and advance them.


Make your Design Framework

Upgrade your work and the processes of your group by utilizing Design Systems. You'll figure out how to begin making Design Systems.


Figma Pro Secrets is for



Web Designers and Engineers

You'll figure out how to function with components, autolayout, variants, networks, how to design UI units, styleguides, how to make responsive screens thus considerably more utilizing just Figma.


UX and Mobile Application Designers

After this course, you'll have the option to make without question, any UI design component: route, fragmented controls, tab bars, modals, checkboxes, buttons, foundations +25 more mobile application components.



Graphic Designers

You'll figure out how to make introductions, illustrations, icons, bundles, foundations, patterns, stickers, and any kind of mockups: boxes, gadgets, telephones.


Game UI Designers

You won't find data like this elsewhere. You'll figure out how to make UI components and craftsmanship for games: from HUD and UI to game resources.



Computerized Product/Content Makers

Here you'll track down the module on the most proficient method to design digital books, agendas, mockups for your computerized products, and outwardly appealing typography and graphic design components for your landing pages, thumbnails, covers, merry go rounds and posts for Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter.


Design Lovers and Designers, all things considered,

Every example gives a simple to-follow instructional exercise that makes sense of everything bit by bit. Regardless of whether you never worked with Figma, you'll develop from Zero to Legend in only a couple of days.


What's inside:


Figma Essentials. From Novices to Cutting edge

YOUR Outcomes:

After this module, you'll feel sure working with Figma, regardless of whether you never utilized this instrument or you're changing from Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop or Artist. Also many high level methods for experienced Figma clients. From Zero to Legend!

Autolayout, Components, Constraints, Interactive Components, Variants, Styles + 20 all the more simple to-follow examples to assist you with turning into a Figma Pro!


Graphic Design for UI and Web Design

YOUR Outcomes:

You'll figure out how to make icons, illustrations, patterns, foundations, mockups, introductions, and lots of different components for your projects, posts, or for no reason in particular; this module will be the most fascinating for Graphic designers who never worked with Figma and for UX designers who need to update their visual design skills.

Bundling design, Illustrations and Icons for websites and mobile apps, Mockups, Luxury style, Angles and Patterns. Amazing!


Design Secrets for UX/UI Content Makers

YOUR Outcomes:

You'll make covers, posts, illustrations and thumbnails for your social media profiles, figure out how to design consistent Instagram merry go rounds and how to change over them into a Linkedin merry go round in only a single tick, how to design digital book, eCourse bundle mockups for your computerized products, thus significantly more.

From social media records to computerized products!


Effective Web design with Figma

YOUR Outcomes:

Figure out how to design marvelous websites with a consistent client experience.

After this module, you'll have the option to design without question, any landing page or website since you'll have every one of the apparatuses and skills for it: from matrices and designs, the specific sizes and spacings, typography and variety styleguides to responsive article components utilizing the most remarkable Figma instruments, Autolayout and Components.

Also, you'll figure out how to design professional styleguides, UI packs and Design Systems.


UI Design and Mobile Apps Pro Secrets

Assuming that you design iOS or Android apps, you'll become 100x more productive, coordinated and certain about your skills, since you'll know precisely how to design without question, any UI design part for your application.


Game UI Design Authority (not far off)

For the people who need to go further in design, in this module you'll figure out how to design game UI components and (!!!) game resources.


Your Following stages

Tips, guidance and subsequent stages to assist you with turning into the most Remarkable, Relentless, Fruitful and PROFITABLE Designer.


Isometric Design and Illustrations

Figure out how to design inconceivable isometric scenes, icons, designs and illustrations with Figma for your landing pages, portfolio, social media posts, and introductions.


Useful Links:

  1. Alexunder Hess's Portfolio
  2. Figma - Design and Prototyping Tool
  3. UX/UI Design Principles
  4. Graphic Design Tutorials
  5. Web Design Best Practices




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