Firestore Data Modeling Course - Fireship
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Nov 13, 2023

Firestore Data Modeling Course - Fireship

The Firestore Data Modeling Course provides a foundation for modeling data relationships in NoSQL, while optimizing queries for performance, cost, and complexity. Determining the optimal data model in Cloud Firestore is not an easy task because you need to anticipate your app’s UI/UX requirements in advance. Failure to consider the tradeoffs between various data models could lead to poor app performance and/or unnecessary cloud computing expenses. The goal of this course is to teach you the concepts necessary to make good decisions related to data modeling that minimize costs and maximize read performance.

Topics Covered

  • Core Concepts in Firestore.
  • Comparisons to SQL data modeling.
  • Advanced methods for reading and querying data.
  • Relational data modeling concepts like one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many.
  • How to avoid common pitfalls and anti-patterns.
  • Examples of data models for common real-world app features.


  1. Resources - Helpful Resources supporting the Cloud Firestore Course
  2. What is Firestore - A brief history of Cloud Firestore
  3. Firestore vs SQL - Comparing Firestore to RDBMS or SQL
  4. Data Types - How data types in Firestore are used for relational models.
  5. Techniques - The four main techniques for data modeling in Firestore
  6. Read - How to read individual documents.
  7. Query - How to query collections of documents.
  8. Indexes - When to create indexes and how do manage them.
  9. Security - Security considerations with data modeling
  10. Cardinality - How to model data based on the size of a set
  11. One to One - Model and query a one-to-one relationship
  12. One to Many - Model and query a one-to-many relationship
  13. Many to Many - Model and query a many-to-many relationship
  14. Duplication - How to eliminate reads with data duplication
  15. Aggregation - Use Cloud Functions to maintain computed values
  16. Votes - Model reddit-style votes in Firestore
  17. Role-Based Authorization - Role-based access control and security rules
  18. Access Control List - Use an ACL for fine-grained user authorization
  19. Hierarchy - Model a tree or hierarchy for threaded comments
  20. Follower Feed - User-to-user follows and follower feeds
  21. Top Five - Five Firestore Data Modeling Techniques from the Course
  22. Collection Group Queries - New feature alert! Query across multiple subcollections.

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Jack Sparrow

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