Flame and Flutter with Dart : Build your First 2D Mobile Game
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oct 28, 2022

Flame and Flutter with Dart : Build your First 2D Mobile Game

Game Advancement from ground up. Learn to design and code a 2D Mobile Game, utilizing full Architectural approach with UML

What you'll learn

Use Flutter and Dart to compose a complete 2D Game on top of the Flame Engine. No related knowledge necessary.

Create from scratch, a game in view of the well known retro-game from ATARI: Asteroids.

Learn collision detection, particle physics, frame independent motion, parallax, sound design, and other advanced topics in game turn of events.

Ace design and coding fundamentals that apply to all 2D Game engines.

Have a similar outlook as a Product Architect. Go through the complete process of designing, architecting, and coding the game.

Learn how to compose once and convey to iOS, Android, and the Internet from a solitary codebase.

Foster a strong starting point for game design and game creation that will engage you to build your own games.

Learn how to utilize Object Arranged Programming practically and effectively utilizing Design Examples



  • We accept that you make them code experience with an Object Situated language such as Java, C++, C#, Swift, or TypeScript.
  • Some information on Flutter/Dart is useful however not strictly needed. We will teach you all that you really want to be aware.
  • Access to a computer. A Mac, Windows, or a Linux based working framework is similarly fine. Every one of the instruments are operating system Independent.
  • You ought to approach a mobile device yet this isn't strictly necessary as we will foster our code on an emulator/test system first.


Have you at any point longed for creating your own mobile game?

Have you at any point needed to code your own mobile game?

In the event that the response is Indeed, THIS course is for you.


You can learn to code a 2D mobile game from the beginning.

Welcome to the Flame Engine 2D Game Crash Course where you will learn how to design and code a full mobile game in under 6 hours.


There are so many game devotees who couldn't want anything more than to learn how to compose mobile games, yet don't have opportunity and willpower to dedicate to it.

Many Game Engines have a lofty learning curve, so creating a full mobile game would take considerable time and exertion.

We have created this course for every one of the coders who need to get into creating their own mobile game utilizing a 2D Game Engine, and all the more critically, we have created this course to take you from 0 to legend in under 6 hours.

We have given core 6 hours of lectures in any case, we likewise gave in excess of an additional 5 hours of Reward Material including Coding Exercises and additional eplainers.


Why Flame Engine

The Flame Engine is a minimalist 2D game engine that sudden spikes in demand for top of the Flutter framework. So it is light-weight with a little impression.

This is perfect for mobile games.


Benefits of The Flutter Framework

You work with one code base yet get different stage organization. Basically compose once, and send to the two iOS and Android. This is an enormous benefit as it saves you time and exertion.

Also, this is perfect for mobile games since we don't depend on the specific operating system GUI as we basically assume control over the screen and create our own GUI from scratch.


Crash Course Format

This is a crash course. So we eliminate all the puff from the typical approach and we focus and zone in, with laser precision, on the fundamentals that apply to every 2D engine. We make sense of the necessary fundamentals such as:

  • Game Loop
  • Component Rendering
  • Spritesheet Liveliness
  • Game Mechanics
  • Between Component Communication and Informing
  • Component Interoperability and Composability
  • Collision Detection
  • Particle Physics
  • Math for Game developers such as:
  • Vector Math
  • Velocity Control
  • Rotational Control
  • Collision Detection
  • Limit Detection
  • Game Parallax For Creating Complex Background Motion
  • Sound Design - For Adding Sounds, Sound Effects, and Music to Your Game.
  • Every one of the required Programming interface will be investigated too.

Focus on Fundamentals

We will go through the first 3 hours focusing on fundamentals with test code and architectural models.


Architectural Approach

Our approach to teaching the material is a piece not quite the same as most courses. We adopt the architectural strategy. This implies that we will likewise teach you some Computer programming while we are teaching you about the Flame Engine.

We will utilize UML charts to show you the context of what we are doing. This is all to provide you with a superior perspective of how everything fits together.

All in all we won't just work with code. The really objective here is to teach you to take on a similar mindset as a Product Architect. We don't believe you should simply code this game. We maintain that you should go through the process of designing and architecting it in an expert way.

Utilizing Case Studies

Part of how we teach you in this course rotates around practical case studies. Each case concentrate on shows you a full answer for a given component of 2D game coding such as Joystick control or collision detection.

The Game we will create

We will create, from scratch, utilizing our architectural approach, a game in light of the renowned retro-game from ATARI: Asteroids.

This is a perfect game for learning every one of the fundamentals.


Why this particular game

This is a perfect game to learn a 2D game engine for the accompanying reasons:

It has extraordinary Game Mechanics such as:

  • Spaceship Control
  • Spaceship Explosion
  • Tracking of Score and Player's Lives
  • Firing of Slugs
  • Space rock Motion/Pivot and Separating
  • Occasional UFO Reward Appearing
  • Deterministic Game Level Age from a JSON Record
  • This will lead us to completely investigate and comprehend:
  • Joystick Control
  • Game Loop Update And Render
  • Clock Component Callbacks
  • Vector Math
  • Collision Detection
  • Particle Physics
  • Revive Rate Independent Rendering
  • Sounds Design and Game Music
  • Parallax Effects for Background
  • This game is likewise perfect to be played on both a telephone as well as a tablet device.



We expect that you make them code experience and we additionally accept that you know Flutter/Dart and have worked with it.

Be that as it may, in case you have not worked with Flutter don't worry!

The course is designed to assist you with the arrangement and a strong comprehension of the language components because of the architectural approach.

So as a general rule all you want is experience with any Object Situated language such as Java, Swift, C#, C++, or TypeScript and you will be fine!


Practice Makes Perfect

For each Case Study we have given you various Coding Exercises.

We additionally give Arrangement Recordings to make sense of the actual arrangement, alongside code and some PDF materials also.

Who this course is for:

  • We have created this course for every one of the coders who need to get into creating their own mobile game utilizing a 2D engine.
  • Coders new to game advancement who need to think of one codebase and send their game on various stages.


Piotr Paweska


  • 4.9 Instructor Rating
  • 5 Surveys
  • 51 Understudies
  • 1 Course

"Coding loans you the capacity to create your own universe."

  • I'm a Product Architect, Game Engineer, Media Lover and an occasional musician and videographer.
  • I love Competitive coding and competitve advancement which I did with TopCoder.
  • I'm enthusiastic around 2D game turn of events, especially for mobile devices.

A large portion of my work in the business included being a full-stack designer. I took care of business for companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and WWF.


4.9 course appraising 5 Rating

Shamira T.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a week prior


I truly partook in this course. It was so intriguing to see design designs applied to game development.I love the delightful way the instructor makes sense of everything carefully with models and code pieces. The exercises are...

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