Flutter & Dart: SOLID Principles and Top Design Patterns
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jun 21, 2023

Flutter & Dart: SOLID Principles and Top Design Patterns

Enhance your Flutter and Dart code by mastering S.O.L.I.D principles and top design patterns. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of fundamental design patterns and their practical implementation in the Flutter framework. Learn to architect complex systems, reduce complexity, and improve code quality. Suitable for Flutter and Dart developers seeking to excel in software architecture


What you'll learn

  • *Master* the most important and fundamental design patterns in modern Software Engineering within the *Flutter* framework using *Dart*
  • Learn and internalize the S.O.L.I.D principles of design like seasoned *Senior Developers* do.
  • Get a deep understanding of the WHAT, WHY, and HOW for those *Fundamental Design Patterns*.
  • Get a full Architectural exposition (with UML) of each pattern as well as *real-world* scenarios with hands-on coding examples for each pattern.
  • Work on and complete Dart-based assignments that will push your understanding of those patterns deeper and more fundamentally.
  • Learn how to *identify* the *best pattern* for the given Architectural challenge.



  • It is assumed that you know your strategy for getting around Flutter and Dart. Only basic experience is required.
  • You should have the option to run the Dart code that is provided with the course. We will use Visual Studio Code as our IDE however you can use any IDE you like.
  • Access to a computer. A Macintosh, Windows, or a Linux based operating system is equally fine. All the tools are OS Independent.
  • You should approach a mobile device however this is not strictly necessary as we will develop our code on an emulator/simulator first.


We as a whole need to become better software developers and have the option to call ourselves "Software Engineers" or "Software Architects", however to do that you first need to master various design patterns.

This course will put you on a track to that destination.

We will show you how to recognize when to use specific design patterns to build complex systems in a divide-and-conquer way so that complexity is reduced and abstracted.

Yet rather than learning all the design patterns out there, we have curated the most important, the top fundamental GoF Design Patterns for you.


All of that in the context of the Flutter Framework using Dart.


We start with full understanding of the S.O.L.I.D Design Principles and how they in go relate to those design patterns. We eplain everything in the context of real-wprld problems as well as specific code examples.

Toward the end of the course you will get to Architect a solution by coding John Conway's Down of Life simulation which will run on your mobile device.


Complex software systems are plagued with three major issues:

Timelines are stretched as requirements change.

Multiple developers struggle with coordinating their efforts.

Code redundancy.

This in turn creates issues with maintenance and overall flexibility for adding new features. In general this means poorly designed systems that are hard to maintain and are not adaptable.

One answer to all the above problems is having a proper design and architecture. Think of a skyscraper being built. There is always a high-level blueprint. This blueprint is used to show everybody involved (from architects to supply chain to construction workers to machinery scheduling and so on… ) what is being worked on.


Everybody understands and follows the same vision.


A blueprint has various commonly understood elements which rehash the same thing across many projects. For example all buildings need electrical wiring and plumbing, they might need elevators, and cooling systems, and underground parking lots, and of course stairs. They also usually are connected to the electrical grid and water supply as well as… roads.

All these common elements follow certain standards that have been improved over numerous years and across numerous many projects. They are well understood and can be used almost like recipes.

In Software Engineering we also have a set of elements that rehash the same thing across many projects. For example all software applications need to make objects, they need to communicate state change across those objects, they need to be able traverse over collections of those objects. In other words, if you need to be a superior developer then you need to become proficient in those elements that have been time-tested. In the Software Engineering world these elements are known as "Design Patterns"


This course will show students how to recognize when to use specific design patterns to build complex systems in a divide-and-conquer way so that complexity is reduced and abstracted.

This will help you to design projects in an Architectural way before any major development happens and can be used to shorten development time and reduce maintenance costs.


Design patterns are important because they are time-tested recipes or solutions to well-known software engineering problems. While creating software applications certain problems repeat in a really predictable fashion so as opposed to 'reinvent' the wheel we will have an assortment of, if you will, wheels to choose from.

We will show you this in a slightly different way than you probably have been educated before. We will adopt a practical strategy (i.e. specific examples) however the power of Design Patterns comes from their 'concept' and we will show you the concept of those design patterns so that you are fully able to change them and modify them to your needs. In addition we will look at how to combine all those patterns into something more prominent: an architecture.


A well designed Architecture is this magical thing where the whole is more noteworthy than the sum of its parts.

This is the thing we will strive to educate you.


Who this course is for:

  • *Flutter and Dart* developers who need to learn to Design, Architect, and ultimately develop *better code*.
  • Developers who need to get a deep understanding of what makes Extraordinary *Software Architecture*.



Piotr Paweska

Software Engineer

  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 364 Reviews
  • 3,762 Students
  • 4 Courses

"Coding lends you the ability to make your own universe."


I am a Software Architect, Game Developer, Media Enthusiast and an occasional musician and videographer.


I love Competitive coding and competitve development which I did with TopCoder.

I am passionate about 2D game development, especially for mobile devices.


Most of my work in the industry involved being a full-stack developer. I did work for companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and WWF.


4.7 course rating 104 reviews

Nicole R.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 seven days ago


The course is exceptionally informative, however a couple of more examples of the patterns would be helpful as well as solutions to the tasks.


Oniya Olaiya J.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 2 months ago



Definitely... So I was appalled by the design of the course toward the beginning and that was probably because I was having issues with understanding the concept as I'm new to design patterns. However, at this stage, finishing the State design pattern, I need to admit that this is a well structured course with truly valuable and able concepts. I do need to point out my concerns though incase the course designer has it in mind to do something better later on... Repetition would greatly improve understanding of students and It would be perfect if each Design Patterns was touched as a piece of a large application system. The course feels too similar as I'm in class. I wish I could have been designing things while learning them... Now, I feel I would need to go over the course a second and probably a third time to fully grasp the concepts.


Joshua G.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 4 months ago


Enabled me to learn about the various Software Design Patterns while providing engaging exercises which culminated into a tomfoolery yet 

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