Flutter for Designers Section 2 ( Designcode.io )
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Nov 06, 2022

Flutter for Designers Section 2 ( Designcode.io )

Forging ahead from the previous Flutter for Designers course, this course has a heavier accentuation on utilizing Firebase Programming interface's to join Firebase and Flutter. There will be a lesser accentuation on making front-end Flutter UI and more accentuation on the most proficient method to build functional applications equipped for being sent to the App Store. A survey of the previous course and the Dart programming language will be exceptionally useful. That being said, you will likewise be acquainted with some new Flutter gadgets and bundles.


1) Flutter for Designers Section 2

  • Investigate new Flutter gadgets and find out about Firebase as you keep on building a cross-platform app
  • 5:17

2) Exploring Widgets

  • Survey the fundamentals of Flutter gadgets by making the app's login screen
  • 11:33

3) User Data

  • Alter textfields and holder gadgets to recognize client input
  • 12:22

4) Flutter Interactions

  • Utilize the GestureDetector Gadget to make astounding client interactions
  • 6:17

5) Firebase for Android

  • Make your most memorable Firebase Project and download Firebase modules for Android
  • 10:02

6) Firebase for iOS

  • Arrange the iOS project to utilize Firebase and meet the new FutureBuilder gadget
  • 10:13

7) Introduction to Firebase Authentication

  • Build your own authentication framework utilizing Firebase Authentication
  • 15:19

8) Sending Messages from Firebase

  • Send client verification and secret key reset messages from Firebase
  • 9:02

9) Dynamic Login with Firebase

  • Identify confirmed clients to pick the right startup screen
  • 6:10

10) Introduction to Cloud Firestore

  • Find out about Firestore and the benefits of making a data set facilitated on the cloud
  • 9:29

11) Storing Information to Firestore

  • Figure out how to save information to the Cloud Firestore data set utilizing Dart
  • 11:40

12) Getting Information from Firestore

  • Peruse information from Firestore to alter the Profile Screen
  • 10:29

13) Mutating Information in Firestore

  • Permit clients to refresh their profile and synchronize the progressions to Firestore
  • 12:25

14) Cloud Firestore Security Rules

  • Secure your data set in this careful introduction to Cloud Firestore Security Rules
  • 13:51

15) Populating Widgets from Firestore

  • Transform information from Firestore into a custom class to assist with populating Flutter gadgets
  • 10:21

16) Reading Information from Various Collections

  • Powerfully update your gadgets' substance by perusing from a few Firestore collections
  • 12:31

17) Introduction to Firebase Stockpiling

  • Store and download your assets from Firebase Stockpiling to diminish your app's installation size
  • 8:05

18) Joining Firestore and Firebase Stockpiling

  • Begin joining Firebase items to raise your app's functionality
  • 8:48

19) Getting Files Through Flutter

  • Get close enough to a client's photograph library on both Android and iOS
  • 12:46

20) Transferring Documents to Firebase Stockpiling

  • Transfer documents to Firebase Stockpiling straightforwardly from the Flutter application



What you'll build

Upgrade your current app or begin without any preparation as you track and get familiar with the methods.



Download source documents

Download the recordings and assets to allude and learn disconnected without interuption.

  • Plan format
  • Source code for all sections
  • Video documents, ePub and captions
  • Recordings
  • ePub
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  • Assets


What's included?

All courses accompany downloadable records to assist you with planning, code and follow the course disconnected.

  • 120+ long stretches of video
  • Captions in English, Chinese
  • Source records, ePub
  • UI, symbols, illustrations
  • Premium, support visit


SOURCE Records

  • Configuration formats and source code records are incorporated to assist you with learning.

EPUB Records

  • Peruse disconnected involving Books for iOS, Macintosh or other apps that can peruse this format.

VIDEO Records

  • Download the recordings with the goal that you can observe later or disconnected utilizing any video player.


Meet the teacher

We as a whole attempt to be reliable with our approach to showing bit by bit, giving source records and prioritizing plan in our courses.

Sai Kambampati

Understudy. ENGINEER. Planner. NOT Generally In a specific order.

Understudy at UCSC continually finding out about new advancements, building imaginative versatile apps, and planning advancement items.



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Rachel Nelson


Your most memorable book was very useful for me since, such as yourself, I likewise got going as a pixel-pusher and I jumped at the chance to make things look pretty without respecting how configuration truly functions. Your book has truly assisted me with fining tune my abilities in plan!


Felipe Elioenay

Freelance DESIGNER

Up until this point the best "online course" I've at any point bought. It resembles a cutting edge degree in Computerized Plan. Can't completely accept that I'm completing my first React App :D

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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