Full Stack - React Django DRF Channels Project - djChat
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Harry Potter

Jul 04, 2023

Full Stack - React Django DRF Channels Project - djChat

Learn how to build a live chat application using React, TypeScript, Django, Django REST Framework (DRF), and Channels. Develop robust chat server administration APIs, create visually appealing front-end interfaces, integrate external APIs, implement CRUD operations, and ensure secure authentication. Gain hands-on experience in full-stack development with React and Django for creating real-time chat functionality.


What you'll learn

  • Foster Django projects with RESTful APIs utilizing Django REST Framework (DRF) and productively oversee project source control.
  • Build a hearty chat server administration API with highlights like server filtering, channel management, and related information recovery.
  • Make outwardly engaging front-end interfaces utilizing React, React Router, and Material-UI for consistent client experience.
  • Incorporate external APIs into Django projects utilizing Axios, handle CORS, and carry out CRUD operations for effective information dealing with.
  • Carry out secure authentication components utilizing djangorestframework-simplejwt, including token-based login, registration, and WebSocket authentication.



Related knowledge in utilizing the Django framework would be favorable

Information on social data set standards would be favorable

Having a PC would be favorable


The course centers around building a chat server administration API and integrating it with a front-end templating framework. It additionally covers API mix and building chat administrations with highlights like authentication.

The main module covers source control and project inception, including making another Django DRF project and designing climate factors. It additionally instructs designing Visual Studio Code for linting and organizing.

The subsequent module centers around building a chat server administration API. It covers generating names, planning chat servers, and making the fundamental models and information base tables. It additionally incorporates designing API documentation and making API endpoints for filtering servers and returning related information.

The third module presents front-end templating with React. It covers making a new React project, directing, integrating Material-UI, and building parts like the application bar, essential draw, and head part.

The fourth module covers API incorporation utilizing Axios. It shows making API demands, designing Cross-Beginning Resource Sharing (CORS), and making a CRUD snare. It likewise incorporates building parts for investigating well known servers and classes.

The fifth module centers around building chat administrations utilizing Django Channels. It covers introducing and designing Channels, executing web attachments, and making chat room usefulness. It likewise incorporates templating for server pages and executing message history.

The 6th module covers authentication utilizing the djangorestframework-simplejwt library. It covers token-based authentication, making login and registration structures, safeguarding API endpoints, and executing WebSocket authentication.

The last module extends chat administrations with extra highlights.

The course gives an exhaustive guide to building a Django DRF project with chat server administration, integrating with a front-end framework React, and executing fundamental elements like authentication and chat usefulness.

Who this course is for:

Amateurs, Designers, Students, and Aficionados new to the React and Django Framework

Engineers, Students, and Fans hoping to invigorate their insight into React, Django, DRF and Django Channels



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4.8 course rating 14 reviews


Rating: 5.0 out of 5 4 days prior


Exceptionally interesting course it is really advance... we'd anticipate that organization should productioin


Yomi O.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 fourteen days prior


This instructional exercise will make you appropriately comprehend how to build a full stack application utilizing Django and React. It is exceptionally captivating and all around made sense of.


William C.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 fourteen days prior


I've done a few of these Very Foundation courses both on Udemy and on YouTube, they are in every case excellent with tons to learn, and this course is the same.


Papun M.

Rating: 4.5 out of 53 weeks prior


Extraordinary introduction


Useful Links

  1. Django Official Website: https://www.djangoproject.com/

    • The official website of the Django web framework provides documentation, tutorials, and resources to get started with Django.
  2. Django REST Framework (DRF) Official Website: https://www.django-rest-framework.org/

    • The official website of Django REST Framework provides comprehensive documentation and guides for building RESTful APIs with Django.
  3. React Official Website: https://reactjs.org/

    • The official website of React provides documentation, tutorials, and resources for learning React and building user interfaces.
  4. Material-UI Official Website: https://mui.com/

    • Material-UI is a popular React UI framework that provides pre-designed components following the Material Design guidelines. The official website offers documentation, examples, and guides for using Material-UI in your React projects.
  5. Django Channels Official Documentation: https://channels.readthedocs.io/

    • Django Channels is a library that enables WebSocket communication in Django projects. The official documentation provides detailed information on setting up and using Channels for real-time functionality.
  6. djangorestframework-simplejwt GitHub Repository: https://github.com/SimpleJWT/django-rest-framework-simplejwt

    • djangorestframework-simplejwt is a library that provides JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication for Django REST Framework. The GitHub repository contains the source code, documentation, and examples for implementing secure authentication using JWT in your Django projects.
  7. Axios GitHub Repository: https://github.com/axios/axios

    • Axios is a popular JavaScript library for making HTTP requests. The GitHub repository provides documentation, examples, and usage guides for integrating Axios into your projects.
  8. Django Project Repository on GitHub: https://github.com/django/django

    • The official Django project repository on GitHub contains the source code, issue tracker, and documentation for Django. You can explore the codebase and contribute to the Django project if you're interested.

These links should provide you with a wealth of information, documentation, and examples to help you learn and build projects using React, Django, DRF, Channels, and related libraries.

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