Full-Stack Web Development Course (Coding Shuttle) [Anuj Bhaiya]
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Apr 10, 2023

Full-Stack Web Development Course (Coding Shuttle) [Anuj Bhaiya]

Join Coding Shuttle's Full-Stack Web Development Course with Anuj Bhaiya and become job-ready with in-demand skills to boost your career. Build a portfolio of professional projects and impress potential employers. Get a step-by-step course roadmap and clear your doubts with high-quality LIVE sessions. Enroll now for a cost-effective and interactive learning experience. Testimonials from learners on how they benefited from the course.

Become Job Ready With

Coding Shuttle 🚀

Learn in-demand Skills with Anuj Bhaiya and Boost your


career higher than ever 🔥


Advantages Of Joining Our

Full-Stack Web Development Course


Build a portfolio of projects that make you stick out

The projects we'll assist you with building are professional, real-world applications that will make your portfolio stick out and impress potential employers.


Get hired, in record time

Quit wasting time on vast instructional exercises. Our step-by-step Course gives you an exact roadmap to go from any foundation to getting hired. No CS degree is required.


Work-experience-based learning programs for developers

We can give you a curated roadmap to build your dream career and become your own chief, regardless of your experience level.


Get advanced, become top 10%

Our well-curated courses assist you with continuing to build your skills so you can land senior jobs and be perceived as a top tech professional.


This is the way our Course looks at to

different choices

Everything you want to arrive at your career objectives ğŸŽ¯


✅ Rs. 499 every month for One Year

✅ Get High Quality LIVE Sessions that assist you with staying predictable and drew in with the course.

✅ Learn modern skills that are really being utilized by top tech organizations.

✅ Clear your Questions in Each class by straightforwardly talking to the Instructor.

✅ Get Homeroom type Energies with other batchmates inside a highly interactive environment.

✅ Be inspired to finish the LIVE course by the Finish of 90 days.


❌ Rs. 3000 to Rs. 25000 every month for 9 to a year.

❌ Stall out with Pre-recorded sessions with unfortunate commitment.

❌ Burn through your time learning obsolete points that employers couldn't care less about.

❌ Never have an opportunity to interact with the instructor and trust that TAs will Answer

❌ Get baffled and stuck learning by yourself.

❌ No Motivation to remain predictable leading to course incompletion and dissatisfaction.


👋 Meet your Instructor

Howdy, I'm Anuj Kumar Sharma. I have taken all that I have learned working as a Computer programmer throughout the long term and presently devote 100 percent of my opportunity to educating others' significant programming development skills and helping them break into the tech industry, continue to step up their skills, and advance their careers. Since 2019, more than 600,000 students all over the planet have taken my courses on YouTube and different stages and a significant number of them are currently working at top-level organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, DE Shaw just to give some examples.


Being a self-taught programmer, I comprehend that there is an overwhelming number of online courses, instructional exercises, and books. There are a few incredible ones. Yet, a large portion of them are obsolete, excessively convoluted, and don't show legitimate skills. The vast majority feel incapacitated and don't have any idea where to begin while learning complex points and many don't have 3 Lakhs Rupees to spend on a coding training camp. Programming and tech skills ought to be affordable and open to all. What's more, instructive materials ought to show real-life skills that are current and not burn through your significant time.


By joining my Full stack Web Development Course and putting in the work, you'll have the chance to assume command over your life, work in an exciting industry with infinite prospects and live the life you need.


See you inside,


Pioneer behind Coding Shuttle and Ex-Computer programmer at Amazon, Metropolitan Organization



This is the very thing our Learners need to say 💁‍

Product designer at Oxypoint

"I have never believed that I will learn coding until I met Anuj Bhaiya. Prior to meeting him I was particularly terrified of coding. Anuj Bhaiya has introduced the coding world to me in an exceptionally interesting and simple manner that I experience passionate feelings for coding and began learning Java, DS, Algo."

— Iqbal Hossain

Android developer

"I'm a BCA student and your Java and Android playlist assisted me with cracking multiple organizations. Your Android playlist is marvelous, if somebody has any desire to learn android with extraordinary venture then this playlist is highly suggested. My #1 video is "Uh oh in one video", extremely accommodating. Much thanks bhaiya for such an incredible substance."

— Dinesh Puniya

Engineering Student

"I have been trying to find a decent course on Web development for quite a while. However, the courses that I loved were not forward-thinking. Finally tracked down an ideal course for it on Coding Shuttle. Really enjoying your approach to Explaining Ideas Anuj Bhaiya."

— Shivam Joshi

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Hey Guys We are Tech Enthusiasts and we know knowledge is key to success ! We are here to open path to your success by providing what you want. Today education == business. Our moto is education should be accessible by any person who is not able to purchase overpriced content.

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