Gautam Kumawat - Hacking Course Bundle 🔥
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Aug 31, 2023

Gautam Kumawat - Hacking Course Bundle 🔥

Learn the art of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and darknet exploration from renowned expert Gautam Kumawat. With over seven years of experience in prestigious institutions, Gautam has trained officials and solved complex cybercrimes. Discover courses to transform your cybersecurity skills and career. Plentiful job opportunities, job security, and exceptional salary prospects await. Join over 41,000 students from 162 countries in mastering ethical hacking, cyber investigations, and more!

Who is Gautam Kumawat ?

Professional Hacker | Entrepreneur

Gautam Kumawat is a Star expert in the field of cybersecurity. On the off chance that you're searching for an instructor with a deep understanding and significantly more critically - with a proven record of working in top-level institutions, then you met your fantasy here.


Gautam has north of seven years of experience serving in prestigious institutions both in India and the US. The rundown incorporates various law enforcement agencies. His job included training officials and solving cybercrimes of significant intricacy.


Gautam Kumawat accentuates that our reality is getting more cyber, which normally implies that the rates of cybercrimes are expanding. And they are getting more convoluted. The best way to remain safeguarded is to get educated. Regardless of whether you're not functioning as a cybersecurity expert in a major organization or a foundation that stays discreet. He's been raising the topic in global media, highlighted in names, for example, Thriveglobal, Hindustan Times, India Today, The Hindu, Times of India, Economic Times and numerous others.


Learn the art of cybersecurity, ethical hacking, and about the darknet from an experienced expert and trainer. Gautam Kumawat has previously shown north of 41,000 students from in excess of 162 nations!


For what reason to learn Hacking ??


Abundant job openings

Cyber Security to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2025


Job Security

Technology is growing faster and threat from hackers is expanding


No Extraordinary Degree

Bosses like Google, Apple, EY and IBM are presently hiring laborers without higher educations.


Faster emerging market

its one of the fastest growing market projected at 37% from 2012 to 2022


Awesome Salary

As of Dec 26, 2018, the normal yearly compensation for a Cyber Security Consultant in the United States is $110,765 per year.


Unique Skills

In organization you will continuously get advantage of having extraordinary skills.


 I extraordinarily outlined these courses to Transform Your Life from

what you are today to - what you really need to be.


Master Ethical Hacking


Cyber Security Course


4.9/5 (17,000 votes)


Course Length : 5 Hours


Computer Forensics


Crime Investigation


4.9/5 (18,209 votes)


Course Length : 3 Hours


Master DarkNet


Deep Web Course


4.9/5 (22,493 votes)


Course Length : 4 Hours


Bug Bounty Hunting


Make Millions of Dollar


5.0/5 (27,947 votes)


Course Length : 5 Hours


Master Penetration Testing

By Kali Linux


4.9/5 (15,589 votes)


Course Length : 2 Hours


Mastering Metasploit


Kali Linux


4.9/5 (19,027 votes)


Course Length : 4 Hours


Malware Analysis Course


Dissecting Malicious Software


4.9/5 (18,952 votes)


Course Length : 2 Hours


Secrets of Cyber Hi-Tech Crime Investigation

for LEA As it were


4.9/5 (14,649 votes)


Course Length : 60 minutes


Career Clarity


4.9/5 (12,456 votes)


Course Length : 0.5 Hour




Dr. Ashok Prajapati

Vice Chairman at IEEE Computer Society, USA


I was really flabbergasted to hear his outstanding capacities in cyber security early in life. In best of my insight, even numerous professionals don't have level of expertise Gautam has. The extraordinary thing about him is he learns and spreads his insight to others in productive manner. His abilities were very much valued by India investigation agencies for his contributions in this field and training investigators at large.


Next Testimonial will be YOU

Professional Hacker


IPS Navdeep Singh Virk

Additional Director General of Police


I'm really glad to take note of that the endeavors made by you in educating the course participants during the course on "Cyber Crime Investigation and Cyber Security" in simple and professional manner have been extraordinary. I'm certain that every individual who takes the courses will be benefited.

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Harry Potter

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