Generative AI with Large Language Models (Coursera)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Jul 22, 2023

Generative AI with Large Language Models (Coursera)

Learn the fundamentals of Generative AI with Large Language Models (LLMs) and how to deploy it in real-world applications. Gain practical skills, understanding, and insight into the latest research on Generative AI with expert AWS AI practitioners. Enroll in this intermediate course on Coursera to master Generative AI techniques and create value with cutting-edge technology.

About this Course


In Generative AI with Large Language Models (LLMs), you'll get familiar with the fundamentals of how generative AI works, and how to convey it in real-world applications.

By taking this course, you'll figure out how to: - Deeply understand generative AI, describing the critical steps in a run of the mill LLM-based generative AI lifecycle, from data gathering and model selection, to performance evaluation and deployment - Describe exhaustively the transformer architecture that powers LLMs, how they're trained, and the way in which fine-tuning enables LLMs to be adjusted to an assortment of specific use cases - Use empirical scaling laws to streamline the model's objective function across dataset size, compute budget, and inference requirements - Apply state-of-the art training, tuning, inference, tools, and deployment methods to expand the performance of models inside the specific constraints of your project - Discuss the challenges and opportunities that generative AI creates for businesses in the wake of hearing stories from industry researchers and practitioners Developers who have a decent foundational understanding of how LLMs work, as well the best practices behind training and conveying them, will actually want to use sound judgment for their companies and all the more rapidly construct working prototypes. This course will support learners in building practical intuition about how to best use this exciting new technology. This is an intermediate course, so you should have some experience coding in Python to take advantage of it. You should also be know all about the basics of machine learning, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, loss functions, and splitting data into training, validation, and test sets. On the off chance that you have taken the Machine Learning Specialization or Deep Learning Specialization from DeepLearning.AI, you'll be prepared to take this course and plunge deeper into the fundamentals of generative AI.



Gain foundational knowledge, practical skills, and a functional understanding of how generative AI works

Jump into the latest research on Gen AI to understand how companies are making esteem with cutting-edge technology

Instruction from expert AWS AI practitioners who effectively construct and convey AI in business use-cases today



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 4.89/5 (80 Ratings)


Antje Barth




Principal Developer Advocate, Generative AI, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


 84,625 Learners


 4 Courses


Chris Fregly




Principal Solutions Architect, Generative AI, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


 93,394 Learners


 5 Courses


Shelbee Eigenbrode




Principal Solutions Architect, Generative AI, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


 84,625 Learners


 4 Courses


Mike Chambers




Developer Advocate, Generative AI, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


 57,232 Learners


 1 Course


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DeepLearning.AI is an education technology company that develops a worldwide local area of AI talent.

DeepLearning.AI's expert-led educational experiences give AI practitioners and non-specialized professionals with the necessary tools to go as far as possible from foundational basics to cutting edge application, engaging them to fabricate an AI-powered future.


Syllabus - What you will gain from this course

Content Rating98%(5,066 ratings)



6 hours to finish

Week 1

Generative AI use cases, project lifecycle, and model pre-training


17 videos (All out 117 min), 5 readings, 3 quizzes

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5 hours to finish

Week 2

Fine-tuning and evaluating large language models


10 videos (Absolute 78 min), 3 readings, 2 quizzes

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6 hours to finish

Week 3

Reinforcement learning and LLM-powered applications


21 videos (Complete 141 min), 6 readings, 2 quizzes

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by OSJul 3, 2023

Takes you by hand from start to finish, citing papers from 2022 and 2023. Extraordinary for making you ready with having the option to use and construct open source LLMs at work. Suggested!


by JVJul 16, 2023

Excelent course, thanks to all staff for gave such a charming, profound and pertinent course. Love you!


by MAJul 3, 2023

Ideal breakdown of various steps that should presently be possible to train one's own LLM. I in all actuality do wish there was less hand hanging on the labs.


by BCJul 5, 2023

Covered most Generative AI fundamentals. All around structured! Also cherished the hands on examples in SageMaker.

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Harry Potter

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