Git & GitHub Masterclass: The Practical Bootcamp
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Jul 07, 2023

Git & GitHub Masterclass: The Practical Bootcamp

Master Git and GitHub with this comprehensive bootcamp. Learn the core concepts, commands, branching, merging, conflict resolution, collaboration workflows, and advanced topics. Customize your GitHub profile, work with pull requests, and optimize your Git workflow. Enroll now and gain hands-on experience in version control with Git and GitHub.


What you'll learn

  • Comprehend Git essentials and how it functions in the background
  • Fundamental Git commands like add, status, commit, log, push, and pull
  • Branching and merging code in Git
  • Settling consolidate conflicts in Git
  • Dominating high level Git ideas, for example, rebase, stash, restore, squash, revert, reset and more!
  • Working with GitHub: Push our undertakings on far off storehouses
  • Work with Git explicit records: Disregard and README
  • Tweaking the presence of GitHub Profile and Undertakings utilizing README record
  • Ace collaboration workflows: fork, clone, pull requests and so forth.
  • Utilizing pull requests to team up on code changes on Open Source Activities
  • Making and overseeing issues on GitHub
  • Jumping profound with Git workflow and Github workflow



No past information required


Welcome To Git And GitHub Masterclass, one single course to begin your version control venture as a fledgling with no past information. This course is intended for students who need to begin working with Git and Github. Following the bit by bit approach, you will learn the commands for productive code the executives and comprehend basic ideas driving version control frameworks following Git design. Subsequent to finishing this tasks you will have active experience working with Git and Github and will actually want to utilize Version Control for your undertakings.

All through the course, we will investigate the main subjects bit by bit:

1. Prologue to version control frameworks and the Git workflow

2. Setting up Git and making a repository

3. Fundamental Git commands like add, status, commit, push, and pull

4. Branching and merging code in Git

5. Settling conflicts in Git

6. High level Git ideas, for example, rebase, stash, restore, squash, revert, reset and more!

7. Best practices for composing commit messages and utilizing Git pseudonyms

8. Working with GitHub, an electronic stage for overseeing Git storehouses

9. Redoing the presence of GitHub Profile and Tasks utilizing README document

10. Utilizing pull requests to team up on code changes on Open Source Ventures

11. Making and overseeing issues in GitHub

12. Advancing Git workflow for execution

These points cover the fundamentals of Git and GitHub that designers of all levels need to be aware to work cooperatively, oversee code changes really, and enhance their workflows for proficiency. Subsequent to going through the course understudy will have a strong groundwork to utilize Git with partners on 80% of the undertakings they might have to handle besides in the wake of finishing this tasks you can undoubtedly learn and associate high level points naturally in view of the center establishment.


Why this course?

Finish course is centered around the idea learning approach, you learn each idea through a logical and visual learning approach.

Learn immeasurably significant ideas in the easiest manner with models and genuine tasks.

You needn't bother with any information, we will cover everything bit by bit without any preparation.


In the wake of finishing this tasks you will be prepared to fill in as an Understudy, Fresher, or Consultant and you can likewise carry out everything yourself! Above all you will be ready to isolate profound with future practice and hard-level inquiries of site building.

Enlist now, I will ensure you learn best about Git and GitHub.

Who this course is for:

Anyone with any interest at all in learning Git and Github



Shubham Sarda

Programming Designer and Educator

  • 4.4 Teacher Rating
  • 4,223 Reviews
  • 49,360 Students
  • 17 Courses

Shubham is a product designer enthusiastically for instructing. He has worked with many supported new companies, self-projects and as a top of the line consultant on commercial centers.

Shubham has shown programming and digital advertising to north of 50,000 students on the web and disconnected as an Educator.

Shubham has dominated making sense of extremely complex subjects in the easiest way that is straightforward and follow. His video courses are additionally utilized by organizations to prepare their workers and by universities to set up their students and redesign abilities as per industry prerequisites.


Enlist now and I will see you inside the course!


4.7 course rating 102 reviews

Anuj K.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 a month prior


all around made sense of, simple way, decent exaplanation

Nisha N.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 a year prior


Great. Be that as it may, minimal confounding as I'm not from programming field.I am new to GitHub and dealing with Bioinformatics field.


Carlos Gerardo J.

Rating: 4.0 out of a long time back


This is an extraordinary course to have an essential information on GIT and GitHub yet I would've enjoyed all the more endlessly practices for a group project.


Gregg H.

Rating: 4.0 out of a long time back


I truly partook in the course. It was useful distinctive the contrast among Git and the instruments and GitHub itself. I currently know to the point of utilizing Git and GitHub going ahead.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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