Hilt Dependency Injection in Android with Kotlin 2023
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Harry Potter

May 06, 2023

Hilt Dependency Injection in Android with Kotlin 2023

Learn about Hilt Dependency Injection in Android with Kotlin 2023. This course covers theoretical and practical aspects of Hilt, including modules, components, field injection, constructor injection, method injection, and qualifiers. Ideal for beginner and intermediate developers, the course is taught by Catalin Stefan, a software development teacher with over 10 years of experience.


What you'll Learn

  • Hilt
  • Unit Testing
  • Dependency Injection
  • Modules
  • Components
  • Field Injection
  • Constructor injection
  • Method injection
  • Qualifiers
  • ViewModel injection


Android development knowledge

Kotlin knowledge


Dependency Injection is presently a basic part of Android development. All very much constructed, enormous activities use it to make development simpler and more functional.

Hilt is the cutting edge dependency injection structure from Google. It's based on top of Blade and works on DI extraordinarily. Android development has been consistently depended upon Dependency Injection, and Hilt is currently the quickest and least difficult method for carrying out it in your ventures.

This course will

take you from a total novice in the innovation

make sense of exhaustively the hypothetical parts of Hilt injection

thoroughly go through every one of the components that make Hilt such an effective library

carry out it in a commonsense application

After this course you will have the knowledge and experience to involve Hilt in all your application development activities, and will permit your applications to develop and extend consistently.

We will find out about:


Constructor injection

Field injection

Method injection



Standard qualifiers

ViewModel injection

Unit testing

We will fabricate everything in Kotlin.


We cover a ton of ground in this course, and we will execute the ideas essentially so you get hypothetical knowledge as well as commonsense experience too. Whether you start with no involvement with dependency injection or you definitely know a tad about it through blade, this course will tell you the best way to utilize it with Hilt.

Join today, and we should figure out how to utilize Hilt to fabricate a cutting edge Android Application.

Who this course is for:

fledgling designers

halfway designers


Catalin Stefan

Programming Development Instructor

  • 4.5 Teacher Rating
  • 12,392 reviews
  • 55,201 Understudies
  • 40 Courses

I'm an eager student and instructing lover. I love making content and courses that enhance individuals' lives and assist them with having a superior encounter, both by and by and expertly.

I'm a specialist versatile application designer with north of 10 years development experience. I appreciate making courses connected with programming development and portable applications, and need to share the knowledge I have gained.

I make courses in view of my expert experience. I desire to show relationship building abilities that help them in their professions, permit them to secure new abilities and work on their own connections.

4.6 course rating214 evaluations

Vasyl M.

Rating: 5.0 out of 52 months prior


Great and brief portrayal of the Hilt system.




For the most part alright, simple to get a handle on, yet entirely extremely fundamental. Normally individuals take courses to comprehend the point all the more profoundly, and here a ton of subtleties and functional executions are precluded. Ought to be expressly noticed that the course is for novices.


Kevin Alexander C.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5 6 months prior


Exceptionally cleared and your lord in learn is extremely magnificent. Prescribed for either individual that need to be aware of dependency injection with Hilt and Android


Filip T.

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 6 months prior


it's magnificent however should be refreshed:- @HiltViewModel is presently accessible try to make sense of more about "by viewModels" since in your course it's made sense of as a feature of viewmodels set apart as hilt based and it's not.


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Harry Potter

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