HTML&CSS Tutorial and Projects Course 2023 (Flexbox&Grid)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 06, 2023

HTML&CSS Tutorial and Projects Course 2023 (Flexbox&Grid)

Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch and build 20+ real world projects with this web development course. Master Flexbox and Grid layouts, responsive design, and free resources for images, fonts, and icons. No coding experience needed. Enroll now to jumpstart your web career.


What you'll Learn

  • Gain HTML5 without any preparation.
  • Gain CSS3 without any preparation.
  • Make responsive true ventures without any preparation.
  • Learn CSS Grid and Flexbox Format Modules.
  • Realize where to get free images, custom fonts.
  • Figure out how to function with font-awesome icons
  • Realize where to get custom color palettes.


  1. No programming/coding experience as we will begin from outright scratch
  2. Any PC - Mac, PC.
  3. Any Text Editor. We will download Brackets Text Editor yet will be capable track with any text editor.
  4. Any Web Program. Chrome,Firefox.(Chrome is necessity provided that needs to utilize Brackets Live See).
  5. All necessary programming is free!!!!


If you have any desire to begin your profession in Web Development, HTML and CSS are fundamental abilities to have on the grounds that they are essential dialects of the web.

HTML represents Hyper Text Markup Language. In short HTML is a markup language that is utilized creating web pages.

CSS represents Flowing Templates. In short CSS is a language liable for design and styling of the web pages.

In this course we will cover the two dialects from the scratch and toward the finish of the course become HTML and CSS ninjas by building Responsive Genuine Undertakings.

Why you ought to take this course?

Reason Number ONE - You Will Comprehend the Web Better.

Knowing the HTML and CSS and how they are utilized to make web pages is fundamental for web engineer as they are building blocks of each and every web page.

Reason Number TWO - You Will actually want to Make Websites.

When you will know HTML and CSS you will actually want to make a personal,unique web page for yourself.

Reason Number THREE - Begin a Web Profession.

For anyone who needs to seek after a profession in Web Development information on HTML and CSS is required.

Reason Number FOUR - You Will Advance to One more Programming Dialects effortlessly.

When you know the essentials of HTML and CSS you will actually want to get dialects like Javascript no sweat.

Reason Number FIVE - We Will Gain HTML and CSS Without any preparation and Will Utilize it to Fabricate Responsive Genuine Tasks.

Not just we will gain proficiency with the hypothesis of HTML and CSS bit by bit. We additionally will apply our insight by building Genuine Undertakings.

Who this course is for:

Anybody who needs to gain Web Development without any preparation.


Featured Review

Yagya J.

  • 426 courses
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Rating: 5.0 out of quite a while back

I advanced such countless things from this course. I rehearsed numerous parts of web design. It has woken me up to different regions that are expected of a web designer. I truly do now understand that why this is a ceaseless undertaking. You want to keep on figuring out how to stay up with the latest. This likewise showed me that there is nobody method of website design and development; individuals can move toward various ways. The one thing that is fundamental is figuring out the center - - which this course gives.



John Smilga


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  • 122,513 Students
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Hi, I'm John Smilga and I'm a web designer. I live and work in Sarasota, FL. I burn through the majority of my day, exploring different avenues regarding HTML, CSS and Javascript (and it's perpetual rundown of systems). I appreciate coding and the test of gaining some new useful knowledge ordinary. You can likewise track down me at youtube channel Coding Fiend.

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Harry Potter

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