Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 12, 2023

Implement High Fidelity Designs with Material-UI and ReactJS

Learn to create beautifully designed production applications from scratch with Material-UI and React JS. Bridge the gap between design and development, and ensure cross-browser support with your styles. Enroll now and migrate from create-react-app to Next JS, use serverless functions with Firebase, and collect data with Google Analytics in React JS. Enlist useful links related to Material-UI, React JS, and web development.


What you'll Learn

  • Create wonderfully designed production applications without any preparation with Material-UI
  • Build applications that look ideal on each screen with Material-UI's responsive design system
  • Refine UX/UI design intuition and see concepts in real life
  • Search Engine Optimization in React JS
  • Migrate from create-react-app to Next JS
  • Utilize serverless functions with Firebase
  • Send out and productively coordinate animations with react-lottie
  • Collect information and track events with Google Analytics in React JS
  • Guarantee cross-browser support with your styles in Material-UI
  • Deploy production Material-UI/React JS applications


Be OK with React JS - - this is a middle level course!

Mac or Windows Computer


Welcome to the #1 documentation suggested paid asset for learning Material-UI!

Across 35 hours and in excess of 200 talks, I will show you without question, all that there is to realize about building finely designed applications utilizing hands-down the most valuable apparatus I've learned since React itself - - Material-UI!


Take your web development abilities to an unheard of level and separate yourself from the normal React designer by acquiring the certainty to build expertly designed applications!

After learning React, I think numerous designers run into a typical issue - - what are the prescribed procedures for really building your own project!? You might have a thought in your mind for a truly cool application or website yet feel like you wouldn't know precisely how to approach making it with React. Could it be said that you should build every single component and piece of functionality without any preparation? Most certainly not! Figure out how to let Material-UI do the hard work for you with its complete customizable component library with coordinated styling, theming, grid, and responsive design systems.

The majority of the courses you take while learning React are centered around showing you the core concepts and fundamental syntax/structures important to comprehend and build React applications. This is normally finished by building either a modest bunch of small projects, each engaged around a specific idea or by building a large project and consolidating every idea as you go. Learning like this is perfect, and significant to grasping the subject.

In any case, I have seen that because of the attention on the basic concepts and functionality, the vast majority of the designs and layouts aren't especially fascinating! The designs are generally not terrible using any and all means - - and that isn't the focal point of unadulterated React courses so this isn't an issue - - yet they aren't normally something you would provide for a paying client, so that leaves somewhat of a hole when you start dealing with your own. That is exactly why I made this course!


We will build two complete projects without any preparation in light of simply design documents - - including my own genuine production website!

I will walk you through the growing experience that I went through when I built my most memorable production application - - as far as possible from beginning the project with a blank screen to deploying a completely responsive website. What I sincerely attempt to underline is the method for thinking about structuring layouts in Material-UI. We'll initially go over screenshots of the design we're going to build and outwardly breakdown the grid arrangement important to accomplish each look, alongside the relating code bits! Then, at that point, we really bounce into the code manager to set it in motion.

We'll likewise be going over the documentation for every Material-UI component before we use it in our project so you'll be know all about every one of the various capacities, in addition to the highlights we use! Every component is incredibly flexible and one of my objectives for this course was giving you enough experience with the whole current ecosystem to be prepared to see any future updates.

A vital piece of building production applications is ensuring that your styles and functionality don't simply deal with your system, yet are flexible and responsive to any climate. That is the reason I drill responsive design practices so you'll comprehend the concepts to remember as well as how to really implement them with Material-UI and get ideal styles on the greatest, smallest, and each in the middle between. This will ideally turn out to be natural and we'll all appreciate more optimized user-experiences across the web.


We will likewise be covering additional points like SEO in React, switching our project over to Next.js and the advantages from doing as such, attaching Google Analytics to begin settling on information driven choices, coordinating animations from After Effects, thus significantly more!


The Course Content Includes:

  • Setting up another project with create-react-app, React Router, and Material-UI
  • Guided clarifications of the documentation for pretty much every Material-UI component followed by implementing them in our project
  • Different image optimization systems
  • Making a theme for your application by dominating Material-UI's unified styling system
  • Figuring out how to utilize responsive design to guarantee your applications look amazing on any screen size and direction!
  • Utilizing the Material-UI grid system to impeccably adjust complex layouts
  • Sending out animations from Adobe After Effects and proficiently bringing them into a React application with react-lottie
  • Utilizing serverless functionality with Google Firebase Cloud Functions
  • Sending messages through Node.js
  • Making network requests in React while showing criticism like loading spinners with Material-UI
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in React applications
  • Moving a project from create-react-app to Next.js and why
  • Cross-browser testing and support
  • Deploying a Next.js project and adding a custom domain name - - for two different hosting platforms
  • Integrate Google Analytics to collect information about who is connecting with your application and what they're doing
  • Build custom organizational functionality to control information showed in tables including search, filtering, erase, and fix


Alongside lifetime admittance to more than 35 HOURS of content, you'll likewise track down simple admittance to support through dynamic Q/A.

You should just go for it - - this course accompanies a 30-day unconditional promise on the off chance that you're not completely fulfilled!

Tackle the test, obscure the line among design and development, and figure out how to create the projects you've imagined.

Who this course is for:

React engineers hoping to bridge the hole among design and development.

React engineers who feel like they know React yet have more to advance prior to building a cleaned website.

React engineers who have extraordinary designs however have battled on impeccably implementing them by and by.

React engineers who need to have the option to build any website design that is given to them.

React engineers who need to dominate responsive design

React engineers searching for a superior comprehension of UX/UI design standards

React engineers searching for a more straightforward, quicker method for making ready with clean, reliably designed applications


Zachary Reece

Programming Business person

  • 4.2 Teacher Rating
  • 2,689 Reviews
  • 19,146 Students
  • 2 Courses

Hello! I'm Zachary Reece, a startup organizer from Wichita, Kansas. I began building websites when I was only 9 years of age, showing myself HTML and the Web from library books. From that point forward I've invested all of my energy concentrating on UI/UX/visual communication, math, theory, and of course computer science.


The present moment I'm continuing to concentrate on JavaScript at a low level to streamline the web and versatile applications I create, as well as starting work on my most memorable machine learning-based application.


I began a custom programming organization, Curve Development, when I was 21 years of age to bring quick, reasonable, and stylish programming to the Midwest. I desire to show the abilities I've mastered during that cycle to my understudies here on Udemy!


4.2 course Ratings 2K Reviews

Sergey P.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 a month prior


I truly partook in this course and thought it was exceptionally valuable. It's the most complete course that anyone could hope to find on Material UI right now. There are a few provisos you should know about though.The material was designed considering Material UI form 4. I had no issue tracking with while utilizing Material UI v5 and making changes where it was required. Yet, you must know about that starting around 2023 a portion of the bundles utilized all through the course are becoming outdated.There is a ton of reiteration. You will wind up doing likewise things again and again on various pages. It's great for training and mimics the experience of building a whole website. In any case, to be shown the significant pieces of MUI and be finished with it, this could become frustrating.Some of the examples and design decisions the educator utilizes while composing React code are lethargic and problematic. For instance, utilizing eval() while applying a channel to a table. There are vastly improved courses on composing React and Next JS applications. Yet, beside these things it's an incredible course.


Samuel O.

Rating: 1.0 out of 5 3 months prior


Unresponsive support with breaking changes genuinely wish I never purchased the course since I was gaining great headway sorting it out on my own in 2021 however the course has nearly wiped out my inspiration to learn

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Harry Potter

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