Java App Development : Winter Training (Geeks For Geeks)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Mar 19, 2023

Java App Development : Winter Training (Geeks For Geeks)

Learn app development with Advanced Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, and RESTful APIs in this winter training course by Geeks For Geeks. Mentored by industry experts and inclusive of major and minor projects based on real-world applications, join from anywhere with the live feature and get your doubts cleared by the instructor, Chamandeep Singh.

Course Description

Know either C, C++, Java or Python? Hoping to Develop an app? This is the perfect course for you!


Course Outline

This course is planned and tutored by industry specialists that will assist you learn App development with Advanced Java ( Socket Programming, Swing ), Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, RESTful APIs, etc. It is inclusive of 1 major and 2 minor projects in view of real-world applications with directed lab sessions. Because of its Live feature, you can go to classes from anyplace and ask your questions uninhibitedly as well!

What you will Learn

  1. Advanced Java (Socket Programming, Swing/JavaFX)
  2. Spring/Spring Boot
  3. JPA, Hibernate
  4. RESTful APIs

Course Content


Week 1

Introduction to Java, Core Java Concepts, Exception Handling and Java Collections


Week 2

Advanced Java Section 1 and Minor Project - 1


Week 3

Spring/Spring Boot, RESTful APIs


Week 4

JPA/Hibernate and Minor Project - 2


Week 5

Swagger, Spring Actuator and Major Project



Course Instructor


Chamandeep Singh

SDE at Amazon

He has sound information on technologies like Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, REST APIs, Python, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, etc. He is enthusiastic about programming and a victor of Different Competitive programming occasions coordinated at different coding platforms. His core interest is in backend development likewise has settled in excess of 1000 DSA questions and cleared in excess of 800 uncertainty in light of DSA on various platforms. In Past, Chamandeep cleared the 20+ coding screening of companies like Amazon, Hotstar, Paytm ETC. He was a Coach at GeeksforGeeks. Currently, he is a Product Development Specialist at Amazon.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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