JAVA Backend Development (Geeks For Geeks)
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Harry Potter

Mar 19, 2023

JAVA Backend Development (Geeks For Geeks)

Learn Java backend development with Geeks For Geeks comprehensive 9-week course. Improve your skills in advanced Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, RESTful APIs, and Micro-services to build efficient and attractive web applications. Enroll now and get lifetime access to Core Java, Movie Review system, Movie Ticket Booking system projects, and more.

Course Description

Our Java Backend Development course is a 9-week guided program to equip you with the right skills and make you interview-ready. Not just this get hands on experience of building web apps like e-wallet, movie ticket booking, etc.

Course Overview

Improve your career prospects as an IT professional with our 'Java Backend Live' course. This course is suitable for those with some Java knowledge and little to no experience in Java Networking Programming. The course covers advanced Java, Spring/Spring Boot, Hibernate, RESTful APIs, Micro-services and related technologies to improve and fabricate efficient and attractive Java-based web applications.

Be guided by industry experts having active experience with Core Java and Backend development. Learn through projects based on real-world applications like e-wallets, with guided and interactive live sessions and that's just the beginning.

Key Features:

  1. 10+ long periods of recorded content on Java from Nuts and bolts to Advance by CEO and Founder Mr. Sandeep Jain
  2. 20+ long stretches of exclusive content on Java Collections and Frameworks by Mr. Sandeep Jain
  3. 100+ Problems to Practice
  4. Contests to Assess and Track your skills
  5. A half year of one-on-one 24X7 Uncertainty Assistance
  6. Minor and Major Live Project Building
  7. Supporting notes/documentation for every lecture

With the help of our classes and involved projects, this is an ideal comprehensive program for beginners to experienced developers. Enroll now to see your career growth rise exponentially as a java-backend developer and get moment complimentary and lifetime access to:

Core Java including:

Java Rudiments

Java Collections and Framework

Projects including:

  • Movie Review system
  • Movie Ticket Booking system
  • The Live Classes are scheduled for weekends, i.e. Saturday and Sunday. Timings are mentioned in the clump section. Check out the Course Brochure for Complete Details.

What you will learn

Core Java including the essentials, OOPs, and advanced concepts

Java Collections and Frameworks including Streams, Lambda Expressions, ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, TreeMap, and significantly more

Maven and Multithreading related concepts, problems with arrangements

RESTful Web Services with Endlessly spring Boot

MySQL and JDBC Connectivity

Redis with Spring Boot and Security

OAuth 2.0 with projects on JSP and Hibernate

Kafka with Spring Boot

Develop a completely working web applications like Paytm Wallets (utilizing the above technologies).

Course Content


Week 1:

Session 1

Java OOPS Concepts: Object, Class, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Reflection, Encapsulation

Exception Dealing with in Java

Java Collection

Session 2

Singleton Design Pattern

Dynamic Class , Interface (Example of Interface : Runnable Interface) , Mysterious Inner Class

Useful Interfaces , Lambdas

Generics , Streams


Week 2:

Session 3

Hashmap In Depth

Multithreading (Thread, Thread Gathering , Methods of Thread Creation, Sequential versus Parallel Stream , Thread.Join )

Session 4

Maven ( Need , POM.xml, Maven Repository and Types, Maven Lifecycle )


Week 3:

Session 5

Prologue to Server and Client Model

Prologue to Spring Boot

Instructions to run application as a Server

What are Embedded Servers ( Jetty , Tomcat )

Logging Levels In Spring Boot

Running Spring Boot applications in different spring profiles

Running Spring Boot applications on terminal

Session 6

REST Programming interface



Mailman : AGENT FOR Programming interface TESTING , Twist





Week 4:

Session 7

Spring IOC

Dependency Injection


Target of a Comment

Design Of Beans WITH @Configuration and @Bean

Session 8

Server In Memory Storage Versus Plate Storage

Connecting Spring Boot Application Server with Database Server

Request Classes and Approval



Week 5:

Session 9

Need for a deliberation framework layer between DAO and Database

JPA (Java Persistence Programming interface)


Entity Class and Explanation

JPA Repository Maven Dependency Tree


Session 10

Custom Queries with JPQL (Java Persistence Query Language)

Relationships in JPA

Minor Project (Online Library Management System)

Project Flowchart


Week 6:

Session 11

Minor Project 1

Project Flowchart

Project HLSD

Project Information Modeling

Session 12

Changing way of neighborhood repository (.m2)

CSV Parsing with Spring Boot

What is Unit Testing ( Junit , Mockito )


Week 7:

Session 13


Cache , Cookie and the difference

Server Cache versus Browser Cache

Nearby Redis Server

Online Centralized Redis Server

Session 14

Prologue to Spring Security

Spring Security Terminologies

Essential Authentication with System Generated Credentials

Authorisation with InMemory Authentication

Authorisation with Database user Authentication


Week 8:

Session 15

Minor Project 2

Project Overview

Project HLSD

Project Information Modeling

Session 16

Prologue to Oauth2

OAuth 2.0 concepts

Work process of OAuth 2.0

Scope and Consent:

Github OAuth2 with Spring Boot


Week 9:

Session 17

Message Queue

Types of Message Queues

Prologue to Kafka MQ

Session 18

Kafka with Spring Boot

Consumers and Producer Model

Kafka Subjects and Events


Week 10:

Session 19

Begin Significant Project

Project Overview

Project HLSD

Project Information Modeling

Session 20

Significant Project Continued

Project Queries

Career Guidance

Reviews and Ratings

Hitesh Garg

Placed in Sophos

I previously had zero experience in JAVA Development. I joined this course with numerous expectations and this course really satisfied them. This course isn't just about JAVA yet its more than that you will learn numerous things like Redis, Kafka, Spring security what not. I had the option to break many interviews of JAVA because of this course. A really wise investment that I made.


Vishal Prajapat

Placed in Concretio

Before joining the geeks for geeks Java back-end Development course, I have just a fundamental knowledge of java. Yet, after that joining the live course I learned everything which are demanding in the industry from a real-life industry experts mentor. They helped me gain confidence in pursuing the projects, How you can manage the project, how to handle every one of the features and learned about different technologies like Java spring boot, Hibernate, Redis, Kafka, MongoDB, etc. Which eventually helped me to acquire some work in the IT industry. The content provided by geeks for geeks is the best piece of my course and the journey goes from fundamental to intermediate to advanced level. It helped me a ton, I expressed my gratitude towards geeks for geeks family.


Kshitij Kumar

Placed in HashedIn (Deloitte)

The course was very great. It had a very structured prospectus. I had initial exposure to Spring Boot however this course and mentor explanation solved my questions and furthermore gave me great exposure to Redis, Kafka, and Microservices. I was really impressed with his teaching, explanation, and his guidance.


Raman Tayal

Placed in PhonePe

I'm a college student after learning Information Structures and Algorithms I wanted to learn some essential development aspects, that was a reason I joined this course after researching numerous websites at last tracked down GFG Backend Development. In this course, I learned about Java Backend Development from very nuts and bolts to a great level. Mentor had a decent experience in this field and helped where I was stuck. It merited taking this course.

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Course Educator

Kajal Glotra

SDE-II at Zomato

Kajal is exceptionally skilled professional with 5+ years of experience in software development. She is currently working in Zomato as SDE-II and has previously worked in companies like Walmart, Mobikwik, and Droom. Her expertise lies in Java, Spring, SpringBoot, as well as in devices like Redis, MemCache, and Kafka. Furthermore, she has extensive knowledge of databases like MySql, MongoDb, and Dynamo.

Her commitments have been invaluable in leading many projects - Visa One-Tick Payments Arrangement and Payment Reconciliation on PG.


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