Java from Basics to Advanced by Concept && Coding
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Feb 03, 2024

Java from Basics to Advanced by Concept && Coding

What you'll learn

  • Fundamentals of JAVA in depth
  • Collections in depth
  • Multithreading in depth
  • JAVA with practical sessions


  • Classes

  • Object

  • Constructor etc.

  • 4 pillars

    • Inheritance

    • Polymorphism

    • Abstraction

    • Encapsulation

Basic Overview of Java:

  • Procedural vs OOPs

  • What is Java and what makes it Platform Independent

  • JDK vs JRE vs JVM

  • Installation

  • Setting Class path Environment Variables

Going One Level Deep:

  • Writing First Java Program

  • Understanding Classes, different types and Objects

    • Abstract Classes

    • Inner Classes etc.

  • Understanding Variables

    • Static Variables

    • Final Variables

    • Primitive Variables

    • Object references

    • Cover Big decimal vs Double

    • Understanding about String

      • String Pool

      • String Immutability

  • Access Specifiers

  • Type Casting

    • Implicit Type Casting

    • Explicit Type Casting

  • Understanding Method and Different Types

    • Cover Return Type

    • Cover static method

    • Method parameters

    • Pass by value vs pass by reference

    • Overloading etc.

  • How does Memory Management Happens in Java

    • Understand about heap and stack memory

  • Garbage Collector

  • Understand Constructor

    • Private Constructor

    • Default Constructor

    • Parametrized Constructor

    • Constructor vs Method

  • Files and Directories in Java

    • Read and Write from File using Scanners

  • Understanding Package and import

  • Understand POJOs etc.…..


  • Arithmetic Operator

  • Relational Operator

  • Short Circuit Operator

  • Assignment Operator

  • Logical Operator

  • Ternary Operator

  • Bitwise Operator

  • Enums and its advanced usage

     Control Flow Statements:

  • If Statement

  • If Else Statement

  • If Else Ladder

  • Switch Statement and when to use

  • For Loop

  • While Loop

  • Do While Loop

  • Break Statement

  • Continue Statement

Multithreading and Concurrency:

ThreadPool Executors and Concurrency in Depth

Exception Handling:

  • Handling of Compile Time and

  • Handling of Run time errors

  • Checked and unchecked exception

Generic Programming in Java:

  Understand how to write generic classes and methods in java, and when to use

Java Collections:

  • List:

    • Array List

    • LinkedList

    • Stack

  • Queue:

    • Priority Queue

    • Dequeue

  • Set:

    • HashSet

    • Tree Set

    • LinkedHashSet

  • Map:

    • Tree Map

    • HashMap etc.

Java 8 Features:

  • Functional Interface

  • Lambda Expression

  • Stream APIs

  • Predicates

  • ForEach method

  • Default and static method in interface

Who this course is for:

  • Backend Software engineers

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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

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