Jetpack Compose Modern App development using latest tech
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 06, 2023

Jetpack Compose Modern App development using latest tech

Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, Flows, Retrofit, Hilt DI, Room database, Navigation, BottomNavBar and parcels more


What you'll Learn

  • Modern Android app development
  • Jetpack Compose
  • MVVM
  • Coroutines and Stream
  • Navigation
  • Framework with BottomNavBar
  • Retrofit
  • Hilt Reliance Infusion
  • Room database
  • Android System Services - Network Connectivity Monitor


  • Android development establishments
  • Jetpack Compose


While figuring out how to fabricate an Android application, you start by learning the essentials and afterward move to become familiar with the libraries utilized in Android development. Yet, you seldom become familiar with the right method for utilizing these libraries together, to make a steady, very much planned and advanced application. This is where this course comes in.

Here we utilize the most recent apparatuses and strategies to assemble an app that is versatile and viable, to the most recent principles in Android development.

Subsequent to taking this course, you will know how to construct a new app without any preparation, such that you can later grow and improve without settling on design.

We will involve a significant number of the most widely recognized libraries and apparatuses being used today in Android development.

- Jetpack Compose as an establishment is basic nowadays, and the entire ecosystem is moving towards this development design

- MVVM engineering is a norm in all very much planned apps

- Kotlin Coroutines and Flows are very helpful and prescribed by Google to run usefulness on the foundation string

- Jetpack navigation for moving around in the app

- Retrofit for network interchanges is a norm for all apps that discussion to a backend Programming interface

- Hilt Reliance Infusion has turned into a standard library that decouples object creation from use

- Room database is fundamental for putting away information in the app long haul

- A network monitoring administration is an exceptionally normal practice to keep the client refreshed of any progressions in network connectivity


This multitude of devices and libraries are normal spot in many apps that you will fabricate, and this course shows you how to utilize them together to execute an app that is versatile, viable and testable.

To take your development abilities to a higher level and become a specialist Android designer, this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

Amateur Android engineers

Intermediate Android designers



Catalin Stefan

Programming Development Instructor

  • 4.5 Teacher Rating
  • 12,392 Surveys
  • 55,201 Understudies
  • 40 Courses

I'm an eager student and educating aficionado. I love making content and courses that enhance individuals' lives and assist them with having a superior encounter, both by and by and expertly.

I'm a specialist versatile application designer with more than 10 years development experience. I appreciate making courses connected with programming development and portable apps, and need to share the information I have obtained.

I make courses in light of my expert experience. I desire to show relationship building abilities that help them in their professions, permit them to procure new abilities and work on their own connections.


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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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