Kreatura Slider - Premium Slider Plugin for WordPress v7.8.0
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Aug 18, 2023

Kreatura Slider - Premium Slider Plugin for WordPress v7.8.0

Experience the power of Kreatura Slider (LayerSlider) v7.8.0 - a premium animation platform WordPress plugin for creating stunning slideshows, landing pages, and full websites with mind-blowing effects. From Seo Friendly features to Retina readiness, explore the versatile capabilities of this plugin. Check out what's new in the latest version and elevate your WordPress experience.

Kreatura Slider (LayerSlider) is a premium multi-reason animation platform WordPress plugin. Slideshows and image galleries with marvelous effects, perfectly animated landing pages and page blocks, or even a full website can be created utilizing LayerSlider. Each website can profit from the capabilities of this plugin. Intended to meet the business pattern, It offers Kickstarter and other crowd-funding items for your online campaign.


Start building amazing slider graphics, beautiful landing pages, and shocking page blocks with Kreatura Slider easily. You can create eye-catching content for your Kickstarter campaign utilizing the amazing features of Kreatura Slider.


Center Features of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

  • Seo Friendly and Localization Ready
  • Retina And Hi-res Ready
  • Utilizing Cutting Edge Technologies
  • Tested On A Variety Of Devices
  • Optimizations For Mobile Devices
  • Bandwidth Friendly By Serving Variable Resolution Images
  • WordPress Multisite Ready
  • In excess of 200 Pre-characterized Slide Transitions
  • Parallax, Even In 3D and Ken Burns Effect
  • Drift, Circle and Multi-step Animations
  • Playbyscroll and Timelines
  • Channels and Layer Masks
  • Random and Cycle Properties
  • Animate Colors and Common Css Properties
  • Static Layers and Jump out-of-slider Effects
  • Drag and Drop Visual Editor With Fix/Re-try
  • Bunch Selection, Rulers With Guides, Duplicate and Paste Layers Options
  • Popout Editor To Alter Everything In One Place Without Scrolling
  • Image Editor Controlled By Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Timeline With Color-coded Markers
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Personal Needs (For example Slideshow Of Family Photographs)
  • Professional Business Website
  • Presentation Of Your Creative Work
  • Retail And Commercial Purposes
  • Or on the other hand In any event, For Ads On Billboards
  • Pull Content Dynamically From Posts and Pages
  • Construct Auto-updating News And Content Sliders
  • Import/Insert Content From Popular Administrations Like Flickr (Just around the corner)
  • Full Width, Full Size, Hero Scene And Fullscreen Sliders
  • Looks And Works Totally On Each Gadget Out Of The Crate
  • Alternative Gadget explicit Layouts In The Same Slider
  • 18 Skins, Theming Options, And Many More Customization Options
  • Compatible With All Popular Browsers


What's New (Changelog) in LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) v7.8.0

LayerSlider 7.8.0 is currently available !Aug 11, 2023

Presenting Smart Background, a new feature that allows you to modify how layer backgrounds behave. You can detach the background from a layer to create an effect as on the off chance that you were glancing through the layer - like a window - to the background. For example, you can create mosaic-like images when utilized with different layers. Read our blog entry to see examples and learn more.

The entire venture editor interface got incalculable upgrades to enhance user experience and accessibility significantly. From clicking into option fields to choosing text, all behave all the more naturally. For example, text fields won't lose center while clicking certain interface components, smaller fields automatically expand to make space for longer values, and so on. By popular demand, the active slide has also gotten a substantially more noticeable highlight.

A great deal of additional transition properties can now handle random values. In addition to the already existing random feature, which picks a number from a range between two numbers, you can now also give a rundown of fixed values to browse randomly. They have a new, more limited, and easier syntax. Tapping the + sign close to a transition option field will reveal and give examples to both.

Scroll Transition offers new transition properties: Alternate Transform Beginning, Invert Easing, and Opposite Duration. These allow you to drastically change how a layer reacts and animates while scrolling the page back and forth.

The color picker presently offers a way to reorder colors and gradients across layers, slides, and undertakings. It currently also appropriately updates as you fix/re-try changes.

Assets Library presently automatically retries downloading assets in case of a failed attempt, and it also accompanies additional interface upgrades.

System Status can now perceive and appropriately decipher and display special PHP settings utilized in edge cases.

Further developed how layers with Parallax Transition behave and eliminated some unsteadiness in certain cases.

Added additional mouse cursor options under the STYLE menu.

Fixed layout issues in operating system native fullscreen mode.

Fixed an issue that forestalled animating certain Completion Transition effects on slide change.

Fixed misshaped images in the editor in rare and special cases relying upon the zoom levels.

Fixed layer style channels not appropriately restored after spinning through slides.

Fixed the channel editor popup not accurately parsing special values now and again.

Fixed an issue in the layers list that occasionally didn't accurately mirror the chose layers in multi-select mode.

Sales Page and Live Demo of LayerSlider (Kreatura Slider) Plugin

Useful Links:

  1. Plugin on Codecanyon
  2. Live Demo

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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