Learn Core Java Programming - Beginner to master (Abdul Bari)
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May 24, 2023

Learn Core Java Programming - Beginner to master (Abdul Bari)

Master the art of Core Java programming with our comprehensive course. From beginner to expert, learn Java SE through practical examples, multithreading, GUI programming, and more. Enroll now for a productive and in-depth learning experience. Get lifetime access and a 30-day money back guarantee!

What we'll learn:

  • Learn Java programming for standard edition Java SE.
  • Learn Multithreaded Programming.
  • Learn GUI Programming.

Course Summary:

The course consist of Java Features, Java SE Concept of Programming are simplified and

easy.Every point is made sense of with real-life examples. This course is designed to make you acquainted with Java Programming exhaustively. Toward the finish of the course you will understand Java very well and will actually want to build your own Java applications.

After completion of course you will be as productive as software developer.

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Key Highlights:

  • 61.5 hours on-demand video
  • 18 downloadable resources.
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and television.
  • Certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum


Section 1: Introduction

9 Lessons

Lesson 1. Instructor's Note


Lesson 2: Download and Install JDK


Lesson 3: First Java Program using Notepad


Lesson 4. Installing JDK on macOS and First Program


Lesson 5: Skeleton of Java Program


Lesson 6: Exploring First of Skeleton program


Lesson 7: Reading from Keyboard


Lesson 8: Reading from Scanner


Lesson 9: Student Challenge - Compose Your First Java program


Section 2: Data Types - Variables and Literals

9 Lessons

Lesson 10: Data Types


Lesson 11: Check Size and Range of Data Types


Lesson 12: What are Variables


Lesson 13: Rules for Variables Name


Lesson 14: What are Literals


Lesson 15: Integral Data Types in Details


Lesson 16: Check Binary Bits of and Integer


Lesson 17: Float and Character Datatypes in Details


Lesson 18: Visiting UniCode.org


Section 3: Setup Java Environment

4 Lessons

Lesson 19: Installing Notepad++


Lesson 20: Installing Eclipse


Lesson 21: Installing NetBeans


Lesson 22: Installing IntelliJ


Section 4: Features and Architecture

6 Lessons

Lesson 23: Compiler vs Interpreter


Lesson 24: How Java is Platform Independent


Lesson 25: Platform Independent Demo


Lesson 26: JVM Architecture


Lesson 27. JVM Architecture Details


Lesson 28: Features of Java


Section 5: Operator and Expression

13 Lessons

Lesson 29: Arithmetic Operators and Expression


Lesson 30: Practice - Arithmetic Operators


Lesson 31: Student Challenge - Calculate Area


Lesson 32: Student Challenge - Quadratic Equation


Lesson 33: Student Challenge - Cuboid


Lesson 34: Increment and Decrement Operators


Lesson 35: Practice - Increment and Decrement Operators


Lesson 36: Bitwise Operators - AND OR and XOR


Lesson 37: Bitwise Operators - LeftShift RightShift and NOT


Lesson 38: Practice - Bitwise Operators


Lesson 39: Bit Masking and Merging


Lesson 40: Student Challenge - Masking and Swapping


Lesson 41: Widening and Narrowing


Section 6: String Class and Printing

16 Lessons

Lesson 42: Printing using System.Out.Println


Lesson 43: Formatted Output #1


Lesson 44: Formatted Output #2


Lesson 45: String Object


Lesson 46. Creating String Objects


Lesson 47: String Method #1


Lesson 48 : Working on String Methods


Lesson 49: string Method #2


Lesson 50: Working on String Methods 2


Lesson 51: String Method #3


Lesson 52: Working on String Methods 3


Lesson 53: Regular Expression


Lesson 54: String Matching With Regular Expression


Lesson 55: Student Challenge-String Methods


Lesson 56: Student Challenge : Regular Expression #1


Lesson 57: Student Challenge - Regular Expression #2


Section 7: Conditional Statements

10 Lessons

Lesson 58: Relational and Logical Operators


Lesson 59: Conditional Statements


Lesson 60: Rehearsing Conditional Statements


Lesson 61: Student Challenge - 3 Simple Tasks


Lesson 62: Student Challenge - Find Radix


Lesson 63: Student Challenge - Type of Website


Lesson 64: Switch Case


Lesson 65: Rehearsing Switch Case


Lesson 66: Student Challenge - Day in Words


Lesson 67: Student Challenge - Menu Driven Program


Section 8: Loops

13 Lessons

Lesson 68: while Circle and do..while Circle


Lesson 69: Rehearsing Loops


Lesson 70: for Circle


Lesson 71: Rehearsing for Circle


Lesson 72: Student Challenge - Factorial


Lesson 73: Student Challenge - Armstrong Number


Lesson 74: Student Challenge - Palindrome


Lesson 75: Student Challenge - Display Number in Words


Lesson 76: Student Challenge - Fibonacci


Lesson 77: Nested Loops


Lesson 78: Student Challenge Patterns1


Lesson 79: Student Challenge - Patterns2


Lesson 80: Student Challenge - Patterns 3


Section 9: Arrays

8 Lessons

Lesson 81: One-Dimensional Arrays


Lesson 82: Rehearsing 1D Array


Lesson 83: Student Challenge - Find Second Largest Element


Lesson 84: Student Challenge - Rotation of Array


Lesson 85: Student Challenge - Increasing Size of Array


Lesson 86: Two-Dimensional Array


Lesson 87: Rehearsing 2D Array


Lesson 88: Student Challenge - Matrix Multiplication


Section 10: Methods

15 Lessons

Lesson 89: What are Methods


Lesson 90: Writing Methods


Lesson 91: Passing Objects as Parameters


Lesson 92: Rehearsing Object passing


Lesson 93. Parameter Passing in Java


Lesson 94: Student Challenge - Find Prime Number


Lesson 95: Method Overloading


Lesson 96. Rehearsing Method Overloading


lesson 97: Student Challenge - Overload Validate Method


Lesson 98: Variable Arguments


Lesson 99. Rehearsing Variable Arguments


Lesson 100: Student Challenge - Calculate Discount


Lesson 101: CommandLine Argument


Lesson 102: Student Challenge - Sum of Numbers from CommandLine


Lesson 103: Recursion


Section 11: Object-Oriented Programming

15 Lessons

Lesson 104. Principles of Object-Oriented Programming


Lesson 105: Class vs Object


Lesson 106 : How to Compose a Class


Lesson 107: Writing a Class for Circle


Lesson 108. Student Challenge: Compose a Class for Rectangle


Lesson 109: Student Challenge - Compose a Class for Cylinder


Lesson 110: Student Challenge - Compose a Class for Student


Lesson 111: Data Hiding


Lesson 112: Rehearsing Data Hiding


Lesson 113. Types of Properties


Lesson 114: Constructors


Lesson 115. Rehearsing Constructors


Lesson 116: Student Challenge - Cylinder


Lesson 117: Student Challenge - Item and Customer


Lesson 118: Arrays of Objects Challenge


Section 12: Inheritance

15 Lessons

Lesson 119: Generalization vs Specialization


Lesson 120: What is Inheritance


Lesson 121. Rehearsing Inheritance


Lesson 122: Student Challenge - Account, Customer and so forth


Lesson 123: Constructors in Inheritance


Lesson 124: Parametrised Constructors


Lesson 125: this vs super


Lesson 126: Method Overriding


Lesson 127. Rehearsing Method Overriding


Lesson 128. Model #1 for Method Overriding


Lesson 129: Model #2 for Method Overriding


Lesson 130: Dynamic Method Dispatch


Lesson 131: Rehearsing Dynamic Method Dispatch


Lesson 132: Do's and Don't's of Overriding


Lesson 133: Polymorphism using Overloading and Overriding


Section 13: Abstract Classes

7 Lessons

Lesson 134: What is an Abstract Class


Lesson 135: Rehearsing Abstract class


Lesson 136: Model #1 Abstract Class


Lesson 137: Model #2 Abstract Class


Lesson 138: Student Challenge - Class Shape


Lesson 139: Do's a Don't's of Abstract Class and Methods


Lesson 140: Rules for Abstract Classes


Section 14: Interfaces

7 Lessons

Lesson 141: What are Interfaces


Lesson 142: Rehearsing Interfaces


Lesson 143: Examples for Interface


Lesson 144. Demo : Model for Interface


Lesson 145: Student Challenge - CallBack Method


Lesson 146: Do's and Don't's of Interfaces


Lesson 147: Interface vs Multiple Inheritance


Section 15: Inner Classes

5 Lessons

Lesson 148: What are Inner Classes


Lesson 149. Demo :Nested Inner Class


Lesson 150. Local and Anonymous Inner Class


Lesson 151. Static Inner Class


Lesson 152. Demo : Local and Static Inner Classes


Section 16: Static and Final

8 Lessons

Lesson 153. Static Members


Lesson 154. Demo : Static Members


Lesson 155. Static Blocks


Lesson 156. Demo: Static Block


Lesson 157. Final Members


Lesson 158. Demo : Final Keyword


Lesson 159. Singelton Class


Lesson 160. Student Challenge : Student Roll Number


Section 17: Packages

5 Lessons

Lesson 161. What are Packages


Lesson 162: Creating a Package


Lesson 163: Access Modifiers


Lesson 164: Demo - Access Modifiers


Lesson 165: Package Naming Convention


Section 18: Exception Handling

12 Lessons

Lesson 166: What are Exceptions?


Lesson 167: How to Handle Exception


Lesson 168. Try and Catch Block


Lesson 169: Multiple and Nested Try Catch


Lesson 170: Class Exception


Lesson 171: Checked and Unchecked Exception


Lesson 172: Toss vs Throws


Lesson 173: Demo - Toss and Throws


Lesson 174: Finally Block


Lesson 175: Try with Resources


Lesson 176: Demo-Try with Resources


Lesson 177: Student Challenge - Stack Class


Section 19: Multi Threading

19 Lessons

Lesson 178: What is Multiprogramming


Lesson 179: What is Multitasking


Lesson 180: Control Flow of a Program


Lesson 181: Multithreading using Thread Class


Lesson 182: Multithreading using Runnable Interface


Lesson 183. Demo: Multithreading using Thread and Runnable


Lesson 184: States of a Thread


Lesson 185: Thread Priorities


Lesson 186: Thread Class


Lesson 187. Thread Methods : Constructors , sleep and Interrupt


Lesson 188. Thread : Daemon, join and yield


Lesson 189: What is Synchronization?


Lesson 190: What is a Monitor?


Lesson 191. Multithreading using Monitor


Lesson 192: Demo-Synchronization


Lesson 193: Student Challenge - ATM Machine


Lesson 194: Inter-Thread Communication


Lesson 195: Model Inter-Thread Communication


Lesson 197: Student Challenge - Instructor Students Problems


Section 20: Java.lang Package

8 Lessons

Lesson 198: Object Class


Lesson 199: Wrapper Class


Lesson 200: Integer Class, AutoBoxing and AutoUnboxing


Lesson 201: Float, Character and Boolean Classes


Lesson 202: String vs StringBuffer vs StringBuilder


Lesson 203: Math Class


Lesson 204: Enum


Lesson 205: Introduction to Reflection Package


Section 21: Annotations and JavaDoc

4 Lessons

Lesson 206: Java Documentation - javadoc

SEO-Optimized Meta Description: "Master the art of Core Java programming with our comprehensive course. From beginner to expert, learn Java SE through practical examples, multithreading, GUI programming, and more. Enroll now for a productive and in-depth learning experience. Get lifetime access and a 30-day money back guarantee!"

Useful Links:

  1. Oracle Java SE Documentation: https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/index.html
  2. Java Tutorials by Oracle: https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/
  3. Java Programming Exercises and Solutions: https://www.w3resource.com/java-exercises/
  4. Java Code Examples and Snippets: https://www.javacodeexamples.com/
  5. Java World - News, Tips, and Resources: https://www.javaworld.com/
  6. Stack Overflow - Java Tag: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/java
  7. Java SE Downloads: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-jdk11-downloads.html
  8. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE): https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/
  9. Eclipse IDE: https://www.eclipse.org/
  10. NetBeans IDE: https://netbeans.apache.org/

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