Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus]
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Jun 21, 2023

Learning to Meditate [Productivity & Focus]

Learn to meditate without any preparation. Improve as a candidate, a more efficient learner, a more productive employee, and a happier person by utilizing the techniques you'll learn in this meditation course!


Course outline

Improve as a candidate, a more efficient learner, a more productive employee, and, surprisingly, a happier person that can beat others by utilizing the strategies and techniques showed in this meditation course! You will go from an absolute beginner to having the option to understand the benefits of meditation and have a key expertise that you can use until the end of your life.



 4 Week Challenge that will be your bit by bit manual for meditation for an absolute beginner

 Meditation techniques that work for anybody at any phase of their profession

 To utilize meditation to turn into a more efficient learner

 To involve meditation as a tool to work on your productivity and speed up your profession development

 Customized meditations to set you up for a job interview, for an important meeting, or for your next big project

 Why Big Tech unequivocally urges their employees to meditate and the vocation benefits of integrating it into your life

 Instructions to make meditation a habit that is important for your everyday existence

 The wellbeing and health benefits of meditation

 Instructions to integrate meditation into your bustling timetable

 Everything from where you ought to meditate to breathing techniques to help you de-stress


It just requires 30 days to construct a lifelong habit. That is the reason this course is organized as a 4 Week Challenge that will take you from zero to having the option to involve meditation to work on your focus and productivity until the end of your life.

Additionally this course is loaded with customized meditations explicitly for managing circumstances we as a whole face while learning and working:

Quieting your nerves for a job interview

Remaining loose during a distressing run or project

Augmenting your productivity while building your next big project

What's more, we're persistently adding new meditations

This meditation course is important for our ZTM Life Skills series of courses.

We're solid devotees that the best candidates and employees for any job (designer, architect, AI engineer, and so on) are those that have solid technical skills and solid soft skills.

Meditation is an expertise utilized by a lot of people of world's TOP performers. From top competitors to top chiefs. To be a top entertainer, this is an expertise you ought to add to your toolkit.

However, we don't have to persuade you. On the off chance that you're understanding this, you should be the kind of person who preferences stepping up to the plate and working on their capacities to improve as a variant of themselves.

Fortunately you as of now have the drive that many individuals don't.

Presently you can utilize that drive to learn the very meditation techniques that FAANG organizations urge their employees to take on so they are the most joyful, best, and most productive rendition of themselves.

Also, you will not be learning alone.

Since by enlisting today, you'll likewise get to join our select live online community classroom so you can learn meditation (and numerous different skills) close by great many students, graduated class, mentors, TAs, and Instructors.

At last, this course will continually advance. Similarly as your vocation process changes over the long haul, this course will likewise continually advance and be refreshed with new meditations, illustrations, and assets to guarantee you augment your productivity, wellbeing, and bliss.

Return to this course whenever you need to survey the absolute most recent meditation best practices.

This is the very thing the course will cover to take you from an absolute meditation beginner to utilizing meditation to be more productive, careful, and fulfilled in life:

1. Meditation Fundamentals: Meditation is truly about focusing on each thing in turn and being available. You might have meditated before without knowing it. So we'll investigate every one of your inquiries regarding meditation:

What's going on here?

Where did it begin?

What sorts of meditation are there?

Does meditation should be profound?

What are normal misguided judgments about meditation?

2. Benefits: Further develop Productivity, Focus and More: Why meditate? The physical and emotional well-being benefits are legitimate. A large number of individuals all over the planet (remembering for Big Tech and top performers in numerous ventures) use meditation to work on their productivity, their focus, and to build their mindfulness and life fulfillment.

We'll investigate these benefits and how to make meditation a piece of your daily practice (very much like going to the rec center or doing the #100DaysOfCode challenge) so the benefits will continue to your vocation and your lifelong excursion of learning.

3. 4 Week Challenge: The most effective way for you to learn is by doing. Furthermore, the most ideal way to construct a routine is by doing it reliably. So you will bounce directly into a 4 Week Challenge that will all the while show you all meditation, permit you to find what turns out best for you, and assist you with making meditation an everyday practice.

Week 1 - Breath Awareness: You'll be acquainted with your most memorable meditations, which are just 5 minutes in length (you can do anything for 5 minutes). You'll likewise learn about utilizing specific breathing techniques like 'box breathing' to make you quiet and assist you with focusing.

Week 2 - Body Scan and Relaxation: Presently you're doing great, so you will even out as long as brief meditations! These will show you body scanning techniques that assist you with turning out to be more mindful of your own reasoning cycles and how to improve them for progress.

Week 3 - Mindfulness: You're making an extraordinary lifelong habit currently, so you'll take it up a score here with brief meditations. Here, you'll learn one of the main skills instructed at ZTM: mindfulness. Mindfulness is tied in with being available at the time, not continually harping on your previous mishaps (we as a whole have them!) or living just for what's in store. You'll utilize these meditations to turn out to be more careful at school and at work.

Week 4 - Carrying Meditation to Your Everyday Life: Time to bring it home! This week you will cement your responsibility and skills utilizing brief meditations. You'll utilize this week to integrate meditation into all parts of your life too, not right at the everyday schedule, to augment the producitivity and focus benefits that meditation gives you.

4. Custom Meditations and Practices: Do you have a job interview coming up? A big run working? A big test at school? Oana gives you meditations that you can download and utilize any time and anyplace.

These custom meditations are intended for the most well-known challenges confronting ZTM students. Utilizing these meditations will assist you with remaining inspired regardless of what challenges are tossed at you during your vocation process.

What's more, we're persistently adding new meditations so you'll have a meditation to help you through any circumstance. Try not to see your desired meditation?

Just let your instructor (Oana) realize in our confidential community on Strife and she'll hope to make something that will help you and your kindred students!

This course isn't "charm hoo". There's actually no need to focus on hypothesis. There's really no need to focus on causing you to tune in along without truly learning to carry out this new ability in your everyday life. No!

It's tied in with making a move from Day 1. This course will push you and challenge you to go from an absolute beginner in meditation to somebody that can involve meditation as a tool to work on their productivity and focus, and advance their vocation 💪.


Meet your instructor

Your Meditation instructor (Oana) isn't simply a specialist with long stretches of true professional experience. She has been from your perspective. She makes learning fun. She causes complex topics to feel straightforward. She will inspire you. She will push you. What's more, she will exceed everyone's expectations to assist you with succeeding.

Howdy, I'm Oana Dragan!

Oana has 10+ long periods of involvement helping others to be more productive, innovative, and focused with meditation. She makes the meditation simple and a good time for her students, so even the people who didn't think meditation was for them wind up cherishing it!

Useful links:

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  3. Mindfulness Meditation: A Beginner's Guide
  4. Meditation Apps for Beginners
  5. The Science of Meditation

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