LinkedIn - DBeaver Essential Training
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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Jan 25, 2024

LinkedIn - DBeaver Essential Training


Learn the basics of using the popular DBeaver universal database client. This course focuses on the DBeaver application, not on database development or writing SQL queries.
Are you looking for an alternative to your database platform’s native tools? DBeaver is the universal database client that allows you to work with a wide variety of data platforms from a single interface. In this course, database expert Adam Wilbert shows you how to leverage this powerful tool. Adam gives you a tour of the interface and explains how to create your own database connections and add a PostgreSQL connection. He steps through how to use projects to organize your workspace, as well as the views, filters, and panels you might use when working with tabular data. After exploring how to create and modify database objects and structures, Adam covers how to configure, save, and print an entity relationship (ER) diagram. He offers useful tips on writing commands with the SQL Editor, then concludes with a discussion of some additional features that you might use in the Enterprise Edition.


  • Database management with DBeaver
  • What you should know
  • Using the exercise files
1. Getting to Know DBeaver
  • What is DBeaver?
  • Touring the interface
  • Explore the DBeaver sample database
  • Create your own database connections
  • Add a PostgreSQL connection
2. Organize the Workspace with Projects
  • Create and manage DBeaver projects
  • Store bookmarks to database objects
  • Set an active project
  • Add and link external files to the project
  • Customize the project explorer
  • Export and import projects
3. Working with Tabular Data
  • View and organize table data
  • Filter rows shown in the results
  • Apply custom column filters
  • Finding specific values in the results
  • View summary statistics with the Calc panel
  • Obtain group statistics for a dataset
  • View execution history with the Query Manager
  • Edit data values
4. Database Objects and Structures
  • Explore and modify object properties
  • Create a new table object
  • Compare table structures
  • Export data from a table
  • Import data to a table
  • Generate valid SQL commands
5. Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • View and understand an ER diagram
  • Configure an ER diagram
  • Save and print an ER diagram
6. Writing Commands with the SQL Editor
  • SQL scripts and the SQL console
  • Execute queries using the SQL console
  • Useful query writing techniques
  • Create and save project scripts
  • Save time with SQL templates
  • Improve legibility by formatting scripts
7. Additional Features of Enterprise Edition
  • Creating charts from data results
  • Build queries with a visual editor
  • Generate sample data for testing
  • Compare two data sources
  • Next steps

Taught by

Adam Wilbert

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Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

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