Low Level Design for Professionals (Programming Pathshala)
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

May 24, 2023

Low Level Design for Professionals (Programming Pathshala)

Learn low level design for professionals with Programming Pathshala's course. Design and write extensible, maintainable, and readable code as per industry standards. Explore SOLID design principles, design patterns, and practical case studies. Ace interviews and design discussions with senior architects. Start your 7-day free trial now!

Design and compose exceptionally extensible, maintainable and readable, code according to industry standards.


About this course

Speed matters in business and any industry loves to deliver highlights as quick as could really be expected. This requires the code base to be profoundly extensible.


Interpret the practical importance of SOLID design principles and explore the design patterns like Factory, Strategy, Observer, State and some more.


Practical Case studies included inside the course empower you to pick the right design for the right problem, they likewise assist you with organizing your thought process, follow a top bottom design funnel approach and in this manner scope down an open ended problem and convey the ideal components in a limited time window during interviews and design discussions.


The finished result of this isn't simply a capacity to nail Low level design interviews yet additionally a talent to expert the design discussions with senior architects inside the group and grow up the ladder.


Who this course is for

  • Low level Design is a mandatory expertise for a seasoned engineer. On the off chance that you:
  • Compose code,
  • Design classes,
  • Do code-reviews,
  • Partake in design hours/sessions inside the group,
  • Then, at that point, this is a priority expertise.
  • That being the explanation, there are interview adjusts explicitly focused on to test LLD skills for an experienced SDE-1 and SDE2/3. Speedy startups nowadays even expect freshers to be outfitted with these skills.


Learning Outcomes

  • This course will prepare you to compose profoundly
  • maintainable code and you will be capable
  • to
  • Design robust and extensible software systems according to industry standards.
  • Take part and expert low level design interviews or discussions.
  • Figure out how to make the right tradeoffs and take foresighted design decisions.
  • Apply the design principles and patterns in day to day code.



Should be aware no less than one Programming Language. Great to realize somewhere around one Object Oriented ProgrammingLanguage, however dont stress on the off chance that you don't - as this course will cover that for you also.


Course Educational plan

Clean Coding

Topics Covered

Fundamentals of clean coding principles

Best practices for naming variables and functions

Modularity and levels of abstraction.

Object Oriented principles and their applications

Topics Covered

Why OOPs? Organizing data and algorithms together.

Objects and Classes. Constructors, this keyword.

Final keyword and concept of immutability.

Pillars of OOPS and their practical importance: Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Inheritance

Static variables and methods

Problems with Inheritance.

Making generic functionalities with Polymorphism

Access modifiers

Interpreting Design principles

Topics Covered

Single Responsibility principle

Open close principle

Liskov Substitution principle

Interface Segregation principle

Dependency Inversion principle


Your Instructors

Vivekanand Vivek


IIT BHU, Ex-Amazon

Vivek is an Ex-Amazon Software Engineer, with extensive experience of designing profoundly extensible and maintainable systems submitting to SOLID principles. He comes with an experience of applying hypothetical design patterns in true problems. He has shown 10,000+ understudies however nearby studios and online classes. He is cherished by his understudies for his clear inside and out explanations and capacity to make individuals thoroughly consider problems.

Bharat Khanna


IIT BHU, Ex-Tower Research Capital

Bharat has worked in Tower Research Capital for a long time subsequent to moving on from IIT. For his adoration at competitive coding, he is an up-and-comer ace at Codeforces and has mentored many understudies to break their fantasy company. He is sympathetic, patient and loves to show maturing developers and to be unimaginable Software Engineers.

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  6. Low Level Design Interview Preparation
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  10. Programming Language Tutorials

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Harry Potter

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