Machine Learning with Javascript
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Harry Potter

Apr 12, 2023

Machine Learning with Javascript

Learn Machine Learning from scratch using Javascript and TensorflowJS with hands-on projects. Build interesting applications and understand ML without relying on mysterious libraries. No prior experience in math or Python needed. Enroll now to supercharge your algorithms and grow a strong intuition of ML best practices.

Ace Machine Learning without any preparation utilizing Javascript and TensorflowJS with involved projects.


What you'll Learn

  • Collect machine learning algorithms without any preparation!
  • Assemble fascinating applications utilizing Javascript and ML techniques
  • Comprehend how ML functions without depending on puzzling libraries
  • Upgrade your algorithms with cutting edge performance and memory usage profiling
  • Utilize the low-level highlights of Tensorflow JS to supercharge your algorithms
  • Develop further intuition of ML best practices



Fundamental comprehension of terminal and order line usage

Capacity to peruse essential math equations


Assuming you're here, you definitely know reality: Machine Learning is the fate of everything.

Before very long, there won't be a single industry on the planet immaculate by Machine Learning. A groundbreaking power, you can either decide to grasp it now, or miss out on a rush of extraordinary change. You likely as of now use apps commonly every day that depend upon Machine Learning techniques. So why stay in obscurity any longer?

There are many seminars on Machine Learning currently accessible. I assembled this course to be the best prologue to the subject. No subject is left immaculate, and we never leave any region in obscurity. Assuming that you take this course, you will be ready to enter and see any sub-discipline in the realm of Machine Learning.


A typical inquiry - Why Javascript? I thought ML was about Python and R?

The response is basic - ML with Javascript is downright more straightforward to learn than with Python. Despite the fact that it is tremendously well known, Python is an 'expressive' language, which is a code-word that signifies 'a confounding language'. A single line of Python can contain a huge measure of usefulness; this is incredible when you grasp the language and the topic, however not really while you're attempting to get familiar with a shiny new subject.

Other than Javascript making ML more clear, it likewise opens new skylines for apps that you can construct. As opposed to being restricted to conveying Python code on the server for running your ML code, you can fabricate single-page apps, or even browser extensions that run intriguing algorithms, which can provide you with the chance of fostering a totally clever use case!


Does this course zero in on algorithms, or math, or Tensorflow, or what?!?!

Can we just be real - by far most of ML courses accessible internet based dance around the confounding points. They urge you to utilize pre-fabricate algorithms and capabilities that do all the truly difficult work for you. Albeit this can lead you to fast victories, in the end it will hamper your capacity to grasp ML. You can comprehend how to apply ML techniques assuming that you figure out the basic algorithms.

That is the objective of this course - I believe you should comprehend the specific math and programming techniques that are utilized in the most widely recognized ML algorithms. When you have this information, you can without much of a stretch get new algorithms on the fly, and work definitely more intriguing ventures and applications than different designers who just comprehend how to hand data to an enchanted library.

Try not to have experience with math? That is Totally fine! I take unique consideration to ensure that no talk gets excessively far into 'mathy' points without giving a legitimate prologue to what is happening.


A short rundown of what you will realize:

High level memory profiling to improve the performance of your algorithms

Assemble apps fueled by the strong Tensorflow JS library

Foster projects that work either in the browser or with Hub JS

Compose perfect, straightforward ML code, nobody name factors or befuddling capabilities

Get the fundamentals of Linear Algebra so you can decisively accelerate your code with matrix-based operations. (You can definitely relax, I'll make the math simple!)

Appreciate how to curve normal algorithms to accommodate your extraordinary use cases

Plot the consequences of your investigation utilizing a custom-form graphing library

Learn performance-upgrading systems that can be applied to a Javascript code

Data loading techniques, both in the browser and Hub JS conditions

Who this course is for:

Javascript designers keen on Machine Learning


Stephen Grider

Designing Draftsman

  • 4.7 Teacher Rating
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Stephen Grider has been building complex Javascript front finishes for top partnerships in the San Francisco Cove Region. With a natural capacity to work on complex subjects, Stephen has been coaching engineers starting their professions in programming improvement for a really long time, and has now extended that experience onto Udemy, writing the most elevated evaluated Respond course. He educates on Udemy to share the information he has acquired with other programmers. Put resources into yourself by learning from Stephen's distributed courses.

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

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