Master C++ Programming (Geeks For Geeks)
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Mar 15, 2023

Master C++ Programming (Geeks For Geeks)

Become an ace in C++ Programming Language and expert the C++ programming abilities from basics to advanced. This course is a complete package of videos, notes and contests from basics to STL libraries and algorithms. The perfect C++ course for beginners.

Course Outline

C++ or CPP is a universally useful programming language and acts as a venturing stone into the universe of programming. With its unwavering quality, performance, and efficiency, it has become a significant and must-learn language for future software engineers. Curated by the CEO Mr. Sandeep Jain and other industry specialists, this course covers everything from basics to advanced programming in C++. Begin your journey from Data Types, Loops, Arrays, Object Oriented Programming or OOPS till the advanced C++ STL libraries including stack, queue, set, map, as well as advanced algorithms.

Key Features:

  • 15+ long stretches of Basic Content
  • 20+ long periods of Advanced Content
  • 150+ Industry Oriented Coding Issues
  • 300+ MCQs for Placement Assistance
  • Coding Contests for self-appraisal
  • Short and Curated Notes for Quick Correction for tests
  • Doubt Assistance in each Topic and Issue
  • Live Community Sessions
  • Complete C++ content: From Basic to Advanced, OOPS, STL Libraries, till Advanced Algorithms
  • Toward the finish of this course, you will actually want to comprehend and tackle issues in C++ programming language. So give your designing career the early advantage it merits!


What you will Learn

  • Background of C++ and Programming Languages
  • Instructions to compose your First "Hi World" Program
  • Basic Concepts - Factors, Data Types, I/O, Administrators, Loops, Functions, and much more
  • Strings, Pointers, Arrays, Vectors 3D arrays templates etc
  • C++ OOPs - Classes, Objects, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, and much more
  • Containers like Matches, List, Set, Map, and much more
  • Container Connectors including Stack, Queue, and Priority Queue
  • STL Algorithms including Mutating, Non-Mutating types, and that's just the beginning
  • Tackling coding questions effectively and efficiently in the most enhanced way.

Course Content


C++ Basics

Have some familiarity with the background introduction, C++ introduction, How do C++ Projects Run, Comments in C++, etc


Variables and Data Types

Find out about the factors in C++ and Naming Principles, Data Types in C++, Scope of Data Types, Const in C++, Auto Catchphrase in C++, Type Conversion C++ and much more


Input Output in C++

Get your personalities on to learn Data sources and Results in C++, Buffering, Escape Sequence, IO Control, Drifting Point Default Print Format, etc



Fabricate your insight on Administrators like, Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical, Assingnment, Bitwise, Arithmetic Movement, Geometric Movement, etc


Stream Control

Find out about If else, Settled If else, Switch explanation in C++ with model issues on Jump Year, Straightforward Calculator, etc



Get to be familiar with Functions, Applications of Functions, Default Contentions, Inline Function, Function Over-burdening, Prime Factorization, etc



Take your abilities to next even out by learning For Loops ,While Loops, Do While Loops, Break and Continue explanations with issues like All Divisor of a Number, Fibonacci Numbers, Paired to Decimal, etc



Find out about Introduction to Arrays in C++, Declaring and Introducing Arrays, Exhibit Crossing, Check assuming Cluster is Arranged, Most extreme in an Exhibit, etc



Get to be aware of References in C++, Function Boundaries and References, Reach Based for Circle and References, References Practice Questions, etc



Get to be aware of Address and Dereference Administrators , Introduction to Pointers, Function Boundary and Pointers, Invalid in C++, nullptr in C++, Dynamic Memory Allocation, etc



Find out about String in C++, String Tasks (Length, Substring and Find), String Comparison, String Crossing, Switch a String, Example Searching, etc


Structure and Association

Get to be familiar with Struct in C++ (Introduction), Struct versus Class in C++, Structure Arrangement and Cushioning, Association in C++, Complex Number Expansion Utilizing Structure, etc


Multi-layered Cluster

Get to have a lot of familiarity with Complex cluster in CPP, Passing 2D arrays as contentions in CPP, Translate of a Lattice, Grid Multiplication, etc



Get experiences on Templates in C++ STL, Function Templates in C++ STL, Class Templates in C++ STL, etc


Object-oriented Programming

Find out about Object Oriented Programming, Constructors and Destructors, Static Individuals, Inheritance, Different Inheritance, Administrator Over-burdening, etc


Exception Dealing with

Get to have a ton of familiarity with Exception Taking care of, Attempt Toss and Catch in C++ Exception Dealing with, Stack Loosening up in C++ Exception Taking care of, Client Characterized Exceptions in C++, etc



Find out about Command Line Contention. Brilliant Pointer Introduction, Document Dealing with in C++, Function Pointers, Lamda Articulations, Capture List in Lamda Articulations, etc


STL Outline

Iterators in C++,Templates in C++,Function Templates in C++ STL and much more


Straightforward Containers

Matches: Find out about Pair in C++ STL,Sort a cluster according to another exhibit and much more


Sequenced Containers

Vector: Get to know vector from its Introduction to inward working, Example issue on vector and much more.

forward_list and List: Find out about forward_list and List, Josepohus issues, etc.

Deque: Deque in C++ STL, Sliding Window Most extreme and much more


Container Connectors

Stack: Find out about Stack in C++ STL, turn around Things utilizing Stack, Balanced Bracket problem,etc

Queue: Get to know Queue in C++ STL,Generate numbers involving given digits,Reverse first K things in a Queue and much more

Priority Queue: Play with Priority Queue in C++,K biggest components in an array,Find K most continuous components, etc


Associative Containers

Set and Multiset: Get to know Set in C++ STL,Ceiling on right,Multiset in C++ STL and much more

Map and Multimap: Find out about Map in C++ STL,Multimap in C++ STL,Design a DS for Prices with Duplicates permitted, etc

Unordered Set: Take care of issues like Print Distinct Components of Exhibit, Intersection of two unsorted Arrays with Unordered Set.

Unordered Map: Find out about Unordered Map in C++ STL,Design a DS for putting away client balance and much more


STL Algorithms

Non-Mutating STL Algorithms: Find out about different functions like find ,Lower Bound/Upper Bound, is_permutation() and much more

Mutating STL Algorithms: Take care of business by tackling issues utilizing sort(), make_heap() in C++ STL,merge() in C++ STL and much more



Get to be aware of Strings in C++, Example Searching issues, returning drifting mark of number and much more


Ratings and reviews

Kunwar Pratap

Placed in Axtria as a Data Expert

The course is structured in an exceptionally extraordinary manner alongside a careful clarification of the STL. This course assisted me with composing efficient codes for particular issues like which data structure will be appropriate to reduce the time complexity. Additionally, code issues have time constraints and C++ STL assisted me with composing code inside time constraints. In this course, everything was there that I really wanted like the interior plan of the containers and how that particular container will be utilized. So generally speaking this course assisted a lot of in my coding with venturing!

Chitturi Raja Rajeswari

Placed in TCS Computerized as a Frameworks Specialist

The course content is excellent and informative. I have acquired top to bottom information about C++ STL, the coding practice issues have additionally assisted me with figuring out how to code involving STL in the C++ Programming language. This course has additionally assisted me with getting ready for placements and got placed.

Ritik Bansal

Placed in Cerner Corporation as a Programmer Understudy

The course includes all the top to bottom concepts for C++ STL. Especially the lecture videos by Sandeep Jain Sir truly assisted me with learning C++ concepts. The STL concepts made sense of in this course assist one with composing simple and efficient codes during Competitive programming challenges. I had the option to crack Cerner Corporation, Samsung Research and development, Cognizant, and Wipro in my college campus placements with the assistance of GFG Courses.

Rajat Sharma

SWE Temporary position at Microsoft

The courses were structured in such a lovely manner that even with a little information on programming, there were no difficulties in the learning. I have had a fantastic experience with GfG. In start, I put resources into GfG on the C++ STL course that was my most memorable course and I found that valuable, later I put resources into DSA Self-guided. It helped me a ton in competitive programming by clearing every one of my basics of data structure. I reached 5 stars in CodeChef and Master on CodeForces. Later I involved GFG for practicing inquiries questions and operating system DBMS CN for SDE Interview Arrangement course for clearing all my CS core basics which eventually assist me with securing a temporary job at Microsoft. Much obliged to you GFG, Sandeep Sir, and all individuals who assist me with making my future brilliant.

Course Instructor

Sandeep Jain

Organizer and CEO at GeeksforGeeks

Mr. Sandeep Jain moved on from Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical College with a B.Tech in Computer Science and Designing. He completed his Graduate degree from IIT-Roorkee and has functioned as a full-time Programming Designer at D.E. Shaw and Co. His energy for teaching drove him to join JIIT Noida as an Associate Teacher.

He began GeeksforGeeks in 2009 as a blog, to compile resources on programming, algorithms, and interview readiness. He has curated and tutored the Data Structures and Algorithms - Independent course on GeeksforGeeks, assisting great many understudies with finding truly amazing jobs.

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